British Freedom: The Chairman’s Statement

The following message from Chairman Paul Weston was published today on the British Freedom Website.

Chairman’s Statement

Paul WestonEarly summer 2012 has been an extraordinarily successful period for British Freedom. Whilst I’ve been busy fielding questions on local and national radio, Kevin Carroll has been winning hearts and minds with his electrifying public speeches, and Stephen Lennon has been promoting British Freedom abroad, recently representing our party at the historic Brussels conference held in the European Parliament building.

Behind the scenes, BF’s dedicated team of Simon Bennett, Peter Mullins, Peter Stafford, Michael Wood, Stephen Tweed and George Whale continue to develop the party’s web and social media presence (see, for example BritishFreedomTV on YouTube, which thanks to Stephen T’s hard work is attracting many new subscribers), and to organise regional and local activities to spread the message of Freedom across the country.

New membership applications reached their highest ever level a few weeks ago, and are continuing at a steady rate through the summer. I am especially pleased to report the addition of many new female members and supporters, some of whom are already making important contributions.

My recent participation in a BBC Radio 4 programme presented by Trevor Phillips was quite an eye-opener. Ostensibly an impartial investigation into Europe’s emerging ‘far-right’ parties, it was really just another excuse for attacking the so called ‘right-wing’ movement, and I entered the studio knowing full well what to expect. (It has always amused and irritated me in equal measure that the media insist on using the term ‘far-right’ for parties like ours, which represent the popular majority view on so many issues, not only immigration and national identity.)

Disappointingly for Mr Phillips, the programme didn’t quite go according to plan. He was unable to cast me as a ‘far-right extremist’ simply because I was able to present my arguments logically, reasonably and above all, honestly! The left-wing bias of the BBC and Mr Phillips was very noticeable with Phillips apparently astonished that I should question the Communist background of EU President Barroso! I pointed out the 100 million dead at the hands of the global Communists but this made no impression at all on Phillips, which is perhaps not surprising given his admiration of Lenin…

Naturally, the BBC edited my half-hour contribution down to just a couple of minutes and the most interesting exchanges were lost, but BF received many new enquiries as a result of the broadcast, which was really the main point of the exercise.

I often scratch my head in bafflement that a follower of Lenin (the architect of the Soviet gulags that killed so many innocent people) can get a job as a presenter with Britain’s national broadcasting organisation — and nobody even questions it! But that’s modern Britain for you. And of course it’s not just the BBC that’s decorated with sculptures of Lenin, or posters of Karl Marx and Che Guevara. In fact many of our universities and government departments unofficially disbar anybody who is not of the left — and the unwritten rule for conservatives or patriots wanting careers in those institutions is never to reveal their political opinions. So much for free speech!

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the historic conference at the European Parliament in Brussels but I couldn’t have done a better job than BF co-Vice Chairman Stephen Lennon and am indebted to him for delivering an outstanding speech, which earned an ovation from the prestigious international audience gathered there.

In his address, Stephen spoke of the realities for working people in Britain today, whose lives are not the rainbow utopia that rich Islington socialists dream of, but are increasingly beset by financial struggle, rising costs, falling wages, job insecurity and growing worries over crime and delinquency. And a compounding factor in many areas now is militant Islam, with its intolerance and aggression.

Most of you will be aware of the brave and tireless work that Stephen and Kevin Carroll do in leading popular opposition to Islamic extremism; but not all will be aware of their invaluable work as international ambassadors, informing people about BF activities, and building friendships and high-level alliances abroad.

The process that began two weeks ago in Brussels with the Declaration on Individual Liberties and Human Rights will be critical in protecting free speech in Europe, and I can promise you that British Freedom will continue to be closely involved in this process.

I like to think that British Freedom is, above all, a decent and fair-minded political party. We have always welcomed people of all races, classes, ages and orientations, the only requirement being a love of Britain and a willingness to abide by its laws and embrace its values and customs.

Given the inclusiveness of our membership, people sometimes question our apparent pre-occupation with Islam and mass immigration. Well, the first thing to note (and it’s supported by opinion polls) is that many Asian, Caribbean and other minority Britons are just as concerned about these issues as are the majority. The second thing is that, among the issues affecting Britain’s future, those two are potentially the most damaging, and we would be neglecting our responsibility to the British people if we didn’t address them head on. Therefore, curtailment of immigration and isolation of militant Islam will remain high priorities for us.

Of course, we do not disregard or diminish other areas of policy. If you look at our policy statements, you’ll see that we have given a great deal of time and thought to the broad range of issues affecting the British people: from defence, crime and the economy, through health and education, to agriculture, energy and foreign policy.

