The Deliberate Destruction of the European Nation-State

The video below was recorded yesterday at the European Parliament in Brussels by Henrik Ræder Clausen. It features Thierry Baudet, who discusses the ongoing attack of the European elites on European nation-states.

His talk took place during the presentation of the book Europa Wankelt: De ontvoering van Europa door de EU (Europe Falters: The Abduction of Europe by the EU) by Wim van Rooy, Remi Hauman and Sam van Rooy.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

7 thoughts on “The Deliberate Destruction of the European Nation-State

  1. In Norwaystan, the last soviet

    The parliament is opening up to closed bedroom windows

    The socialists are deciding what kind of houses can be legally constructed, and these houses are so called “passive”, which means that you are not supposed to open the windows to air the rooms. Due to climate change policies the standard houses must have specific airing systems.

    This is just another communist project on the way to locking up the Norwegians in the world’s biggest Gulag, after North Korea.

    If I am not mistaken, former Finance minister Kristin Halvorsen, opened up for taxing people 100% and beyond.

    People will be stuck in the houses they will be allocated by state, as they will have no margin of free movement to finance their own homes, like you do in a normal country. A communist dream.

  2. It’s not just the destruction of Nation-States, it is the destruction of European ethnic groups. The deliberate destruction of any ethnic group is genocide.

  3. UN definition of Genocide: “Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;” (UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article 2C)
    The same thing is happening in the US. According to the 2010 census, the number of non-Hispanic White children in the US declined by 4.3 MILLION children in just 10 years.

  4. “According to the 2010 census, the number of non-Hispanic White children in the US declined by 4.3 MILLION children in just 10 years.”

    In the case of whites, that’s a self-inflicted genocide. And when their numbers drop below a critical mass, non-whites will begin the real genocide. Myriad incidents of black mobs assaulting whites across the United States are the tell tale ripples of the storm to come.

  5. From what I can see Merkel and by extension Germany is the engine that powers the globalist/open borders/genocidal agenda. Without Germany’s participation in the EU, the entire agenda would collapse in short order.

    One can only hope that enough southern states like Greece, Spain and Italy tell the Kraut bankers to go s***w themselves(or better yet hang them) which would break the EU in short order.

    And I believe that day is coming when you see the rise of hard core right wing parties in Europe. This should be seen as a canary in the coal mine situation. But the elites just keep ignoring it and keep putting their boots on the necks of native Europeans. It won’t end well for the elites.

    Just give it a few more years, if that.

  6. First we had a German-language leaflet advertising free Korans called ‘Lies’. Now we have this book about Europe. Oh I LOVE the German language!

  7. Just for the symbolic effect

    “the number of non-Hispanic White children in the US declined by 4.3 MILLION children in just 10 years”

    This is the same as the Norwegian population in Norway.

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