Prokophy is Destiny

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In his latest essay, Takuan Seiyo weighs in on Andreas Malm, Tor Bach, Klassekampen, NRK, and the demographic makeup of Gates of Vienna readers (see previous posts here, here, and here). Using these issues as his starting point, he extends the topic to take in the Progressive ascendancy and the resulting suicide of the West.

Forward! With Lenin and Obama

Prokophy is Destiny
by Takuan Seiyo

Gates of Vienna recently published two articles about the Norwegian state broadcaster’s (NRK) risible construction of the demographic and psychographic profile of readers of counterjihad blogs. The second of GoV’s articles (with link to the first) was entitled “Demography is Destiny”.

I propose that NRK’s article has nothing to do with demography, however great the number of socio-economic-attitudinal variables it has thrown into the Marxi-mixer to come up with a profile of antijihad sympathizers. The assorted tags include: men, over-65, primary-school education, childless, unemployed, homebound, lonely, obsessive, distrusting society and democratic principles, angry, frustrated etc.

Prokophy is as much a determinant of national destiny as Demography is. In fact, in the postmodern era it is Prokophy that determines demography itself.

Prokophy — a term I made up from Old Greek for “progress,” prokope — is sinking the Western peoples’ boat: civilization, 15,000 years of history, gene pool, eventually physical existence itself, as surely as if the inmates of a lunatic asylum transported in a ship’s hold broke out and took over the captain’s chair, steering wheel, navigation and radio.

Whatever the Progressive Left says about anyone or anything that is an active opponent to the Great March of Progress has little do with facts. Dealing with it on a factual basis plays only to one’s own gallery. Farther gone than Humpty Dumpty, not only words mean what Progressives want them to mean, but facts are shape-shifting hedgehogs to be rolled around the lawn of “discourse” to suit the Great Plan etched on every Progressive brain. It’s strictly a Plato’s cave game.

This started as a clever tactical maneuver by the early Bolsheviks and continued through the lifespan of the Comintern. But the heirs to the Comintern — and few are more so than ex-Socialist International Norwegian poobahs like Jens Stoltenberg, Thorbjorn Jagland and Gro Harlem Brundtland — are not nearly so clever. They and their Progressive brethren across the West are simply mad. I call them “Body Snatchers” because, just as in the eponymous film, their brains have been infiltrated by some alien virus [1]. They are constitutionally unable to perceive reality, which is pretty much the clinical definition of a psychotic disorder such as schizophrenia. Lenin and his associates, on the other hand, were shrewd appraisers of reality who were lying and distorting it for tactical purposes.

Naturally, Progressives call themselves “the reality-based community,” but it’s no different from the Napoleon Bonaparte you meet in most any asylum. He is convinced that you are the mad one because you fail to perceive his obviously Napoleonic self. Furthermore, you add insult to injury by not addressing him as His Imperial and Royal Majesty.

NRK, the Norwegian state broadcaster, is an active organ of the Progressive Multiculti-Socialist Left, just as Sweden’s SVT or Britain’s BBC are, and on the left side of the pond, PBS in the US and CBC in Canada. As the Progressive spongiform encephalitis virus requires a colder climate, higher GNP and a blonder people to thrive, in the warmer zones of Europe it’s a little different: there, state broadcasters like RAI in Italy, ERT in Greece, RTP in Portugal, TVE in Spain are tools of hard-line socialists and communists. Commercial broadcast networks and satellite news/chat channels bring up the rear in this zombie battle formation, worldwide [2].

All the characteristics ascribed by NRK’s scribes to GoV readers should therefore not be taken for factual allegations or even probabilistic statements based on professionally conducted polling. They are a fog of sputum droplets sprayed by mentally handicapped people in an automatic reptilian brain reflex action that has bypassed the rational mind completely.

It is our misfortune that the MSM, particularly the broadcast media, are the most powerful atomizer for such nebulous mists yet in history. Universities, and other brain-altering institutions that replaced church and grandpa, are also in that category. But they are not alone.

The cloud of Progressive madness smothers the West like a wet blanket from Berlin to Bordeaux to Birmingham to Boston to Berkeley to Brisbane: a swath of the globe roughly 13,000 miles (22,000 km) long, traversing the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It is a phenomenon on such a scale, and its unfolding consequences are of such lasting impact, that historians of the civilization that inherits ours, except if it be Islam where all reality-based intellectual endeavors halted 1000 years ago, will be arguing about it 100,000 years from now.

One could do nothing all day, every day, but collate astonishingly lunatic utterances made in 20 Western languages by Progressive heads of state and government ministers, media personalities and other celebrities, journalists and professors, and many important opportunists in the corporate world, the military, etc. who bolster the utopian juggernaut to further their own careers. The feeble-minded zillions, particularly the impressionable young, shimmy to this tune as though compelled by electrodes implanted in their frontal lobes.

The Pods from Space rule everything. You dance their jig, or you don’t dance at all. Blogs such as GoV and the writers who write for such blogs, and their readership, have lifted a small corner of the global blanket to reveal a slice of Reality. That makes them into the Winston Smiths of Prokopia, the land of Beautiful Progress, where any negative truth spoken about a non-Christian religion, a non-white race, a non-Western nationality, a non-taqiyyah version of Islam, a non-male gender, a non-heterosexual orientation, a non-deconstructionist Whitey Bad version of world history, a non-AGW theory of Climate Change, is assiduously logged, and its origins pursued and smothered.

If you bounce the Islam taboo of Prokopia you get what NRK has just dished out to Gates of Vienna and its readers, as well as to those of other counterjihad blogs. But that’s the lightest sanction. You may be hauled to court as happened to Islam offenders from Brigitte Bardot to Oriana Fallaci to Geert Wilders to Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, or you are summoned before a tribunal like Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant, or you are fired from your job as happened to Jean-Claude Barreau already in 1991, to Thilo Sarrazin and to countless others, or you become an Enemy of the People as happened unofficially to Bruce Bawer, and semi-officially to Fjordman. The depth of depravity of the demented Progressive state is such that the Norwegian establishment has practically excommunicated and expelled Peder Jensen, a valuable, brilliant, native Norwegian from his homeland.

Islamization opponents who get exercised over NRK’s defining them as senile, unemployed dunces, should remember that the same NRK went as far as to sacrifice a holy cow, the disabled, in order to bolster the holier cow of Islamization. It did so by portraying Fjordman in a TV show as Heine Fjordland, a quadriplegic, retarded Nazi.

Heine Fjordland

But it’s not Fjordman who is a retarded, handicapped Nazi. It’s Norway that is. One who objects to this statement — surely the Norwegian people have come to despise their Nazi-collaborationist past and are fanatical peaceniks and “anti-fascists” — does not know either his quantum physics or his Oriental cosmology. For at its extreme, a phenomenon becomes its anti-phenomenon.

40,000 Norwegians, 15% of Oslo’s population, gathered recently to sing “Children of the Rainbow” from their cherished Kumbaya songbook. The venue was Young’s Square, the beating heart of Norway’s Soft Bolshevik, flanked by the headquarters of the Norwegian Labor Party, Liberal Party, and Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions.

This is the same Young’s Square where on Nov.19, 2010, during a Boycott Israel rally
100 Red youths attacked two Israeli girls selling cosmetics at a stand. The same square where the cuddly Rainbow is regularly expressed in massive Israel-hate rallies, demonstrations of solidarity with the non-Jewish victims of the Middle East war, and other Down-with-the-Jews events of heartwarming rainbow catholicity. Even the Hirden, Norway’s equivalent of the Nazi SA, did not do this.

Vidkun Quisling reviewing Hirden
Vidkun Quisling inspecting a Hirden lineup [3]

In Sweden, reports the Danish blogger Joern Pallensen, the Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO) has just initiated an ambitious project to train 150,000 of its members in monitoring suspected racists at work. “Anyone reported for criticism of immigration policies risks being excluded from a number of LO-affiliated trade unions. This giant committee for the promotion of virtue, with its 150,000 informants employees, will be significantly larger than the Stasi, who had 100 000 informers all over East Germany.”

Scandinavia is an extreme case. Its gratuitous self-destruction will be of great interest to paleontologists of the distant future. But the rest of the West is not far behind. Consider this recent French video entitled “All France”:

Look at the mélange of young, vigorous, semi-barbarians “of color,” vested and accessorized in a transgressive Identity wardrobe, doing gangbanger gesticulation and Afro-soul crooning, all that interspersed with white ghost crones, white Halloween hags, white post-menopausal flabby men, white diabetic invalids, white faux-Cherokee artistes preening to their own mediocrity, white little indoctrinated children doing a French equivalent of “Obama Shall Lead Us,” and, of course, white Media, Arts and Literature Snatchers doing their snatching. All asserting that this is France. It’s enough to haunt your dreams, along with that vulgar hip-hop-or-sump’n music laid under it all.

That is what France has become, and if you dissent, e.g. by voting Front National, you are a “fascist” or, as NRK’s savants would have put it, an over-65, semi-literate man, childless, unemployed, lonely, hateful, obsessive and “anti-democratic.”

Eva Joly, a Green Pod (double entendre) Presidential candidate in the French elections and a Norwegian (naturellement) expat, addressed the candidate of the “Party of Hate,” Marine Le Pen in these words :

We are at home, we the French men and women, and wogs come from four corners of the world to make France. We the mixed-breeds and the immigrants who work in construction sites, we breaking our backs erecting buildings, we are at home. We are at home, we the Bretons, the Corsicans, the Southerners [Provence], the Dagos and the Spics, we the kikes, the Negroes, the North African towelheads, and we the menopausal Norwegians. We are the freedom to love, the equality before the law, the fraternity. We are at home.”

What can one say of such a stream of insanity, a string of emotional trigger words that Reality prohibits from tossing into the same bucket of hyperbole? After all, Joly is the same menopausal NordoPod who proposed to replace the traditional Fourteenth of July military parade on the Champs-Élysées with a “citizens’ march.”

May one point out that Bretagne and Provence are parts of France but Albania and Ivory Coast are not? That the organic connection between the peoples and cultures of France and the adjacent Iberian and Italian peninsulas goes back to the dawn of history? That the Bourbons who were kings of France are now kings of Spain? That Italian de Medicis sat on the throne of France and Italians sit to this day on the throne of Monaco? That Napoleon was Corsican? That the people of northern France are of Norwegian stock but no part of France has ever been of Senegalese stock? That descendants of a French general now sit on the throne of Norway’s eastern neighbor? That Henri d’Anjou was King of Poland before he was King of France? That French notables from Napoleon to Balzac had Polish paramours and wives, as did the French father of Frederic Chopin and French husband of Marie Sklodowska (Curie)? That Poland’s King Jan Sobieski (he of Vienna) had a French wife? That Jews in France go back 2000 years and comprise illustrious names from early 16th century’s Nostradamus and Michel de Montaigne to 19th/ 20th centuries’ Pissarro, Modigliani, Chagall, Offenbach, Sarah Bernhard, Marcel Proust, André Maurois, industrial giants like Citroën and Dassault, mathematical geniuses like Benoit Mandelbrot and even church dignitaries like Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger? What do millions of subliterate, hostile, organically unassimilable African Muslims sluiced to France by venal politicians beginning in the last third of the 20th century against the wishes of the French people have to do with those other nationalities?

The Grand Intellectual Face of France, BHL, he of the big tan, big hair, big inheritance and big reputation that, like US Presidents’, allows for getting by with an acronym handle alone, said recently about Front National, France’s last and only hope before the curtain descends: “The political combat against FN has to harden. It’s a struggle unto death. I repeat, death.”

Struggle unto death it is indeed. But only one side in this struggle knows it. And it’s not the side that faces death.

This is France in which Socialists and Communists, Camp-of-the-Saints Thirdworlders, violent Muslim thugs, militant homos, feminazis, the ugly, the moral duds, the spiritually arid, the slackers , the failures and the pretend-intellectuals have banded together to bring down their host. Currently, they are carrying a Roberto Benigni lookalike (plus 60 lbs., minus comedic talent) socialist schnook to the Élysée Palace, but anyone could be carried on this frothy wave who would become its spokesperson.

