An Old-Fashioned Patriotic Telethon

Defeat Obama telethon

This post is dedicated to our commenter, Ex-Dissident, who doesn’t feel like celebrating the Fourth. Perhaps this will change his mind a little:

It’s a great idea! A 4th of July celebration to raise funds to defeat our Broken-Promise Prez.

FOOs — Friends of Obama — probably won’t see this get-together as ‘patriotic’, but it certainly is an honorable dissent for those of us who want Obama to finish off his Carteresque reign with the same one term in office for which Carter is so justifiably famous.

America is too small, with too many bitter clingers, to contain a super-personage of Obama’s philosophy and ambitions and sparkling intellect. Not only does he need a global canvas, but Obama would be better served — as would we — by moving on to head the United Nations. Perhaps he could oversee its move from New York to Brussels?

There is a live-stream broadcast of the telethon starting at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (I’m surprised it’s not Daylight Savings Time, but perhaps it is?). At any rate, a great line-up of big names has volunteered — at least I hope they’re volunteers. Here’s a list of all the headliners who signed up to help.

In addition, Las Vegas’ KDWN radio was given as an alternative to the live streaming for those without fast connectivity.

Here is the online petition “One Million to Defeat Barack Obama”.

A few of the MSM outlets are following this. Here’s CNN’s take:

As of early Wednesday morning, the group said they had raised $75,000 toward their goal. The event broadcasts from Las Vegas beginning at 4 p.m. ET.

In May, The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama raised nearly $265,000 in May, according to documents filed with the Federal Election Commission last month. They spent $300,000, and finished May with $168,000 cash on hand. The group also reported $145,000 in debt.

The MSM seldom links to anything on the right. So here you go: headquarters of a group who is fighting back:

Campaign to Defeat Obama

Hat tip: Andrea Shea King, who never gives up.

By the way, this effort to Defeat Obama is an ongoing project. You can donate any time, not just today.

6 thoughts on “An Old-Fashioned Patriotic Telethon

  1. For me the Fourth of July is like remembering the birthday of a deceased loved one, someone who I adored and honored, but is now only a cherished memory.

  2. Well said, cjk. I’ve been in mourning all day.

    I thought about flying my flag upside down, but in the end I didn’t bother putting it up at all. Now that I’m living in the USSA, I probably need to be careful about calling attention to myself.

  3. rickl-
    I also thought of flying the flag upside down.
    However, the flag we currently fly is the one given to us when my father died. He fought in WWII. I couldn’t bear to do that.
    BTW, it is a coffin flag; one hell of a big flag.

  4. I fear if Obama gets in then we could see more executive orders that will not only void our great constitution but make the USA into the USSA. Michael Savage thinks that he will be elected again and we could see the end of term limits. Enter- dictator Obummer. Maybe then Obummer will reveal his real Muslim connection or communist leanings, which he really already has. Romney has to quit being a milk toast Republican and go on the attack;otherwise, he will lose this election. Are the Republicrates or Demicans really throwing the election and why????? Sad to think but if Obummer gets relected then we could see the banning of blogs like Gates of Vienna, because it will be deemed hate speech. I still cannot understand why someone would vote for Obummer unless they think they will get more goodies, the welfare class.

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