Raceless Rape Exposes BBC Deceit

As reported in last night’s news feed, a large crowd of Sikhs gathered around the police station in Luton yesterday to protest the way the police handled a rape of a teenage Sikh girl by a Muslim man.

British Freedom chairman Paul Weston has some thoughts on this latest incident of culturally-enriched sexual predation in Britain. The essay below was published earlier today in a slightly different form at the British Freedom website.

Raceless Rape Exposes BBC Deceit
by Paul Weston.

It takes quite a bit of self inflicted torment and anguish within the traitor class at the BBC to make me feel sorry for them, but their take on a recent rape case in Luton has almost managed to achieve this. Almost… but not quite.

Paul WestonThe BBC can never honestly admit that what they routinely refer to as “Asian rape” is actually Muslim rape, leading more realistic observers to wonder how they would report a rape case when the perpetrator was an Asian Muslim and the victim an Asian Sikh/Hindu/Chinese/Thai etc etc.

Well, now we know the answer.

Luton police in talks over Sikh protest is the BBC headline, with the following excerpts taken from their article:

Police have said they are talking to community leaders following a protest by hundreds of Sikhs at a Luton police station……about 250 people gathered at Buxton Road on Tuesday over an allegation that a young Sikh woman had been sexually assaulted.

“Before the protest, senior officers had attended the Gurdwara in Dallow Road to meet Luton Sikh community leaders to explain the investigation into the report of an assault on Monday…after considerable negotiation with representatives from the group, who were invited into the police station to talk, the protesters left at 11pm.

A 19-year-old man charged with common assault in connection with the allegation is due in court later.

I can just picture the turmoil and consternation within the spinning brains of typical BBC propagandists here. One imagines that hours of high level conferences were held at BBC HQ; hours of inward looking incomprehension as reality overtook their desperately manufactured fantasy of Asian rape rather than Muslim rape; hours of the ever-deepening awareness that their entire liberal meme of multicultural lies and evasion was shortly to be exposed as just that.

“Honestly, how can these damned Muslims be so stupid?” drawled the Armani clad, classless, public school and Oxbridge educated Tarquin Toolightly, Chief Commissar of the BBC’s Diversity and Community Cohesion Unit. “How can they expect us to keep covering for them if they start raping Asians? Why can’t they just stick to raping white girls? This puts us in a very embarrassing situation. We can’t possibly headline the story with Asian man rapes Asian woman! We would end up looking like idiots!”

“This does put us in rather a quandary,” squeaked his assistant, Ms Glenda Ratchet, BSc (Hons) in Media Studies/White Female Oppression/Diversity and Treason. “It would be just too awful if we actually told the truth. After all, Islam is a religion of peace, virtue and female empowerment. How on earth are we going to spin our way out of this awful situation? I quite agree with you Tarquin, why couldn’t they just stick to raping white under-age girls from traumatic backgrounds? Their lack of community presence made our evasion and lies so much easier to manage!”

“And it gets worse,” said Tarquin. “It appears that the Sikh protest has been joined by the EDL. How can we portray Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll as ignorant racists if they are in amiable cahoots with the bloody Sikhs! This whole thing is turning into a nightmare! All our hard work and lies are unravelling! Bloody Muslims, why can’t they just stick to raping white girls!”

But Tarquin was not on 200 grand a year for his race-war and class-war ideology alone. He also possessed a brain of such cunning deviousness that he was able to come up with an absolutely stunning wheeze: “I know how to handle this, let’s just not mention Muslim OR Asian, then no-one will know who the rapist was! Although I suppose we will have to mention that this selfish victim was a Sikh, unless we can just spin her as a member of a nameless, raceless community!”

“Brilliant idea Tarquin!” rejoined the grim faced Ms Ratchet, “the white, racist Lumpenproletariat will never know the rapist was a Muslim if we don’t tell them he was! The gullible public still think we tell them the truth! They won’t even know he was an Asian! Let’s just call him a, you know, like, a man, YEAH! A man! A 19 year-old man of no race or religion! That’ll do it! Those racist whites are too stupid to work their way around that!”

And so the BBC sinks to ever greater depths of inhumanity and immorality, not to mention a total lack of journalistic competence or professionalism. No matter how they twist, turn, lie and evade, the game is up I’m afraid. They’ve been exposed for what they really are: Anti-white, anti-Sikh and pro-Muslim, no matter that Islam stands against pretty much every single liberal ethos the BBC tells us it stands for.

I have mentioned before that the BBC was/is complicit in the ongoing rape of British girls by Muslim men and now we see they are also prepared to allow Sikh girls be violated by nameless, religionless, raceless rapists in order to perpetuate the lie of “Luton in Harmony.” Hardly the BBC’s finest hour — again.

Paul Weston is Chairman of the British Freedom Party.

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6 thoughts on “Raceless Rape Exposes BBC Deceit

  1. Some years ago I had to describe to police seeing a kidnap performed by Punjabi/Sikhs, where I had described them as such, the detectives struck through the word “Sikh” or “Punjabi” and substituted “Asian”, yet their appearance and religion were relevant to their appearance! Despite this they managed to convict them.

  2. Dear Anon 11:36,

    Please, do not mention that. Mr. Weston is trying to speak to the non-Muslim Asians, who, as we know, are indigenous to Britain and would have nowhere to go if they were not welcomed, unlike us white British, who occupy an entire subcontinent, and whose birth rates are out of control.

    To say otherwise would be to appear a kaka-cuckoo crackpot, and kaka-cuckoo crackpots never receive invites from the BBC.

  3. Dear BBC:
    Meet your cousins:ABC, NBC, CBS, AP, Reuters, NYT, WaPo, LA Times. Family picnic planned for November, 2012.
    Yours “truly”

  4. The Muslims will burn in hell. The proof of this is the civil war in Syria. Islam bleeds to death in Syria as Allah is cut in half. They should convert to my religion.

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