What can one say of Chris Matthews, of MSNBC, who has just compared B. Hussein Obama to Henry V in the context of BHO’s campaigning for the 2012 Presidential office, after having confessed to a tingling in his leg as he was listening to BHO’s honeyed prose in the 2008 presidential campaign? Obama, remember, is the man who upon taking office in the White House dumped the bust of Winston Churchill back onto British shores, so dislikeable the second Henry V was to the metrosexual ward of Saul Alinsky, Jeremiah Wright, and the Weathermen.

The Battle of Agincourt

Those are men from another space/time dimension, the Progressive Parallel Universe. And since they and their allies of the same persuasion control the destiny of the crumbling West, what does it portend for the future of Western Civilization when warning voices are systematically silenced? Of course, the control is slipping; things are increasingly tumbling on their own toward their inevitable conclusion.

People who run afoul of the Progressive paradigm in matters other than Islam or Third World immigration suffer punishments just as severe and lunatically disconnected from Reality’s compass as the Islam-resisters do. The United States is experiencing an unprecedented spike in violent hate crimes by blacks against whites, unspeakably heinous murders of whites and North Asians by blacks in the course of muggings and other forms of robbery, rape of white women by black men, murder of white women by their black boyfriends, black group beatings administered to individual white men or women, savage rampages by blacks for trifles such as lukewarm fries at MacDonald’s, armed assault, mass lootings of stores by dozens of “youths” at a time, and so on.

All that is taboo (and even more so in Europe). Police spokesmen and public prosecutors routinely obscure the racial angle of the crimes — but never so in white-on-black crimes. With rare exceptions, the MSM refuse to name the race of perps and victims in accounts of the crimes. The Zimmerman-Trayvon saga could yield a dozen original Ph.D. dissertations [4] on media manipulation of facts, tampering with audio and video recordings and photos, prejudicial opinionating disconnected from the facts of the case — all following the prepackaged Progressive script in a stampede trampling basic journalism ethics, integrity, honesty and, ultimately, the rules of societal survival itself. For a society with such media wades blindfolded through the current of history.

As this is being typed, a Drudge headline pops on my screen: 100 black teens beat white couple in Norfolk….media bury attack. But for how long will the Snatchers running things allow Drudge to operate before he too suffers a heart attack? A Republican president will not change anything, for Republicans are cowards, playing ball happily on a field in which the Left has been shifting the goalposts leftward for 50 years now without interruption.

John Derbyshire, a mild-mannered, scholarly WASP immigrant with a Chinese immigrant wife, focuses in his polemical writings on the empirical, i.e. reality-based, issues related to culture, race, gender and related social phenomena. One of the few original thinkers at the “conservative” National Review, he was fired recently for having written an honest essay discussing white parents’ dilemmas with black crime. He was pilloried not merely by the Progressive Left but by all the editors and major contributors of NR plus various other prominent “conservatives.” It’s difficult to know whether they are blind and stupid, or was it careerism mingled with cowardice. Derbyshire, now in his 60s, suffering from cancer and with a wife and two children to support, is now out in the cold. Sic semper veritas in Prokopia.

Before Derbyshire, Sam Francis had been handed the fateful pink slip. A brilliant and prescient intellectual (no derision quote marks), Dr. Francis was the first to articulate for intelligent non-Nazizoid Americans the Rivers-of-Blood direction that the United States was pursuing, after it had been identified and named for Great Britain by an equally brilliant intellectual, Enoch Powell, in 1968. Working as a columnist for the Washington Times, Francis was “outed” by a weasel conservative, Dinesh d’Souza, for having given a speech at the 1994 American Renaissance conference “in the spirit of white bigotry” [5]. For that, Francis was fired in 1995 by WT’s chief editor, Wesley Pruden.

Sam Francis died in pain and penury in 2005, at 57, having been unable to make a living all those years. D’Souza and Pruden remain as conservative (and well-greased) beacons, misleading the unwary onto the final shoals of the West’s once-splendid voyage.

No black man advocating genocide of whites (try this and this, and this “Hispanic” version, among others) has suffered repercussions of the sort Derbyshire and Francis have, even though neither white man has expressed any hostile intent toward blacks and both have voiced their analysis of the racial reality in America in fair, polite and non-threatening ways (as does American Renaissance’s Jared Taylor, a truly proper gentleman, heckled and manhandled by hate-crazed, foaming white Pods across the continent).

Prokopian maligning and persecution of the true Reality Community — specifically of thoughtful whites of Christian heritage who have managed to scrape the scales off their eyes, knows no bounds.
Consider the case of bumboy (I use the word with aforethought) Dan Savage. A denizen of Seattle, he has a long-running homo-sex advice column in a local paper, The Stranger, whose chief editor he is as well. The column revels in immersing its readers in the clinical details and pleasures of homo sex, and it mixes it with aggressive anti-conservative, anti-Christian politics. To gauge what this means, do an Internet search combining the terms Dan Savage and Santorum [6]. This being a family-friendly blog I can’t quote it here, for it’s the most disgusting thing I have ever come across.

But Savage is more than a practitioner of homo-journalism in the city of rain, coffee and lefto-depravity. He has become a nationally-known media pundit courted and featured by such outlets as HBO, CNN, MSNBC, and He is a featured speaker on university campuses across the United States. That gives him a major platform. For this:

Sent by to cover a political event in Iowa, Savage was so angered by a conservative Republican politician Gary Bauer’s opposition to same-sex marriage that he volunteered for Bauer’s campaign. He spent his time there smearing his flu-infected saliva on any surface he thought Bauer might touch. Interviewed in 2006 by a student newspaper about political candidate Carl Romanelli, Savage stated that “Romanelli should be dragged behind a pickup truck until there’s nothing left but the rope”.

Interviewed in 2011 on HBO by another Lunatic-with-a-Platform, Bill Maher, he stated, “I wish the Republicans were all f***ing dead.”

But the issue is not Dan Savage. The issue is that the Snatcher establishment continues acting as though none of this happened. After all of the above and more, Savage was invited by the Journalism Education Association and the National Scholastic Press Association to deliver a speech at the National High School Journalism Conference. On anti-bullying.

He turned that speech into an aggressive attack on the Bible, replete with multiple profanities, and into a promo for pleasures of proctological interest, with lascivious comments about his husband. 100 offended high school students walked out.

What were the Journalism Education Association (JEA) thinking? Why bring a militant homo to insult already meek and forgiving Christian highschoolers when reality shouts it’s Muslims who need a Dan Savage lecture about toleration of sexual deviancy?

The issue is the obsequious fawning and courting of gays by the White House and by the entire political leadership of the West, and by all Western MSM, and by the Progressive zombie corps commanded by the above and following in endless columns stretching for 13,000 miles. And it has nothing necessarily to do with the Bible.

I, though a student and lover of the Bible, don’t like religious fundamentalism, have criticized American theocons in print, and am not a fan of Rick Santorum. But the simple truth is that to a sexually normal person, i.e. something between 99% and 95% of the non-Muslim world’s population [7], buggery is physically repulsive. The provocative physical appearance of many gays causes an instinctive revulsion too.

Why is the ruling regime of Prokopia, i.e. the entire Western World, exalting, protecting, and promoting aggressive spokesmen for this particular deviation? Why do Christians feel constrained from responding aggressively to bum punks like Savage, but Muslim immigrants in the West do not feel so constrained?

Homosexuals should not suffer discrimination or persecution any more than the deaf and mute should. But the majority has the right to protect itself and its children’s brains from being rubbed in what is, to them, physical filth. It has the right to protect Western society’s basic building block: heterosexual marriage and family formation in a reproductive situation of 1.3 — 1.5 children per woman instead of the 2.2 required for generational replacement. It’s just another symptom of Progressive madness that instead of focusing on increasing heterosexual procreation and family formation, they dote on homosexuals.

A disquisition about abuse and demonization of those who do not follow the Progressive Script would not be complete without a place of honor for the Green Green Pods from Space and their invective spilled on global warming skeptics.

“What has become of science?” wrote the science blog when the lid exploded off the Climategate pot. “We thought that science was about the pursuit of truth. Then we became perplexed at how quickly scientists have prostituted themselves in the service of political agendas. We have seen the unedifying spectacle of scientists refusing to share their data, fiddling their results, and resorting to ad hominem attacks on those who have exposed their work to be fraudulent. We have seen the Royal Society becoming a shamelessly crude advocacy society… President Obama choosing notorious climate alarmists and liars to be his personal advisors… the peer review process and journal editors colluding to prevent publication of results that do not serve the politically-correct agenda … scientists refusing to consider results that demolish their pet theories. What is going on here? What is going on is that science is no longer what we thought it was. It is now a tool in the hands of socialists.”

Much cold wind from Nature and fanatical hot air from envirosocialists have manifested since then, but it’s just the related coercion and its motivation that interest us here. There was a recent “Planet Under Pressure” conference in London in which this professorette, Kari Norgaard from the University of Oregon, presented a paper the synopsis of which reads “Simultaneous action needed to break cultural inertia in climate-change response”.

To break? Notably, Professor Norgaard’s specialization areas include “gender and environment,” “race and environment,” and “environmental justice” [8]. Not that she is alone in this, yet-another mutation of the Comintern. MIT Press, for instance, published a book in 2011 entitled “Cultivating Food Justice Race, Class, and Sustainability.”

A tweet by Anthony Giddens, another socialistologist at the “Under Pressure” conference, “Scientists need to renew an assault on climate sceptics,” resulted in a wave of enthusiasm among the zombie troops, expressed in messages like this one from greenactiongal: “Lord Giddens urges an assault on climate change skeptics! Let’s go!

Hockey stick, anyone? An extensive documentation of the fraud is widely available (e.g. here). So why this continuing beating of the AGW drum, the hysteria, the push by warmed-up freaks for purging “denier” weathermen, the persecution of academics who don’t bow to the AGW EnviroMoloch, the calls for burning down skeptics’ homes or putting them on trial on charge of “high crimes against humanity”; why the hyperbole that climate change is a moral issue on a par with slavery that requires (of course!) a global tax on carbon emissions, why Al Gore calling climate skepticism “the new racism”, why the calls for eco-terrorism by impacted pipsqueaks; why the restriction by BBC of AWG-skeptic news, and so on, every day in a massive, coordinated cacophony?

There are many environment-related problems in the world. Mega-corporations and their pol-pawns in Washington and elsewhere are not clean on this. The paving-over of the Eastern and Western coasts of the United States and of much of Western Europe (and Japan) is a tragedy. The shopping mall and box-store pockmarks on the landscape everywhere are a disgrace. Nature in all its components should be treated with greater respect. There are enormous quantities of pollution and environmental destruction going on, on a gigantic scale.

But the great majority of this destruction is not in the countries ruled by the enviro-freaks and their Snatcher backers [9]. The countries — their own — that they wish to destroy economically after they have destroyed them demographically, morally and fiscally.

The pushing of this scheme by the Socialist-Communist-Green-Muslim alliance in Europe, and by their socialist allies in the United States like Al Gore, President Obama and his senior apparatchiks like global ecofascism advocate John Holdren and Marxist Afro-militant Van Jones, gives a clue. The fact that the same “Green” factions that parade their concerns for Nature, overdevelopment and overpopulation are also the promoters of the inundation of the same strained environment by unceasing streams of Thirdworlders, gives a clue.

The Obama U.S. Department of Homeland Security now has an Environmental Justice Strategy. Please read that sentence again.

Here is a larger clue: “The upcoming United Nations environmental conference on sustainable development will consider a breathtaking array of carbon taxes, transfers of trillions of dollars from wealthy countries to poor ones, and new spending programs to guarantee that populations around the world are protected from the effects of the very programs the world organization wants to implement,” reads a Fox News story about the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) coming up in June 2012. “The main goal [snip] is to make dramatic and enormously expensive changes in the way that the world does nearly everything — or, as one of the documents puts it, ‘a fundamental shift in the way we think and act.’”

