Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/3/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/3/2012Queen Elizabeth II marked sixty years on the throne of Great Britain with a cruise on a barge at the center of a flotilla on the River Thames. Her Diamond Jubilee vessel was festooned with flowers and packed with notables. The weather for the occasion was rainy.

In other news, a passenger plane crashed on its landing approach to Lagos airport in Nigeria, doing enormous damage to a densely populated residential area near the airport. All 153 passengers on the plane were killed, plus an undetermined number of residents on the ground.

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3 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/3/2012

  1. Violence continuously escalating in Norway

    Mayor in Bible Belt violently blackmailed by two young men

    The two, Norwegian citizens, VG points out, had threatened the Mayor of Kristiansand that if he didn’t show them the money, it just might be less fine with him and his family.

    Back home, last Tuesday Mayor Arvid Grundekjøn noticed a rope tied to his doorknob. When pulling the rope he found attached to it an envelope appearing from the bushes.

    The two young men have been taken into custody for four weeks, charged with blackmail and threats.

    Arvid Grundekjøn is a politician on the right, Høyre, in Kristiansand, in the sunny South of Norway.

  2. Denmark getting dangerous for Jews
    Jewish man felt the 01 May-tolerance

    On 01 May in the Fælledparken, Villy Søvndal had just preached that “solidarity means that we care about each other”.

    Next, all of a sudden they appear out of the blue..

    A group of 6-8 young Arabs were crying “Judenschwein!” and “Death over Israel!”

    While two of the young Arabs held the 25 year old Jew’s girlfriend, the rest of them took care of him, smashing his sunglasses and offering him blows and kicks.

    He wore a tiny little pin with the Iraeli flag.

    None of the over one hundred bien pensant socialists present lifted one finger to help the couple.

    He was also harassed after a demonstration on 11 May.

    – This is my homeland.

    – Luckily, I am trained in the military. I am not afraid. But there are others who are afraid.

    Thinking that local Hizb Ut Tahrir are keeping files on Jews and sympathizers, he feels he must refuse being interviewed by Ekstra-Bladet with his full name and photo.

    – Too dangerous, the 25 year old says.

  3. Reminds me of an old Victorian era joke:

    ‘What comes steaming out of Cowes?’

    ‘The Queen’s yacht.’

    Well Buzz Killington thought it was funny.

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