Reaction to the Berlin Beheading

Our German correspondent Tiedar sends this follow-up to yesterday’s post about the culturally enriched beheading in Berlin:

Today in the news there was an article about the reaction of a couple of Muslim/foreign people (I don’t know exactly what type of enricher). They are protesting in Berlin against violence in marriage, organized by men because they want to show that not all of them are like Orhan S., the offender in the beheading.

The video shows that in Germany 2011 there were 154 women killed by their husbands, people like Orhan S. It’s also said that he was out-of-work.

Because of committing this crime he does not face being imprisoned. According to information in BILD, he had gone off his medicine for of mental problems (paranoid/schizophrenic) three weeks before. Therefore he is seen as incapable of guilt under German law, and has only to face a mental hospital.

It’s written that he “only” has to face the charge of beating to death instead of being accused of murder, because there were no characteristics of a murder. A frustrated investigator says that if the victim was alive during the beheading the characteristic of “murder with cruelty) would be fulfilled.

According RTL (where the news has been streamed) the Baden-Würrtembergische minister for integration Bilkay Öney (SPD) refers to “imported brides”. Imported brides are women who are snatched from their usual environment by forced marriages and now live isolated and without any knowledge of the German language. They are helpless because of their lack of language, and so unable to call/search for help.

As a result of the Berlin incident Öney, who is also of Turkish origin, claims that foreign women gain a single right of residence if they are abused in the marriage. They are unable to return to their homeland because they are ashamed towards their families after divorcing of their violent husbands. Under the current German black- yellow (CDU & FDP) leadership the requirement for a right of residence based on marriage has been raised from two to three years.

The number of forced marriages in Germany is about 3,000, says Öney.

Due to the Berlin incident, Öney feels confirmed that the German language test must to be passed by immigrants, because it doubles the protection. On the one hand women aren’t allowed to enter, and so their marriage is prohibited if they fail intentionally; on the other hand they are able to search for help in Germany because they passed the test and so are able to “speak” German.


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  1. I think it is encumbent on immigrants to another country that they learn the language of that country, out of respect for its natives if nothing else. I am glad the UK has laws now where a certain level of English is required; however, there are ways of immigrants skirting the issue. I am hoping to work in Germany for a year or two in the near future and am busy learning German. I can’t think of much else more embarrassing than arriving in someone else’s country and having to expect them to speak English.

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