Led by the Chicom head of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, just thewebsite (plus allied) of this conference alone impresses with the enormity and ambition of the enterprise. Honey words pour like always in clever confidence schemes: “green economy in the context of sustainable development … poverty eradication… promoting decent jobs….clean energy… sustainable… fair use of resources… advance social equity… ensure environmental protection.”

When you hear such Duckspeak, its time to bolt the door or escape to Fiji. For when you strip the tinfoil, what’s behind is a colossal social engineering scheme, taking from each according to his ability (i.e. from whitey and what remains of his domain) and redistributing it to each according to his need (i.e. failed Third World states, failed societies and retarded cultures, all socialist utopias-gone-sour). In other words, a Global Bolshevik Revolution, at long last, though in tailored suits and Roederer Cristal in crystal flutes. Indeed, some percentage of this planned river of trillions will be inevitably shunted off to a few Lichtenstein, Cyprus and Singapore bank accounts, plus there will be MBZs all around in the manner of Kojo Anan, Koffi’s son.

No wonder that a George Soros front, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, has just petitioned to have the Fox broadcast license revoked. A writer for that racist/fascist extreme right-wing broadcaster had rung the alarm bell on a planned souk where hundreds of participating governments, NGOs, corporations andECOSOC — a curious rhyme with Ingsoc — along with thousands of participants will be haggling over the soon-to-be carcass of the West.


The likes of Shalupe Foundation (14 Av Lotoyi, no city, no country, no statement) or some front solar energy company will vie for Obama Money, and African Youth Organization (“make all African youths equally realized by nature of the call unite African politically,that as a people coming up-the true state of an African,globally” [sic]) will have a photo-op with Jens Stoltenberg and shower in the Norwegian taxpayer’s largesse.

This is the very eschaton, immanentized. The leopard will lie down with the baby goat. The calf and the yearling will be safe with the lion. Gay men shall conceive, but female submariners will not. Multiplying government debt will eradicate government debt. Printing money will increase economic strength. A black president will usher the post-racial age. MIT will be black and NBA will be white. Somali and Aztec immigrants will rev up the engine of America’s industry and productivity on bedrock of renewed social capital. Turkey and Morocco will lead the EU to a new European Renaissance. Islam shall at last bring peace and tolerance to a riven world. A glorious glow of unity, peace, justice and equity shall at last infuse the entire globe. And a little Progressive child will lead them all.

And you wonder why you deserve the lies, the wrath, the spittle, the threats, the baiting, the beating, the persecution, the lawfare, the disfranchisement, the exile? [10]


1.   This speech by Gordon Brown, among other exhibits, will be examined by 26th century psychiatrists, for a diagnosis of where and how we derailed, and by whose agency.
2.   I spent 30 years in the international film and television industry and know whereof I speak here.
3.   Many photos of the Hirden exist, but I like this one because I found it embedded in a 2000 article at The New Stürmer, NORWEGIAN GIRLS BEING USED AS GUINEA PIGS IN JEWISH PLAN TO GET RID OF ARYANS. Though revolting in its stupidity, Neo-Nazi antisemitism is a joke these days. But its Parallel Universe mutation on the Left is no joke at all.
4.   Needless to say, such dissertations will never be written, for any interested doctoral candidate knows that the effort would be spiked by the Progressive professorial thesis committee.
5.   An excerpt from that speech and Francis’s obituary may be found here.
6.   It was my chance discovery of Savage’s column on Rick Santorum and of his sway in Seattle, during my visit to that city, that swayed me form moving there, which I had seriously considered. I published an excerpt from a chapter devoted to that visit (a chapter in yet another book-to-be) under the title “Coffee with Rosa” (DTO in the British Quarterly Review, Web reproduced at
7.   I have to exclude Muzlands, i.e. lands inhabited by Muslims, from this generalization. Like in everything else, Muslims’ attitude to homosexuality is so convoluted and self-contradictory that it’s a special case.
8.   Norgaard’s UofO web page is now disabled. Too many visitors must have stopped to sample the offerings after InfoWars and other blogs picked up the story. More details here.
9.   It takes but one trip to China and India, Vietnam or Nigeria, to verify all that. All the important AGW freaks have taken this trip, yet in classical Progressive manner they deny what their eyes have seen in order to believe what their ideology dictates.
10.   A commenter in “Demography is Destiny” was kind enough to mention my name among the writers-contributors to Gates of Vienna and to express his curiosity about the coming out of my book. Which one? I have at least five of them half-written, in boxes and discs stored on three continents, each going with a set of 300 books I need handy for the task, requiring workspace, quiet, and calm waters.

But I live out of a suitcase, in exile. My home, my life in California that I invested 30 years in building, are gone. That dear homeland of mine will not come back in my lifetime, if ever.

I want to finish my novel, but every day a peek at the news goes straight to my inner core with an admonition: ‘Tis no time for vainglorious pursuits; you must give witness, you must protest, though it’s not you who will bear the brunt of the destruction. So I sit down to one of my usual polemics, but then the life of an exile intervenes, and I have to do what life maintenance requires, and the writing has to go into a drawer.

Even the piece here is out of order. I am supposed to furnish the last chapter of “Bee and Lamb.” But B & L requires deep concentration, meditation almost, to come out. Since that has not been possible for me in the last 5 weeks, I do what I can in the meantime, as above.

I am, with all that, in a lucky situation. When I started writing just as the U.S. and the rest of the West were beginning to crumble financially, in 2006, I had already had a long, well rewarded professional career. We lived frugally. I don’t have to worry how we will pay the grocery bill tomorrow. We don’t have dependents. I don’t have to cool my heels in any publisher’s antechamber or Inbox. What Baron Bodissey and Dymphna have to go through, or Fjordman who is in exile too, and doesn’t have the cushion I have, is so much harder. Derbyshire too, who has posted photos of his children training at a rifle range, just in case.

But then, even my cushion is no longer floatable. I have to check every day how low the dollar and our stocks have sunk, and with them our net worth. I have to worry about the survivability of any financial institution that has a piece of us in one way or another. I have to deal with Bengali Customer Service for my computer problems, Panamanian help for my cellphone problems, and “Oprima el numero dos” and Affirmative Action nincompoops in every public or corporate office. I have to replace broken Made in China articles weeks after buying them, and call Repair to repair what the first repair failed to repair. I have to read the label before I feed my dog, lest I serve him melamine, and I have to hold the key bunch just so in my pocket when I take him for an evening walk.

I have to plan what we will do if SHTF happens. Do we have skills and goods to barter? Should I dust off my dog bonding talents or horse skills that may possibly put bread and milk on our table in an hour of need? And where? One of my books-in-progress is about my visits to various American cities in search of the one where we could settle and feel at home again. I have not found this city.

These are historic, incredible times. Walk through them with wide open eyes, for nothing like this has happened since the fall of Rome.

Takuan Seiyo is a European-born American writer living in exile in Japan.

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87 thoughts on “Prokophy is Destiny

  1. There are some positives in this piece and yet many negatives, ultimately undermined by all that’s wrong with reactionary conservatism. And I’m no loony Leftist, the Left’s alliance with the Jihad, their love affair with the most racist and reactionary ‘religion’ ever invented almost beggars belief – motivated by common enemies such as the Jews and themselves. Other reasons of course..

    Yes the global warming hysterics is terrible and destructive pseudoscience motivated by similar Leftist folderol (once a right-wing political agenda in Britain though). Yes the West is committing a slow or not so slow suicide. So what’s wrong with this article? It’s the same as what undermines GoV as a whole, and anti-dhimmi conservativism as a whole – it’s the anti-black racism that pretends it’s not. Conservatives have a real problem with blacks, in the way that the Left have a real problem with Jews.

    I can’t in a mere comment go into details here and nothing I write will change anybody’s mind anyhow. I don’t care for the PC madness that infects our society, and the Martin/Zimmerman media madness and deceit is something else, along with the cover-ups and denials of black on white violence in America. Yet the writer goes beyond that (and ignores naturally the ghetto culture in America, its actual roots and the associated breakdown of the black family) into apologetics and support for Derbyshire’s racism. American Renaissance is simply horrible and your writer whitewashes their extreme racism and anti-Semitism.

    None of this surprises me, as I have noticed this soft anti-black racism at GoV routinely. Given all the media focus and witch-hunt on this blog re Breivik, you would think you might shape up. Then again, you don’t see anything racist about the above article. Shocking. The reasons for the racism of conservatives is something you would be entirely oblivious to, since you don’t see yourselves as racists at all. It’s like the mirror of the Left re their anti-Semitism. And I consider the Left anti-black racist too, given their condescension to blacks, which only makes things worse.

    The homophobia of the above writer is also noted. And no I am not gay any more than I am black.

    You can only alienate and turn off lots of potential allies, many of whom are black and gay, and don’t care for the looniness of the Left. And for what it’s worth, I have lived in a dangerous ghetto in South Africa and witnessed terrible violence. Of course you probably think these ghettos are the fault of blacks, rather than the fault of South African society as a whole, ditto the United States. That’s a whole other thing..

    So in closing, as a so-called civilization we are doomed. There is no hope. I wonder if this comment will even go through..

  2. Takuan, this is a quite wonderful article. Your final sentence sums up our predicament perfectly and raised the hair on the back of my neck:

    “These are historic, incredible times. Walk through them with wide open eyes, for nothing like this has happened since the fall of Rome.”

    Yet the fall of Rome took a long time, we are in a speeded up version. The next 50 years will be nothing like the last 50 years – nor indeed the last 2,000 years.

    We are living through the opening salvos of the greatest rift in Western Civilisation where only one side will prevail.

    Let us hope and pray it is we who prevail.

  3. A good piece.

    “The reality-based community” is obviously living in a fantasy world. If you’re realistic you’ll notice that people mostly aren’t, and communities never are except by pressure of necessity and then not always. All communities have dogmas and sacred cows, so the only possible reality-based community would be one based on a divine revelation that happens to be true.

    The “alien virus” analogy as an explanation for modish thought has been worked out in some detail by Nikos Salingaros in an essay “The Derrida Virus” that was published in Telos a few years ago. There’s an excerpt here.

    Most of the NRK tags seem somewhat arguable. If anti-jihad types are independent, experienced, non-propagandized, and active on the internet, then it’s likely they’d tend to be male, older, displeased with how the world is going, and less absorbed than most in day-to-day diversions and social connections. So a lot of the tags would apply in many cases, although the general spin is quite negative.

    Also, there have been some interesting poll results at the Inductivist showing that highly educated and successful people believe exactly what they’re expected to believe. Who says the education system doesn’t work? It’s only stupid and uneducated blockheads who understand nothing of what they’re told and don’t know what’s good for them who believe e.g. that there’s a connection between race and IQ.

  4. “It’s only stupid and uneducated blockheads who understand nothing of what they’re told and don’t know what’s good for them who believe e.g. that there’s a connection between race and IQ.”

    Perhaps you could refute the ideas of these blockheads with studies and statistics and, well, you know, those fiddly little things called “facts,” rather than resorting to demagogy. If they be “uneducated,” educate them.

    Ah, but then they are “stupid” as well, which, since you distinguish stupidity from ignorance, means that they are incapable of enlightenment. Their lack of intelligence, or, dare I say, IQ, is congenital. No matter how much we educate these blockheads, they will always be blockheads.

    Anyone who believes race and IQ are linked is a blockhead; these people believe race and IQ are linked; these people are blockheads.

    Well, now that we’ve proved that those who oppose are, by the very fact of their opposition, stupid blockheads, we can ignore them and carry on. Let us not stoop to debate them, for they are intrinsically beneath us, and not worth the time.


  5. A comment om the poster “Stiklestad”: In the battle of Stiklestad in 1030, Olav Haraldsson, later called ‘Olav the Holy!, and canonized by the Roman-Catholic Churh as St. Olav, was killed, but by his death guaranteed the victory of christendom in Norway. Recently, The Church of Norway, in
    It’s infinite wisdom has decided to create a “multi-religious” center at the site of the battle. At the very place where christendom was victorious! How insane is that?