To get BF policies across to a large audience we will continue to skirt the obstacles placed in our path by mainstream media whilst focusing more intensely on accessible, web- and print-based media.

Volunteers have already come forward who will be devoting time to getting the British Freedom name into the mainstream media through newspaper articles/letters, comments on popular press blogs (simple, but effective), and by seeking opportunities for the leadership to participate in TV and radio programmes.

At the same time, our web team will be working to extend the reach of the BF website, Facebook and twitter accounts to attract and inform new members.

Thirdly, we will be channelling much more effort and resources into printed communications, primarily leaflets (e.g. 20 Point Plan), flyers and posters (e.g. Sharia Free Zone). This push will begin with fundraising to enable us to print large batches and distribute them to the regions and localities. We will keep you informed, via the website, of progress on this initiative.

Other important developments ahead include international gatherings in Stockholm and New York, regional strategy meetings to map the way forward for British Freedom in different parts of the country, and additional open meetings enabling the public to meet the party leadership and members.

We are always looking for people to lend their talents to the party. In particular, we seek new members to help with leafleting and campaigns; we seek local organisers, and candidates for council elections in 2013; we’re looking for photographers and artists to add to our media archive (used in media production); we seek people to contribute ideas on party policy and tactics; lastly, we seek individuals with skills in scriptwriting, design, video-making, etc. to help with media production. Please contact either George Whale or Peter Stafford if you’d like to become involved in any of these activities.

After only a short time with British Freedom, I find myself in the enviable position of leading a growing party with a growing international profile, a dedicated ‘back-room’ team, and two of the most dynamic and charismatic leaders to emerge in British politics in recent years. We really could not be better placed to intensify our assault on Britain’s complacent and corrupt political elites.

I hope you will join me in wishing all of our athletes great success in the coming London Olympics. There are many negatives about these games which will be heavily promoted as the ‘Multicultural Olympiad’ even as our armed forces are called upon to protect us from the outfall of multiculturalism, but our athletes are simply athletes representing their country and therefore deserve our full support no matter that the games themselves appear to have been hijacked by the corporations and propagandists.

And finally, thank God for the British military who not only sacrifice so much abroad but can also be relied on to sort out the all-too-typical mess our liberal/ left elites insist on inflicting on us at home as well. It is a shocking state of affairs that an athletics event could not be held without the close alliance of our military, but such is multicultural Britain 2012. Three cheers for our athletes, three cheers for our military and resounding boos for the useless liberal elites!

Yours Sincerely

Paul Weston
Chairman, British Freedom

Paul Weston is Chairman of the British Freedom Party.

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6 thoughts on “British Freedom: The Chairman’s Statement

  1. The question is not how someone like Trevor Phillips (a fan of Lenin as Mr Weston recognizes) can become a BBC programme presenter, but how he can end up as the chairman of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (the organisation which deliberately destroyed the BNP financially through a host of court cases) and then pretend to be an impartial presenter of a radio show on this subject!

    I think it vitally important that organisations like the BBC not be allowed to get away with giving such fantastic performers like Mr Weston an opportunity to speak, and then only allowing a tiny fraction of their contributions to be broadcast.

    It must be an accepted pre-condition of all non-live recordings, that they be independently recorded too.

  2. What a great post! Well done to Mr. Weston who will not be intimidated by people like Trevor Phillips and entities such as the BBC.

    Yes, a big cheer to all competing athletes at this Olympiad and a big thumbs down to the fools who couldn’t properly organize the security-Lenin’s useful idiots!

  3. The more articles of Paul’s that I read, the more I like his Party.
    However, it would appear the main political shift at the moment is conservatives, fed up with cameron’s left-wing policies, deserting to UKIP. I know Paul was once a UKIP candidate, and I cannot help but think there needs to be a right of centre coalition in order to challenge the one party with three names.
    Paris Claims

  4. While I stand against things such as gay marriage or public display of affection by gays I do agree that, in private, they should be left alone as long as it is with consenting adults. I believe it is a deviant choice but I still see them as human beings and that they should be treated as such. I have lived with gays before and have enjoyed them as fellow humans but I will never see sex as being anything then something between a man and a women. God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. I do feel for them when it comes to the threat of Islamization and the loss of their freedoms. Atheist, Christians, Jews and other faiths are also on the Islamic hate list.

  5. The thing is: it’s not the “British” freedom party. Mr.Weston has shown his dislike for Scots in some of his jibes. Just call it what it is, Mr.Weston, the “English Freedom Party”. And don’t blame the Scots for the break up of the U.K. Small minded, petty English and Scots nationalists are doing more damage to the UK than anyone.

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