Burka Trouble in Molenbeek

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Molenbeek is a culturally-enriched neighborhood in Brussels. Last night there was a spot of trouble when a young culturally enriched female in Molenbeek declined to remove her face covering for the police, as required by Belgian law.

Notice that after she head-butted a policewoman, she (the Muslima) sustained a concussion and was treated at the hospital — presumably at the expense of the Belgian taxpayer.

Many thanks to Michael Laudahn for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

A full transcript of the video is below the jump:

0:26   At the moment during the control when we needed to see the lady’s face in order to check her through her identity card we found with her,
0:33   the lady gave a headbutt against the female police officer,
0:37   who suffered a broken nose after all the events,
0:40   also some violence was needed to subdue the lady,
0:01   Molenbeek [Brussels quarter] centre yesterday evening.
0:03   Riot officers and neighbourhood workers shield the access to the police station.
0:07   There is commotion because several hours before police arrested a woman wearing a niqab.
0:12   This is a veil that covers all of the face.
0:15   And this must not be worn in public in our country.
0:18   When the police patrol asked the woman to identify herself, she refused.
0:23   Then, the situation spun out of control.
0:43   And finally we could officially identify the lady.
0:47   Even at the police station, the woman didn’t want to remove the veil.
0:50   The officers cut it open with a pair of scissors.
0:53   Then she was brought to a hospital.
0:55   After the headbutt she gave the female officer, she has a concussion.
0:59   In the hospital, she then sent a text message in which she appealed to the Moslem community to take action.
1:06   A group of 25 people came to the police station and municipal reception,
1:10   where they then entered by force and caused some damages;
1:13   they also filmed the events,
1:18   and finally our police staff managed to get them outside,
1:20   but a little later, some 150 people again surrounded the police station.
1:25   The atmosphere remained quite grim until midnight.
1:27   Police have arrested 8 firebrands; 2 of them threw stones at the police station.
1:33   The prosecutor will later decide what will happen with them, and the woman in niqab will later be questioned.

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7 thoughts on “Burka Trouble in Molenbeek

  1. OK, so two things: 1) this was obviously a staged and coordinated event 2) If the Belgians do not start showing visible (but measured) force, at least with battons and rubber bullets after this seige on their police, they will ultimately get what they deserve.

  2. Just the next step to the unevitable: civil war within europe! The longer we wait for it to happen… the bigger the chance that muslims will win.

  3. I’m not too sure about the “inevitable Muzzie victory thingy”.
    What % of the population is even aware of the problem in any real sense? Waaaaay less than half would be my guess.
    When push comes to shove–Europe has a loooong history of loooong bayonets under its belt.
    The status quo won’t be quo much longer, IMHO.

  4. Flintlock you are living in a fantasy
    World, most Europeans don’t have a clue about the terminal danger just round the corner.Even when they do, don’t expect any kind of mass reaction, aggression/patriotism is
    being trained out of us at an alarming rate.

  5. The woman pretends she identified herself and stayed for several minutes without her veil in front of policewomen. Only when men entered the room, she dressed again with her niqab. And then, everything went wrong. She was attached and held by a policeman, who sat on her and prevented her from breathing, while others took off her clothes. She acted in selfdefence, trying to breath and injured some police, she said.
    If a women gets raped and she hurts the raper, is she responsible ?
    How is it possible, the woman ended up naked, all clothes cut in pieces, en was brought to hospital for concussion ?
    Can police explain such an end ?

  6. belgian and all “old” EUropeans treat by bad way “new” EUropeans like bulgarians for example- no free access for bulgarian people to belgian labour market-one example!! Bulgaria,who is in Europa from more from 13 centuries! In the same time belgians tolerate by different ways different kind of “people over the “third world”!! Now all that is just normal result from stupid politic of that “old” EUropeans! Which not accept bulgarians(or romanians) like full-member EUcitizens-and in the same time accept any kinbd of trash from over the world!! Good fruits,belgians..good harvest! Get that now from that scum which not want to integrate,which not want to accept your culture and order,your sociaty!! Who is guilty- i,one honest bulgarian with 2 university degree..or your scum,which you welcome with 2 hands and with..empty brain?! your empty brain..all that give proof for that what is your brain!!!FACTS,dear belgian people..just FACTS!! The next such facts comming,be sure!

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