  6. @ James

    Only after I submitted that post did I realize you were being ironic. This calls for a new syllogism:

    Those who do not read posts thoroughly should not respond to them;
    I did not read your post thoroughly;
    I should not have responded to it.

    Q.E.D. etc.

  7. Great post, with a lot of facts & things to pay attention to in trying to understand and see the connections in today’s mad world politics

    Bolsjevika, Utøya
    – How surprising is that, finding on a
    communist youths island a vik, a bay, called Bolsjevika?

    Stoltenberget, a hill, a berg on the same island is named after Stoltenberg, father and son. The father being a former Foreign minister

  8. I respectfully submit that Mr. Seiyo might find a compatible source of high-grade intellectual ammunition, in Gaetano Mosca’s The Ruling Class, most especially the sections on “Class Separation.”

    — Robert Pinkerton

  9. @klute,
    You are wrong about GOV.
    I read it since the early days, and your slander is unwarranted.

    The article is right on the money.
    When history will be written about this time, probably by the Chinese inheritors of the Earth, the single question will be large; how come such a successful civilization (Western) commit suicide so quickly and totally?

  10. Mr. Pinkerton:

    Thanks for the info on Mosca. Here’s what I found:


    The Ruling Class

    Here’s a possible site for a download or streaming:

    Download Gaetano Mosca

    The only review at Amazon, a five-star, seems to put it well:

    The Ruling Class is an excellent example of early twentieth elite theory. It is a scathing retort to Marx and those who believe in a utopian vision without an elite. This book is clear and brilliant. It challenges the political thinker in a democratic society to examine the basic assumptions of democracy and representational government. This book is a must read for the political scientist.

    As I’ve often said, no wonder homeschoolers and their parents come here to read. This one is a jewel they’re not likely to find.

    I studied 19th-20th century intellectual history for several semesters (once writing a paper on Marx being in tradition of OT prophets) but never came across him.

    Somehow, I doubt this was an accident…

  11. I agree with the first poster, that we must have some respect for our allies. If not, we have been divided and we will be ruled.

    Apropos Norway’s decline into Nazism, see this article at the Jewish Chronicle, on a “progressive” professor who is simply a conduit for anti-semitic conspiracy theory along the lines of those propagated by the Nazis.


  12. Klute, a few years ago I would have agreed with you, but I’ve since found out the hard way that the only people who care, on a collective basis only, about the survival of the West are actual Westerners–yes, that would be us dreaded whiteys.

    I have nothing against any other ethnic group, and I welcome the contributions of people like Ibn Warraq and Hirsi Ali to our struggle. But those are outliers: people who are/were married to Westerners and who have deliberately thrown their lot in with us because they love/accept the West for who and what we are, and do not seek to remake us in their own image, or worse, loot our assets while biting the hand that feeds.

    A few years ago I contributed to a website that kept a close eye on the open borders crowd; there was a black woman poster from Southern California who greatly and loudly resented the huge flood of illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America, but who was also consumed with anti-white rage. Any hint that any other posters were remotely interested in leaving the PC-MC plantation, and she was down on them imediately, often with derogatory remarks about white “racism”, even if it was just a remark defending ourselves from her unfair attacks, not making derogatory remarks about other “colors”. The bottom line was, she supported PC-MC because it benefitted her personally; she just didn’t want it to benefit illegal immigrants from Mexico.

    Eventually, the website/action group fell apart, in no small part to this woman’s divisive “contributions.” As anyone with any real understanding of human nature could have predicted.

    We can welcome sympathetic non-Westerners (or other PC “minorities”) to our cause,but we can’t fight for our civilization with one eye always looking backward, worried that some potential ally will be turned off by our rejection of PC-MC.

    That said, I often find Takuan Seiyo’s essays, while containing valuable insights at times, to verge on hysteria; the constant “we are doomed” refrain is exaggerated, and the “Pod” people aren’t as all-powerful as he makes them out to be. And yes, they do contain a lot of negative assumptions and stereotypes about non-Western people.

  13. This repeatedly failed the author’s attempts to post. So here it is under my name instead –



    Your comment interests me as it evinces strange cognitive processes in a person of evident intelligence and life experience. How do you come by such conclusions as anti-black racism all around, homophobia, censorship by GoV of such comments as yours etc. What do you call “racism”?

    Have you not read references strewn across my writings indicating that I am half Slav, half Jew – both considered inferior races by the Nazi; the one fated for slavery, the other for extermination? Or those mentioning that the Third Reich murdered my entire family (but for a few that the Bolsheviks did), leaving only my half-dead parents to bring me into this world? Try this.

    With regards to my alleged anti-black racism, have you read this? Or my own repeated statements that I’d much rather have Walter Williams or Tom Sowell for President than Bush or McCain?

    Have you missed the numerous statements by the owners of this blog in support of black conservatives, and not perceived their activism on behalf of Allen West? Have you missed the battles that were going on in the comment pages of GoV with racist posters, resulting, ultimately, in censorship of racist posts?

    On the basis of what do you allege “Derbyshire’s racism.” I have been reading him for years, and see none. What I see is a scrupulous devotion to facts, to numbers, and an ability to draw valid – that’s valid in the sense of science methodology – conclusions from them. I also recall (vaguely, paraphrasing) his statement that he’d rather live in a neighborhood of minority intellectuals than among whitebread “conservative” mediocrities.

    Where for that matter do you see the “extreme racism and anti-Semitism” of American Renaissance? It is true that racists and anti-Semites were allowed to participate in the 2006 AmRen conference, where I would have walked out just as Michael Hart did. But that was a “big-tent” policy error, rectified later. I visit the AmRen website from time to time and have seen no hateful posts of the sort that fill the pages of lefto blogs like Daily Kos, let alone genocidal malarkey of the sort that spews forth from the Black Panthers, Black Muslims etc.

    Such “big tent” errors are not uncommon. GoV, for instance, had a policy of democratic debate in its comment pages. But it led eventually to a siege by fixated Jew-haters. So the policy had to change. I have not seen any such trimming-of-the-boundaries among Socialists who mingle with Communists or black activists who mingle with black race hustlers and even black genocidal psychos.

    Mind you, I don’t mind being called “racist.” Like other lefto-shibboleths, i.e. “minority,” “justice,” “equity” etc., the word no longer denotes what it connotes. At any rate, there is no problem with white racism whatsoever, but there is an enormous problem with white stupidity and cowardice.

    Takuan Seiyo

  14. “No wonder that a George Soros front, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, has just petitioned to have the Fox broadcast license revoked.”

    Just yesterday the Exec Director of this org. was on C-Span’s Washington Journal talking about the phone hacking scandel and Rupert Murdock’s company Newscorp.

    Here is how her thinking went:
    Some reporters for Newscorp’s now closed British paper paid off police and other officials for info. Newscorp is a U.S. company hence, an American company paid bribes to foreign officials which is a crime in the U.S. Ergo, all 23 of Fox broadcasting licenses should be revoked since Fox is also owned by Newscorp. Just to sweeten the pot she added that Rupert Murdock is not an honorable man, or words to that effect, and heads Newscorp. So, all broadcast licenses should be revoked.

    The woman was literally salivating at the thought. Shut down Fox!

    Too bad for her that she can’t touch the Fox cable stations as they are not broadcast over the airways. That means they can’t touch Fox News. So, you want to take The Simpsons, South Park and Family Guy off the air, be my guest.

    It will be a hollow victory if you ask me because we all know that what they really want to do is shut down Fox News.

  15. For those of you who never heard of them, both Jagland and Harlem Brundtland were prime ministers, and also held other ministries.

    As for health, sanity, viruses and disorders, Gro Harlem Brundtland is a doctor, and after she left Norwegian politics, she was General Secretary at WHO for some time

  16. Egghead here. James left a link above – and I am posting the same link here – to ‘The Derrida Virus’ essay that is very IMPORTANT for people to read and absorb.

    When every person worships his or her own opinion above that of all – past, present, future, timeless – others, Western civilization will quickly fall to internal and external uncivilized barbarian behaviors.


    The Derrida Virus

  17. TS continues to have problems with Blogger comments. He is blocked in a variety of ways, so I’m putting this up for him again…
    @Anonymous from Takuan Seiyo:

    Re: Norway’s Prime Ministers-

    If you want to give the fuller background, why won’t you quote a few more salient details?

    Jens Stoltenberg, Norway’s current Prime Minister, is the past head of Socialist International and, to quote a sui generis Norwegian observer, Fjordman, now leading “the most dhimmi appeasing of all Western governments, to the extent that this is humanly possible. They even wanted to fund Hamas openly a while ago.”

    Mr. Stoltenberg is also the past vice president of the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) – an organization founded by the same Karl Liebknecht who on November 9, 1918 declared the formation of a “Free Socialist Republic” in Germany, then co-founded the German Communist Party (KPD) and utlimately started an armed insurrection in January 1919 that was put down by the German government but, in retrospect, is the likely trigger that set Adolf Hitler off.

    Moving on to Thorbjørn Jagland, this paragraph stands out in his Wiki profile that sums it all up for the knowing:

    “In August 1997, a former Soviet spy described Jagland as a friendly politician during the 1970s and 1980s. Jagland responded that all the conversations were innocent exchanges. It has later been established that Jagland was classified as a “confidential contact” by the KGB, and that he was referred to internally by the KGB as ‘Jurij’.

    According to KGB sources, he had been a useful source for political information. He had also reportedly been used as a ‘channel for active measures’, including in the question of nuclear free zones in the Nordic countries.”

    No space left for Brundtland, but if you want to quote her medical degree as proof of wholesomeness, I can readily cite the names of some doctors quite famous in European history. And if her presidency of WHO is to cause awe, I refer you to Part 3 of my The Bee and the Lamb where I adduce the following 1946 quote from Canadian psychiatrist Brock Chisholm, WHO’s first Director-General:

    “To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas….We have swallowed all manner of poisonous certainties fed us by our parents, our Sunday and day school teachers, our politicians, our priests….The reinterpretation and eventual eradication of the concept of right and wrong which has been the basis of child training, the substitution of intelligent and rational thinking for faith in the certainties of old people, these are the belated objectives…for charting the changes in human behavior.”

    Takuan Seiyo

  18. All people can be proud of their race! Except Caucasians.

    White folk had better realize that once our countries are crapped up, we will not accepted anywhere. There’s just too much hate and envy out there.

  19. Thanks for the challenge, Takuan Seiyo

    I appreciate your additional info on the two, Jagland/Brundtland

    My point in mentioning her being a doctor, was just a matter of fact btw, playing up to your point about viruses etc.

    What is more, getting high international positions after their local careers, goes to prove at least two things

    1. They are part of an international communist/socialist/leftist system

    2. They are paying their way with the taxpayers’ money

    As for KGB, in 2010/2011 PM Steklov most generously offered huge Norwegian areas in the Barents Ocean to the Russians.

