The Open Road

Haughty high horse with big wheelsI’ll be away from my desk for the next few days. The news feed will be suspended while I’m gone, and resume upon my return.

Dymphna will be minding the store in the meantime. Please be mild and kind one to another in my absence — or else!

And stock up on ice — I hear it’s going to be hot…

3 thoughts on “The Open Road

  1. Global warming, coming now to a place right on top of you.

    Nah—so far, we’re only up about a half a degree. There have been heat waves before. They were just a half-a-degree cooler.

    But climate is a cumulative thing. That half a degree adds up over a growing season. Animals migrate earlier, plants bloom earlier, and in the west, fire season comes earlier.

    As to Abu Dhabi, I nominate the seller of weed for a Darwin award. UAE gives fair warning, after all.

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