    “The Owners” only knew after the gift had been handed over

  20. Nine months after Utøya
    – Lack of will/resources/competence

    Emergency net broke down during hostage drama exercise at Ila prison, Oslo

  21. @Anonymous

    Re: Steklovs all around

    Thanks for the Norwegian oil territory gift info. You may not know that the American Steklov has recently given Russia seven strategically important and oil-rich Alaskan Islands, including tens of thousand of miles of oil-rich seabed, for nothing.
    Moreover – I love the preening of “conservatives”; they always dump on Barry Steklov but are blind to their own odious rottenness – BHO was merely executing a treaty with Russia signed by Dubya dad’s Secretary of State Jim Baker, a hard core Republikrat.
    Takuan Seiyo

  22. Baker is all you say. Do you have a source for this one.

    And do you think, had it suited BHO to do so, he could’ve reneged on this? Integrity doesn’t seem to be a problem…

    That buck doesn’t stop anywhere anymore

  23. Post Scriptum:

    One day after the essay above was posted, this news item, “Angry Queers: Christians are scum, deserve ‘hammers,” made its way to my Inbox.
    N.B. this was in Portland, Oregon, just below Seattle on the Pacific Northwest coast. I call that whole region Zinnlandia, and published an eponymous story to explain why.
    But not all is gloomy. Glenn Beck reports that at least the Vatican is waking up.
    Takuan Seiyo

  24. Post Scriptum:

    One day after the essay above was posted, this news item, “Angry Queers: Christians are scum, deserve ‘hammers,” made its way to my Inbox.
    N.B. this was in Portland, Oregon, just below Seattle on the Pacific Northwest coast. I call that whole region Zinnlandia, and published an eponymous story to explain why.
    But not all is gloomy. Glenn Beck reports that at least the Vatican is waking up.
    Takuan Seiyo

  25. Seiyo, your polite response is appreciated.

    Obviously we are going to have to agree to disagree. Of course, you and I and all anti-dhimmis would prefer Allen West and Sowell to George Bush and other dhimmi Republicans at the helm (and surely Romney too!). That should go without saying. Allen West to me is the Geert Wilders of the US. Yet this is an evasion from Derbyshire’s racism, something you deny. And there we reach an impasse.

    What do you think somebody like West or Sowell or W Williams would have to say about Derbyshire’s piece (the one that got him fired from NR)? In fact have any of them said anything on the record here? Curious.. Or would you just ignore that, sweep that inconvenience under the carpet?

    I don’t think Derbyshire and yourself are guilty of hard racism, or a deliberate malice against black people, not at all. Yet the attitude of an inherent moral and intellectual superiority of whites to black people comes shining through in Derbyshire’s piece, and that is racism by definition. Naturally Derbyshire would never use the N word to describe black people and is naturally horrified by the term, as I’m sure are all the GoV contributors and most all of the regular readers.

    Yet there are self-admitted white racists who do use this odious term to describe blacks, who would cheer on Allen West and Williams if they were to run for the highest office in the States. That’s not because West and Williams are uncle Toms it’s because self-admitted and honest white racists set aside their racism when it is convenient and practical. Admittedly their racism isn’t as extreme as neo-Nazis or white supremacists who wouldn’t stand for any black candidate whatsoever. There are shades and degrees of racism is what I am getting at. And yes I know black people use the n word themselves, it’s a way of subverting its racist connotations.

    Seiyo, your Slavic and Jewish background is neither here nor there as far as anti-black racism is concerned. It’s as logical as saying that a black person couldn’t possibly be anti-Semitic because of the racism he or his ancestors in the South were subjected to by the KKK etc.

  26. Cobra: how come such a successful civilization (Western) commit suicide so quickly and totally?

    Perhaps the welfare state, the continued absence of war and conflict, and the sense that one simply does not have to put any personal effort in keeping him/herself alive, because the state provides everything, has driven to this situation. According to Fjordman, f. ex. Sweden has ended up in its actual mess perhaps due to a long absence of struggle and conflict, and due to this, successive layers of stupidity piled up in the swedish society. They had nothing else to do but to invent all sorts of schizophrenic ideas about sexuality and society, because struggle and creativity directed to survival was off. (my conclusion). It seems that if people live in continuous welfare and peace, they simply go mad. The sense for survival disappears, because the continuous well-being neutralizes it. Or why is that third-world people reproduce as rabbits?

    Anyhow, this essay by Takuan Seiyo is a milestone one to be read in pair with Fjordman´s “Preparing for Ragnarok”. The perfect tandem establishing a synthesis of what happens, and what will happen in the west in the future.

    The times to come will indeed be a historical milestone. Societies will collapse, and perhaps new ones will be born out of the chaos. Because people tend by nature to gather in groups according to common patters such as race, religion or others. It´s only by belonging to somewhere that people feel strong and secure. That´s why multiculturalism does nothing but create ghettos and no-go zones. People simply cannot be randomly mixed, and the last willing to do so are immigrants. Multiculturalism was a clever strategy of the ruling elites to weaken the people by mixing them and thus being able to control them more easily. But this utopistic madness will soon break down. And as Fjordman predicted, monoculturalism, which is logical and natural, will come back. Perhaps as new types of societies or groups, as I mentioned above. It will be interesting times indeed. Perhaps we should feel lucky to be able to whitness such colossal social metamorphosis. Or perhaps not. It depends on one´s own desire for challenges.

    This essay by Takuan Seiyo is a milestone one to be read in pair with Fjordman´s “Preparing for Ragnarok”. The perfect tandem establishing a synthesis of what happens, and what will happen in the west in the future. They are to be recorded and passed on for posterity.

  27. Welfare state – personal efforts

    “Perhaps the welfare state, the continued absence of war and conflict, and the sense that one simply does not have to put any personal effort in keeping him/herself alive, because the state provides everything, has driven to this situation”

    The personal efforts are among other things, giving the most part of your average salary back to the politicians, as taxes are high in those welfare states.

    In other words you don’t dispose your own salary the way you feel would suit you best, but are obliged to give most of it to the politicians via high income tax, VAT (20-25%), high taxes on fuel, and other taxes.

    Again, in other words, if you want to keep a normal standard of living, with a home, a car, etc, you will be a modern slave for the leftists who decide how your money is spent.

  28. klute: What do you suggest white people do, just learn to live with violence directed at them by others, because to acknowledge it would be racism….much less actually doing something to prevent it (see Israeli Apartheid Wall).

    Survival and well being trumps offending others, sorry. Maybe black folks need to be collectively ashamed of this violence, instead they yell racist at those who deign to discuss it for the purpose of their own well being and survival.

    Remember, even Jesse Jackson is relieved to see a white skinned person in the dark alley at night.

    What we need is a resurgent cultural confidence, and active measures to protect our peoples and society from violence, physical and intellectual, iminating from “Others” within our societies.


  29. Mr. Toweerclimber: Since you’re an American, you will grok the designation we use to describe the contents of our project here: GoV is a PG-13 blog.

    Thus, among other things, we abjure jihad porn to attract the prurient. Courteous rhetoric among ourselves is encouraged. Here you are safe from foul language and ad hominem attacks.

    All this is in part because we agreed to assist in an ongoing effort by home-schooling parents to educate their children in the disappearing habit of civil discourse. I invite you to join us.

    Here is the redacted comment from Mr.Towerclimber, with my compliments:

    I’m no literati. I’m not a scribe. I have a passing interest in Europe, only as it pertains to America and to my friends that live in Europe, yet even I know that you guys are in serious trouble. you are disbarred the use of arms, your governments are infected with socialism/marxism and 3rd world barbarians are killing your men and raping your women while they steal, kill and destroy. yeah, unless you folks change it, you’re [redacted] “in a heap of trouble.” [my term – D]

    By the way, except that we are allowed to arm ourselves in SOME of our 57 states, what you describe as happening in Europe is also happening here. A sad state of affairs.

    No place in this wide world is any longer safe. Marx lives happily in eternity -albeit in a warm clime – enjoying the fruits of his labors.

  30. Klute said:

    “Given all the media focus and witch-hunt on this blog re Breivik, you would think you might shape up.”

    In American English, “shape up” is of a threatening demeanor, it is a threat of consequence. You have demanded that GOV should react to the pro-aggressive power-grabbing left.

    That would mean that GOV and we who support it are somehow guilty of some wrongdoing.

    If you spent more time educating yourself, you might see that GOV, perhaps by accident, may represent some of the more serious anthropological study for our time.
    Your arrogant attempt at censorship has fails miserably. Next time, come with specifics and prepare to argue your points with facts.

  31. I think the 2040 guestistimate for Oslo’s population to be 50% Moslem or part-Moslem is a gross underestimate.
    The speed of change as I observe it
    suggests that by 2040 Norway will be right on the brink of being the first
    Moslem country in Europe in modern
    times. Such a tragedy is very much odds-on now.

  32. re: klute

    Where are the moderators? Klute’s posts are in jokes, no?

    He/She is upset about RACISM and HOMOPHOBIA while the West is collapsing around us. Even the Zen Master, Takuan Seiyo, respectfully answers the Troll.

    Get serious GOV!

    Dan Kurt

  33. @Dan Kurt
    I don’t think klute is a troll. He seems to be 2/3 on this side of things. But he displays a common cognitive synapse when it comes to questions of race, nationality, and related issues such as immigration.
    I have friends, super-conservative, churchgoing ex-Marines, with graduate degrees and a great deal of Gaelic pride (with other variants of this profile) who chide me for my racism when I start talking about the Migra Invasion From the South. It’s worth my time to take apart such spurious mental constructs, because in some cases their holders “convert,” and in others, people reading such arguments can use them in their own struggles with the like. We can convert to Reality some people on the margin, and every effort is worth it as we are the few.
    I wrote another reply to klute, but I can’t post it directly and have to wait until Dymphna will do it for me.
    Takuan Seiyo

  34. I thought I posted all the ones you sent, TS. Since you got the above comment to go thru, maybe the missing one will go in now?

    I’m not even sure where it is at this point, several hundred emails later. As I said I thought they were all in.

    Send it again if it wont post this time.

  35. This broad attack on all things Left slips a gear when it launches its barbs at those who warn of global warming. While there is evidence of exaggeration by alarmists on the left, there is also evidence of actual warming. Much of this evidence is simply beyond reach of fakery; before-and-after photos of Glacier National Park, for example, or records of when the cherry trees bloom in DC. The scientific case for man-made global warming has a considerable mass of evidence to put in the scales. The individual human failings of some advocates do not cause this evidence to evaporate.

  36. @Dymphna
    I post as Anonymous. Maybe there are other possibilities for Googgle, Yahoo etc. loggers, but for me GoV software will not allow for posting anything but what’s typed directly into the comments window. I cannot do that with longer cpomments or when there are embedded links. The limitation is perhaps mine, but I have to do it with Word. When I paste that into the GoV comments window, it reproduces mangled. No exceptions, though it worked in the past.
    You have three comments of mine in your email.


  37. Another stuck response from the author-

    I will try to find the others, if others there be…but ’twill have to wait till morning. My eyes are crossing.

    TS replies to klute:



    You are mixing concepts and their referents, and phenomena with their shadows. Let’s go one by one.

    Yes, Sowell et al. plus 99% of intelligent, thoughtful, well-acclimatized blacks would experience and express various shades of dislike for Derbyshire’s piece. But does it prove that Derbyshire is racist, or that people hate the truth, especially about their own kind?

    This avoidance of the truth is generic, across all races, classes, genders etc. Try to argue with a modern woman about the correlation between universal suffrage and the slide to prokophy (i.e. Progressivism). Try to discuss with a 140-IQ Jew the proposition that Jews, as a group, exercise a negative influence on American politics. Or even the proposition that immigration, since 1965, has been (in Lawrence Auster’s words) the path to national suicide.

    BTW, there are black voices that would agree with and even applaud Derbyshire. Try the Rev. James Manning, or Elizabeth Wright.

    Where you and I differ is that you seem to believe – in concert with our therapeutic culture – that not offending people’s feelings is paramount. I think that telling the truth is paramount. Reality is paramount. One has to check one’s feelings and speak in hushed tones when Reality speaks. One cannot claim to be a Christian who genuflects ten times a day but fails to heed Reality.

    Derbyshire spoke the truth. Now when you impute to him the attitude of “inherent moral and intellectual superiority of whites to black people,” you are mixing the statistical with the particular, though D took some pains to differentiate between the two. Part of the Progressive brainwash is to muddle even in educated people’s minds fine distinctions between concepts like field of distribution (of data) and a particular points within that field, average v. singularity, average v. sigma; average v. outlying. You have evidently bought into that programming.

    Would you define this May 5, 2012 headline (and thank God for WND too), “Wave of Black Mobs Brutalizing Whites” as racist? And if it be racist, what is more important, to stay non-racist or to report that waves of black mobs are brutalizing whites? And if waves of black mobs are brutalizing whites, does it allow for drawing conclusions about Walter Williams, or about the black garage mechanic you just left your car with?

    In your comparison of my predisposition against racism and that of a black who was, or whose ancestors were, the subject of KKK racism, you are again mixing widely different phenomena. I grew up without grandparents, uncles or aunts. As a child, I lay in bed witnessing, in an adjacent bedroom, my mother reliving in her sleep the point-blank execution of her brother by the SS, in her presence, during a nice Sunday walk. Or listening to the constant chatter of my father’s teeth, re-experiencing the cold of winter in a Northern European forest, where he survived and fought for three years during the war. Do you think that there are many American blacks alive who have comparative experiences to draw upon?

    Takuan Seiyo

  38. Global Warming is a half baked unproven idea which Leftists have glommed onto to push their Socialist Agenda of micromanaging individual lives, and taxing and controlling private wealth and wealth creation on a massive macro scale as well.

    Sorry charlie. You might fall for that one with some Glacier Melting alarmist porn.

    But some people arent falling for it.

    Besides, all the technology needed to curb it, if it is as they promote it to be, is available now, without the need for Massive Centralized Totalitarian bureacratic governance. Its merely a fearmongering vehicle used to push a Leftwing fix (aka totalitarianism). Shameful. Many are too dumb to see it, or rather, they want to be loved and stroked as one of the caring souls who deserve promotions and raises for adopting approved beliefs and superstittions.

    But alas…


  39. On the other hand, non-Muslim Blacks in Europe hate the government, and have a culture of No Snitchin’. This makes it possible for a friend of mine to hide among them. Non-Muslim Blacks have a very special intermediary position in Europe, between obvious invaders and obvious indigenous people.
    During the riots in England in 2011, the government protected Muslim and Sikh vigilantes against non-Muslim Black ‘rioters’. Non-Muslim Blacks in Europe understand they will be sacrified to Islamization.

  40. I agree with Anonymous in comment #43. All in all, I like Takuan’s essay, it’s the kind Fjordman used to write way back. But when it comes to climate change The Church of Global Warming just has a way stronger case.

  41. – Forward! In ignorance forever

    This is the excellent title – “Fremad og aldri vite” – in journalist Carl Erik Grimstad’s chronicle re the Breivik trial, in Aftenposten today, Sunday 6 May 2012.

    Grimstad, also is former spokesman for King Harald.

    Referring to Jens Stoltenberg’s proclaiming “More openness/transparency and more democracy”, Grimstad thinks censoring the most important trial of our time, at a Norwegian court is an immense error.

    Grimstad’s title plays on the Norwegian communist slogan, “Fremad, Kamerater!” which also underlines the historical and other connotations of Obama’s new slogan, “Forward”.

    Aftenposten’s editor in chief, Hilde Haugsgjerd is a former fan of AKP ml (communist party).

    “Fremad” labor organisation, early 1900s, Drammen, Jagland area.

  42. “…the constant chatter of my father’s teeth, re-experiencing the cold of winter in a Northern European forest, where he survived and fought for three years during the war.”

    – A big Thank You to your father, TS, and to all other Americans who fought for Europe, a free Europe!

  43. Signing of Statoil/Rosneft JV

    Statoil CEO “Lund added that his company would hold a 33 percent stake in the joint ventures, which are established to explore deposits in the Barents Sea and Sea of Okhotsk.He also said that under the agreement, Statoil will fund the initial exploration necessary…”

    Jonas on BBQ Monday after taxpayers’ funding Jonas-friend’s company for positioning in Barents

  44. Thank you, Anonymous, for kind words about my father. He was a European Jew who never even visited America. Austrian when he was born, Polish when he was growing up, Soviet in 1939-1941, German in 1941-1944, Ukrainian in 1945 — all without leaving his place of birth. In 1945 he was expelled by the Bolshies to Poland, along with other Poles remaining in what had once been their country.

  45. Progressive = marxist. And when I hear a Conservative Prime Minister using the term, then I know that the devil has surely taken over the minds of our socalled elite.

  46. If the family unit fails, civilization fails also. One of the biggest, yet least discussed, is the scourge of internet pornography. This is having a huge negative effect on marriages and family units in western culture. No one seems to have any clue how to stem the tide of pornography-destroyed families.

  47. If the family unit fails, civilization fails also. One of the biggest, yet least discussed, is the scourge of internet pornography. This is having a huge negative effect on marriages and family units in western culture. No one seems to have any clue how to stem the tide of pornography-destroyed families.

  48. klute, you are using the left’s definition of “racism”.  You have used the classic non-argument of “point and sputter” against Derbyshire and GoV, while failing to ever point out where the claims are wrong or logic is faulty.  You’re hoping the label will be enough to silence these people.  Given the documented dysfunction of Blacks like Angel Adams, and the senseless murders of people like Nancy Strait, Brittney Watts, Sean Hall and Sharlotte McGill by Blacks, you are defending the indefensible.  There’s no excuse for that.  None.

    If you’re calling for people to shape up, Blacks should be first on your list.  Even Bill Cosby says so.

  49. Reality is what doesn’t go away when you stop believing in it.

    For all of Mr. Seiyo’s (justified) rejection of the left’s policy prescriptions for the problem of global warming, it is real (and as he says, telling the truth is paramount).  All you have to do to prove it is to look at how the predictions of 30+ years ago have come true; while some skeptics participated in the new study and now agree the phenomeon is real, others who rejected the results because it disagreed with their conclusion show that there’s little or no principled opposition to the science (people can get paid for writing “skeptical” science papers, but that’s self-interested opposition).  Even raising CAFE standards was like pulling teeth because of the political pull of OPEC in Washington.  I know they have this pull because of what’s kept out of the hands of the American consumer; there are 70-MPG cars built and sold in the First World, but as an American I cannot buy one.  Major companies doing business in the USA build them, but will not sell one to me.

    Nuclear energy is the solution, but it’s been declared off-limits (look at the radiation hysteria in Japan despite zero deaths with 3 minor injuries thus far).  To see why this is, just follow the money.  The left has long been in thrall to anti-nuclear phobia, fed by “environmentalist” organizations financed by fossil-fuel interests.  Uranium is far cheaper than coal and gas, threatening enormous cash flows and the political empires they support.  The right declares that there is no problem.  This is “the dog that did not bark in the night”, and only a few like George Monbiot have broken with convention to say so.

    Yes, these problems will take decades to fully develop.  This is NO excuse not to act; the Islamic Immivasion will take just as long, but we’re not ignoring it, are we?

    Muslims know that oil is the only thing they have that gives them power in the West, and anything that tries to control global warming is a dagger aimed at their oil; Saudi Arabia has demanded compensation for any carbon-control efforts which negatively affect their sales!  When you argue that AGW is a lie, you’re doing the bidding of the Wahhabists.

    And TS:  Do NOT compose in Word.  Use Notepad, if you must; it’s less broken.

  50. @Mr. Rational @ j-not-a-said

    I don’t know if there is GW, but for sure there is Climate Change. And I don’t know that CC is anthropogenic either, but it doesn’t matter; Mr. Rational is mostly right. Seeing red- blooded “conservative-patriots” driving Humvees to Safeway and Yukons to the beer joint makes me mad.
    The problem in America is that the Left is completely blind to how its Left masters are destroying society, and the Right ditto versus its own masters. What passes for “conservative” is eesentially a stooge of the US Chamber of Commerce and its Fortune 500 lobbyists.
    Same goes for porno. The puppetmasters at the top cry “First Amendment” when it comes to inundating the brains of the populace with the media’s revolting stream of stupidity, baseness, vulgarity, filth, porno, violence etc, diving toward the lowest common denominator and duping the unwary into the shop-til-you-drop, no-money-down, fun-fun-fun roboconsumer model. But at the same time they curtail First Amendment rights for soldiers who criticize BHO, security analysts who mention Islam anywhere in 100-page “global war on terror” reports
    , or writers who hit “sensitive” issues on the nailhead as Derbyshire just did, or activists who think that if blacks have the NAACP and Hispanics have La Raza, whites should have a similar organization, and so on.
    ‘Tis a country for consumers-borrowers, not for patriot-savers.
    The problems will solve themselves, the very hard way.
    Thanks for the tip. I don’t even know Notepad exists. Have no time to master any software other than the basics. Too much to write.
    Takuan Seiyo

  51. Just found a belated comment among all the emails…I think this is from Hermes, not sure since the email headers were gibberish:


    Hey, what happens with the comments?

    I just wrote a long comment to Takuan´s essay, and on one side I could not identify myself, and on the other, I could hardly send it. It was as follows:

    “Cobra: how come such a successful civilization (Western) commit suicide so quickly and totally?

    Perhaps the welfare state, the continued absence of war and conflict, and the sense that one simply does not have to put any personal effort in keeping him/herself alive, because the state provides everything, has driven to this situation.

    According to Fjordman, f. ex. Sweden has ended up in its actual mess perhaps due to a long absence of struggle and conflict, and due to this, successive layers of stupidity piled up in the swedish society. They had nothing else to do but to invent all sorts of schizophrenic ideas about sexuality and society, because struggle and creativity directed to survival was off. (my conclusion). It seems that if people live in continuous welfare and peace, they simply go mad.

    The sense for survival disappears, because the continuous well-being neutralizes it. Or why is that third-world people reproduce as rabbits?

    Anyhow, this essay by Takuan Seiyo is a milestone one to be read in pair with Fjordman´s “Preparing for Ragnarok”. The perfect tandem establishing a synthesis of what happens, and what will happen in the west in the future.

    The times to come will indeed be a historical milestone. Societies will collapse, and perhaps new ones will be born out of the chaos. Because people tend by nature to gather in groups according to common patters such as race, religion or others. It´s only by belonging to somewhere that people feel strong and secure. That´s why multiculturalism does nothing but create ghettos and no-go zones. People simply cannot be randomly mixed, and the last willing to do so are immigrants.

    Multiculturalism was a clever strategy of the ruling elites to weaken the people by mixing them and thus being able to control them more easily. But this utopian madness will soon break down. And as Fjordman predicted, monoculturalism, which is logical and natural, will come back. Perhaps as new types of societies or groups, as I mentioned above. It will be interesting times indeed. Perhaps we should feel lucky to be able to whitness such colossal social metamorphosis. Or perhaps not. It depends on one´s own desire for challenges.

    This essay by Takuan Seiyo is a milestone one to be read in pair with Fjordman´s “Preparing for Ragnarok”. The perfect tandem establishing a synthesis of what happens, and what will happen in the west in the future. They are to be recorded and passed on for posterity.”

  52. Please, Mr. Rational

    Even if the reason given for any warming, that it is caused by carbon were true (which it certainly hasnt been proven, and is much more likely to be caused by variations in the Sun combined with Earth motions and other geologic activity) it is easy and pretty cheap to strip carbon out of the atmosphere by seeding the atmosphere with particular chemical classes.

    But that assumes that we want too, that some warming isnt beneficial to our ability to produce food for example by thawing out tundra and making it suitable for agriculture, and human habitation.

    But alas…

    Stop with the insanity and stupidity.

    Honda CRX’s that got 70mph were available in the 80s. You can buy a Prius or Smart Car now, to your hearts content. Better yet get a moped or go all out and get yourself a bicycle.

    But please stop with the promotion of the fearmongering propaganda vehicle for the Communist agenda.

    Dont be a fool/tool.


  53. The entire point of global warming – since renamed as climate change – is for the New World Order elite to impose a world tax on the first world to benefit the third world. Cap and Trade, anyone?!

    Of course, the only people who will truly benefit are the elite who will siphon off as much money as they can in as short a time as possible. Chicago Climate Exchange?!

    Much – if not all – of the climate change ‘data’ has been actively and aggressively falsified under the aegis of the same politicians who seek to permanently tax first worlders into physical submission and economic, psychological, and intellectual slavery.

    Please examine all climate change ‘data’ very carefully and seek out confounding evidence versus simply accepting propaganda and assuming its validity. Investigate the methodology – and ask to see the RAW data versus the self-serving New World Order conclusions.

    Within memory, the powers that be said that we were entering another ice age – which may actually be the case!

    Now, the powers that be claim that humans are heating up the whole world. But, the ‘evidence’ of this claim is dubious at best. Visual ‘measurements’ of ‘melting’ glaciers were taken by a couple of students. Temperature stations were abandoned in cooler areas and then positioned in hotter areas of the globe to ‘cook the books’ on higher temperatures (Russia called foul on this false science!). Confounding temperature data that failed to support the ‘hypothesis’ of global warming was simply disregarded en masse (and I do mean literally thrown in the garbage!). Inadequate studies of tree rings were used as a proxy measurement of temperature because humans have only been recording temperature for a very limited amount of time.

    Stephen McIntyre

    Climate Audit

    Chinese 2,485 year tree ring study shows natural cycles control climate, temps may cool til 2068

    Climate Change skeptic Lord Monckton debates Rupert Posner from the Climate Group

    Mathematician & engineer Dr. David Evans Converts to Skeptic over Man-Made Global Warming



  54. Liquid and Mr. Rational,

    We live in a semi-despotic age where the very meaning of science is being altered in order to create political emergencies and a change of oversight.

    I suggest you live here for a while, and please read carefully:

    All the skeptics of climate “science” do believe in the past one degree warming. We also believe in the greater cold periods and the much greater hot periods. We’re aware of the dangers the climate can pose, heat and particularly cold.

    We’re against this degradation of something that we should be proud of, the science field. Not to mention the rip-off of vast funds, all down a hole. (I can’t say “black” hole, can I.)

    With very little media help, with zero government help the skeptics are winning the argument, mainly because alarmist predictions are failing one after the other, secondarily, the warmist theories are poorly done. Meanwhile, the polar bears are fine, glaciers are huge, storms are down in number.

    Gents, you’ve been scammed.

  55. Eric Simpson, commenter on Global Warming Scam:

    To assume that these guys strive to be honest is wrong. Their own words, over and over again, have telegraphed their lying ways, plain as day.

    Many of the quotes that we have are from before the internet, done in small gatherings or small publications in which they thought their words wouldn’t reach the full public arena. The internet made it easy to broadcast their true intentions. They call the public the “little people;” and because the public plays a role in democracy, these little people are to be duped and deceived, not respected. Do we need any more proof than the following quotes?

    Liar Liar Pants on Fire Quotes:

    “It doesn’t matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true.” — Paul Watson, co-founder of Greenpeace

    “We have to offer up scary scenarios… each of us has to decide the right balance between being effective and being honest.” — Stephen Schneider, ipcc author, 1989

    “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that .. the threat of global warming.. would fit the bill…. the real enemy, then, is humanity itself….we believe humanity requires a common motivation, namely a common adversary in order to realize world government. It does not matter if this common enemy is a real one or….one invented for the purpose.” — Club of Rome

    “The only way to get our society to truly change is to frighten people with the possibility of a catastrophe.” –Daniel Botkin, Chairman of Environmental Studies at UCSB

    “Isn’t the only hope for this planet the total collapse of industrial civilisation? Is it not our responsibility to ensure that this collapse happens?’” –Maurice Strong, UNEP Director

    “We’ve got to ride the global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing …” — leftist Senator Tim Wirth, 1993

    “No matter if the science of global warming is all phony… climate change provides the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world.” — C. Stewart, Canadian Minister of the Environment

    East Anglia Climatic Research Unit shown to be liars by results of latest FOIA ruling and investigation (article posted on May 6, 2012)


  56. @Egghead,
    Good points, but I say yes and no. Where I say “No” is that the putative “Right” is good at debunking the lies of Ecosocialists, but it fails to acknowledge that we do have environmental problems. It ridicules the Gaia cult people but it fails to demonstrate that it too loves this planet and its Creation. All this loses us, from the get go, the young. And maybe it loses us the entity that created it all, too, in a manner of speaking.
    The only Right that exists is really in America, and that Right is nothing but a Republikrat megaphone for Wall Street, for Fortune 500 next quarter’s profit maximizers and vested options groomers, and for the Global Disaster Economy.
    We criticize but we don’t offer an alternative. “Drill baby, drill” is a moronic alternative unless accompanied by sincere expressions of feelings for the environment, pollution etc.
    Takuan Seiyo

  57. Another Anonymous who can’t figure out Name/URL said Even if the reason given for any warming, that it is caused by carbon were true (which it certainly hasnt been proven, and is much more likely to be caused by variations in the Sun combined with Earth motions and other geologic activity)

    How many falsehoods can you cram into a sentence?  Yes, it’s primarily caused by carbon (dioxide and methane), plus nitrous oxide, perfluoromethane, SF6, and other long-lived greenhouse gases.  Yes, we know humans did it; the isotopic signature of the added carbon proves that it’s from human activity, not volcanoes.  No, it can’t be “earth motions”; the Milankovich cycles are predictable for millions of years, and these changes are far too rapid to be at all related.

    it is easy and pretty cheap to strip carbon out of the atmosphere by seeding the atmosphere with particular chemical classes.

    Let’s see you do it.  Prove we can fix any problem that appears, so experimenting is safe.  Pull it back down to 350 ppm again, to convince the skeptics.

    If you can’t, we shouldn’t experiment.

    hat assumes that we want too, that some warming isnt beneficial to our ability to produce food for example by thawing out tundra and making it suitable for agriculture

    And freeing all the methane hydrates frozen under it, bubbling out uncontrollably.

    Stop with the insanity and stupidity.

    Would you, please?

  58. Sol/You New said We live in a semi-despotic age where the very meaning of science is being altered in order to create political emergencies and a change of oversight.

    You’re thinking of Trofim Lysenko.  What you’re not noticing is that the corporate fight against inconvenient science started with the tobacco-illness denial movement, and the same tactics and even some of the same people moved on to AGW-denial.

    You also have the situation reversed.  It was in the Bush administration that climate scientists were muzzled and the conclusions of cosmologists were re-written by a political operative without so much as a science degree.

    I suggest you live here for a while, and please read carefully:

    Mr. Sol’s obfuscated link goes to the odious Anthony Watts, whose unverified claims regarding peer-reviewed science are nonetheless taken as gospel by thousands of “skeptics”.  Watts is the clown who tried to claim proprietary data owned by foreign nations and licensed to the CRU (under non-disclosure) under FOI, then made a huge stink when CRU wouldn’t turn over data they were forbidden to give out… and the same “skeptics” believed him.

    Making this relevant to GoV for a moment, Watts is about as credible on matters of climate science as multi-cultural boosters are about the compatibility of sharia with human rights.  The only reason anyone takes him seriously is that they don’t have the time or intelligence to look at his claims vs. the scientists he criticizes… or the science doesn’t fit with their interests, which includes a number of very wealthy people.

    The lessons of climate science are the same as those of rampant immigration, Islamic or otherwise:  radical changes without understanding are undertaken at your peril.

  59. It’s Not About the Lack of IQ, Stupid
    It’s about the stupidity.

    This is no comment, this has got nothing to do with opinions, mine or others, this is an insistent, urgent and serious request to Takuan Seiyo, to Fjordman, to Steen at and all others who master the German language to listen to a lecture titled:
    ‘Von der biologischen Revolution zur Gefahr des Genderismus’ by Inge M. Thürkauf, widow of the scientist and philosopher Max Thürkauf.

    Many of us have not only observed but resolutely been confronted with the fact that a contagious epidemic is being spread out both nationally and internationally. A degeneration of human practical intelligence – of common sence – is proceeding, both through by authority initiated, deliberate and institutionalized, (re)programming of children starting at an early kindergarten-age (Sweden), and a forced degradation of the individual’s own intellectual ability that s/he has to accept if not willing to be harassed and/or called a racist or a xenophobe etc, lose the job or being expelled from the labor union etc. Everybody is joining in, media, politicians, the judical system, the Police, Scotland Yard(!), Antifa, EXPO, Kings and Queens. I have given it the name GLOBAL IDIOCY. As the cause of this selfcastration of the idividuals intelligence not allways is due to a low IQ – not seldom quite the opposite – it is functional to its character – it is a kind of FUNCTIONAL STUPIDITY or even FUNCTIONAL IDIOCY.

    The most heartly recommended lecture by Inge M. Thürkauf gives appalling examples of what is planned for the human race in a near future. It takes only one hour of your valuable lifetime that you will realize was well spent.

    or downloaded here.

  60. Mr. Rational: Your arguments ignore the total perfidy of current world leaders who are fully committed to United Nations’ Agenda 21 which will completely destroy all human freedom and quality of life of the average person in favor of preserving the bulk earth for the exclusive use and enjoyment of a few unelected world elites.

    The science here stinks – and it is the job of those scientists and politicians who would completely change ALL human interactions with each other and the earth to PROVE beyond the shadow of a doubt that such drastic changes are required.

    The fact that this science is to be exploited to tax-tax-tax first world resources to ‘give’ to third world corrupt governments makes the science suspect.

    The fact that politicians on both sides of the pond have rushed to personally financially benefit from any and all proposed carbon tax exchanges makes the science suspect.

    The fact that ONLY the first world is expected to change its policies in ways that DESTROY first world economies – and human freedoms – makes the science suspect.

    The fact that all Communists label and love this science as a POLICY TOOL makes the science suspect.

    The onus is on the climate change scientists to convincingly prove their moral independence and the independence of their data and scientific conclusions from evil actors who seek to hurt humanity.

    US physics professor: ‘Global warming is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life’

  61. Takuan, the alternative is high living standards and sensible practical but not overbearing regulation.

    It isnt sexy, but that is the alternative. Remember it was a Republican President that started the National Parks, wilderness/land preservation.

    Certainly we needed to clean up our messes, and alternative energy, energy diversification, recycling and all that are good practical things. Better living through better process and technology.

    That being said, incandescent light bulb bans arent the way to go. CAFE standards arent effective or efficient, the market is both, top that off with sensible democratic regulation and youve got the best system one can hope for. Certainly that system will be manipulated by corruption and lies, fearmongering and cover ups. But Christian morality curbs that…but alas…


  62. Liberation Day, 8 May

    Something has been going for some time lately. Something to make Liberation Day and the liberation from the Nazis, disappear from Norway’s history.

    Why? Because of yesterday’s and today’s, the eternal link to a 1 400 years old ideology and its praise of Hitler?

    The Stoltenberg regime has turned it into “Veteran’s Day“, a day when Jens Stoltenberg is The important person, and King Harald has been allowed to be present.

    In 2011, Kong Harald was not allowed to in person, decorate with the highest decoration, the soldiers in question.

    Jens Stoltenberg did so. Himself.

    Three days later, Stoltenberg made a phone call to Kong Harald to excuse himself for the exclusion.

  63. Dear Mr. Anonymous who STILL can’t figure out Name/URL to pick a pseudonym:  If you can’t get that far, you’re not one to lecture anyone about matters of science.

    I found the letter published at the Telegraph very interesting, not the least bit because it is very selective about history.  The blog item is dated 2010, and the author (Harold Lewis) claimed he’d been in the APS for 67 years at that time; that would have him joining roughly 1943.  He said he worked on the Reactor Safety Study (WASH-1400), which was published in 1975.  According to him, this era (roughly from the Manhattan Project through the immediate post-Apollo period) is when giants walked the earth.

    Lewis (whatever his remaining mental capacity in what must have been his late 80’s) implied that science, even controversial science, was still uncorrupted through the mid 70’s.  Remember that, we’ll come back to it in a bit.

    Climate science didn’t appear out of nowhere with the formation of the IPCC.  The first scientific paper estimating the effect of a doubling of atmospheric CO2 was penned by the chemist Svante Arrhenius in 1896.  Historian Naomi Oreskes has done a lot of research turning up work which followed, including George Callendar in the 1930’s, E.O. Hulbert in 1931, (with a little interlude due to the unpleasantness in the 40’s) Gilbert Plass in the 1950’s, Hans Suess and Roger Revelle in 1957 (who called fossil fuels “a great geophysical experiment” in an article published in Time), Keeling (of the Keeling curve) starting in the 1957-58 IGY, and more.

    This became such a matter of concern that in 1964, a panel of the National Academy of Sciences published a report which warned of “Inadvertent weather modification” caused by burning fossil fuels.  More work reaching the same conclusion followed in 1965, and so on up to this day.

    Remember, this is 10, 20, 40, even 80 years before WASH-1400.  The NAS report was in the era of the Cold War, the Race to the Moon.  The incorruptible giants of science still strode the halls of American national laboratories and sat in the corner offices.  They reached the same conclusions as the climate scientists you badmouth today.


  64. Dear Mr. Rational:

    Thanks for taking the time to discuss this issue. I do read and carefully consider well-reasoned and well-expressed views that contradict mine. Additionally, I do want the best outcome for the human, animal, and plant inhabitants of the earth!

    1. Good science does NOT need to fake or throw the results. It certainly appears certain modern scientists have faked and ‘picked’ evidence to support global warming and now – all of a sudden – climate change – theories.

    2. A SIGNIFICANT amount of money is at stake for scientists and politicians. It certainly appears that scientists and politicians have a financial stake to support global warming – and now climate change – theories.

    3. The idea that past theorists (studies?) have supported global warming is very interesting but somewhat irrelevant in the sense that people can find theorists and studies to support any conclusion.

    4. The evidence used to support the idea of climate change appears extremely thin. Mere speculations of past and present scientists are NOT evidence. One decade it is a predicted ice age, the next it is predicted global warming, the next it is predicted climate change. We mortals are dizzy!

    5. Climate change has been fully adopted by some very bad actors (Commmunists!) whose whole goal is to completely control all humanity for all time. Taxes attached to climate change are being used to enslave first worlders to – and as – third worlders.

    Do YOU personally want to live like a third worlder because that IS the result of policies based on climate change?!

    Curiously, the elites do NOT seem willing to make the same sacrifice that they are ready to IMPOSE upon everyone else!

    There ARE other alternatives than simply taxing and controlling all humans into third world lives – and it is those alternatives that we humans EXPECT of our scientists and politicians.

    Scientists are needed to figure out BETTER ways to exploit fossil fuels and produce other sources of cheap reliable clean power.

    Politicians are needed to ensure that current fossil fuel owners CANNOT stranglehold humanity to OPEC and Islam! I hear tell that, every time an inventor discovers a better way to burn fossil fuels, the Arabs buy the invention and bury it on the bottom of the Arabian Gulf so that Arabs can maintain world dominance via monopoly of oil and inefficient use of oil.

    In addition, I am concerned that the invention, testing, and use of advanced war machines like HARPP may account for a selection of bad incidents that might be attributed to climate change. Would you like an earthquake with that climate change?! Paging Haiti! Paging Haiti! Haiti to the front please!



  65. I have now made TWO attempts, several hours apart, to post the second half of my comment (the part that went after the cot’d), and neither has appeared.

    There is no way to have a debate if the words that make my case are not allowed to be seen.

  66. (part 2/2… now PUBLISH it!)

    You’re claiming this is all part of Agenda 21.  That’s nonsense.  Climate scientists were finding the same thing before Agenda 21 (1992), before the IPCC (1988), even before the UN (1945).  Arrhenius was 2.5 decades before the League of Nations (1919).  How’s that conspiracy going to go back before any of the people or organizations allegedly involved even existed?

    The real irony is that Lewis should have known, being an alleged expert, that nuclear energy is the answer to CO2 emissions from fossil fuels.  His letter doesn’t mention the word “nuclear” in relation to anything but his qualifications.  That stands out like a sore thumb.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he was senile at that point, and some stooge had written the letter for him.

    Now, as for Agenda 21:  that’s an agenda, a policy.  Science isn’t policy.  Science tells you that if A, B or C happens, you’ll get X, Y or Z (with a greater or lesser degree of uncertainty).  Policy is deciding which of A, B and C you’re going to do.  As Agenda 21 was essentially written by a committee of national reps including dictatorial and socialist nations, I have no doubt that it’s got the usual heap of “gimme” demands dressed in diplomatic terms like “technology transfer” and “financial mechanisms”.  I can tell you based on just the Keeling curve and atmospheric methane that it’s not doing what it was allegedly designed to do, at least not yet.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it never could.

    But that has nothing to do with the science.  The science tells us what’s going to happen on our current course, which is disastrous.  The science tells us that we need to make radical cuts in carbon emissions to keep the climate from turning Texas to baked clay and the Sand Hills of Nebraska back to a Sahara.  It doesn’t tell us we have to give people money or take a hundred million unfriendly immigrants; that may be policy, but it’s bad policy (bringing people here where they need gasoline just to get food?  Insane!).  The science tells us that FREEING ourselves of gasoline, and keeping would-be immigrants where their carbon footprint is smallest, is the way to go.  Instead of spending our money on Somali “refugees”, electrify our highways so we don’t need diesel fuel to run our trucks.  Generate the electricity with wind or atoms; it doesn’t matter, it’s all good.

    I’m not sure I can make it clearer than that.  That’s something you will never hear in our political echo chambers, where the voice belongs to whoever can write the biggest check.  Exxon-Mobil and OPEC can write some pretty darn big checks, and if you can’t understand that and discount it, you’re nothing but a tool.

    This post is in the public domain.

  67. I made a third attempt to post part 2 immediately before this comment.  If you don’t see it, something is very seriously wrong.

  68. Mr. Rational,

    Banking cartels have been trying and succeeding in establishing central banks since BEFORE the creation of the United States of America.

    NOTHING important happens without the express approval and funding of banking cartels run by a class of oligarchs.

    We can call oppression by any name that you want, but Agenda 21 only exists because the banking cartels want it to exist.

    If the science of climate change is settled, then why the sudden change in terminology from global warming to climate change?

    If the science is settled, then scientists should be able to provide the common people with a plethora of CURRENT multi-faceted robust sources that support your claims.

    Please supply us with links to scientific studies with readily available raw data that supports your conclusions.


  69. Mr. Seiyo is right on the money about how self-anointed progressives (really regressives) bring down conservative truth tellers in the public forum one by one and how they are enabled in this actively by conservatives corrupted part way through internalized liberal memes or passively by the merely fainthearted. Those who call the author an alarmist have not been paying sufficient attention. Already none of us here dare express any non-PC idea in our workplaces, clubs or associations. Many will not do so publicly as in signed letters to the editor. This self-censorship results from intellectual terrorism. All it takes is a few high profile take downs to inspire fear in the population at large who are aware that they have even less power and fewer friends of influence to defend them. If John Derbyshire is cut loose from NRO for speaking truths that some people find painful to acknowledge even though they act on them in their own lives, then no one is safe. Hollywood has long blacklisted conservatives. Leaving aside public figures, closer to home, there’s the one open conservative in the office getting fired despite demonstrated competence. Or the single conservative teacher in a school shunned and hounded from the profession by his peers with union thug mentality. We are properly cowed and controlled by such examples alone. There will be some intermediate steps curtailing our freedom of speech but the last will be loss of even the ability to comment anonymously at sites such as this one and we will be reduced to passing samisdat from hand to hand. Even that won’t be safe with trained snitches in Sweden alone outnumbering the Staasi in East Germany. So enjoy even this curtailed freedom while it lasts.

    As an example of leftist disinformation’s reach, it is disheartening to see self-styled conservatives upholding the global warming meme. Even the warming is suspect (ergo the escape hatch of “climate change”) let alone the “manmade” component. Surface temp measurement has been hopelessly compromised. Satellite data does not correlate. Remember, it’s GLOBAL, not your little corner of the world. Early cherry blossoms in Washington? Really, misnamed “Realist”? You are aware that Europe had record breaking cold? What does that average out to? Are you also aware that the “preponderance of evidence” in climatology is computer modeling and that is not evidence while the hard replicable evidence such as tree rings has been hopelessly compromised and debunked? When you’re on to something good in science you don’t need to massage it, gin it up, hide your original work, spin or lie. You WANT other scientists, especially your critics to be able to replicate your findings as that strengthens your case. When you need to manipulate a science illiterate media to make your case…something is off. Finally, from where on earth does so-called Realist’s belief in carbon dioxide’s link to warming come? Even the chart Al Gore points to in his ridiculous film when enlarged shows warming first, then after a lag period of about 500 years, a rise in CO2. We have “global warming” every day and during summer months…it’s called the sun but suddenly when it comes to years it’s us? And before the industrial age or even man’s existence, when the earth had cycles that were much warmer than now, it was some mysterious force that no longer applies? There’s a reason why climate alarmists refuse invitations to publicly debate their critics – the preponderance of real untainted uncooked evidence as well as history and common sense are not on their side.

  70. Mr. Rational —

    Since you waited “more than 24 hours”, I decided not to delete your comment outright. Instead I redacted the phrases and sentences that were unacceptable according to our rules.

    This is the ONLY time I will do this for you. Please read the guidelines for commenting, and follow them.


    Mr. Rational said…

    (second attempt to post this, more than 24 hr delay)

    The self-styled Egghead who STILL can’t figure out Name/URL said:

    Banking cartels have been trying and succeeding in establishing central banks since BEFORE the creation of the United States of America.

    And people have been trying to kill each other (and succeeding) since there were people, therefore microbiology (which studies microbes which cause deadly diseases, among other things) was created for the purpose of murder?

    That’s where your “reasoning” leads.

    NOTHING important happens without the express approval and funding of banking cartels run by a class of oligarchs.

    You mean the discovery of X-rays, nuclear fission, the helical structure of DNA and the cosmic background radiation were orchestrated by banking cartels? [redacted]

    If the science of climate change is settled, then why the sudden change in terminology from global warming to climate change?

    What “sudden change”? The IPCC was established in 1988 as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, not the IPGW.

    I can’t decide if this is [redacted]. Half the “facts” are pure fiction. There are certainly enough people who believe it, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything resembling intelligence behind that belief.

    Please supply us with links to scientific studies with readily available raw data that supports your conclusions.

    No, you support your [redacted]. With peer-reviewed papers by reputable economists, lawyers, etc. With readily-available data proving the conspiracy to fake the science (and not single out-of-context phrases like “hide the decline”).

    If you wanted to fix climate change, about all you’d have to do is update building codes (to mandate what’s already best practice), run the electric grid mostly on nukes, electrify the highways (not hard, bus lines were electrified for decades) and stop trading with countries that fail to go along. That would also kill the coal and oil industries, which are major parts of the world financial system… aka, your evil bankers.

    It would also kill OPEC.


  71. Mr. Rational —

    I was unable to approve your latest comment in its entirety. I’ll use excerpts here.

    The main issue is civility (or lack thereof) towards other commenters. This includes the avoidance of ad-hominem remarks — questioning your interlocutor’s intelligence, sanity, motivations, etc. Your case can be argued without doing that, and it would be more effective if it were.

    You say:

    It would be fair (if very boring and intellectually sterile) if everyone was prohibited from saying anything inflammatory, but when the tamest euphemisms are prohibited while crazy assertions are approved I wonder if you’re picking winners.

    No. I will do the same thing to Egghead if I catch her engaging in that type of behavior. I have done so in the past.

    I sometimes miss things and let them slip by. But when I see them, I delete them.

    And I hope this is the last time I need to engage in metadiscussion.

    I hope so, too. But metadiscussion is often useful.

    The avoidance of an insulting tone and the use of ad-hominem phrasing are the issues.

    Aggressive or even heated argument is fine, providing it observes the rules.

    “I find your assertions utterly mystifying” is very different from “What you say proves you’re either an idiot or a lunatic”.

    I know you didn’t actually say that. I’m just using these as extreme examples of two very different ways in which the same argument can be conducted.

  72. Baron,

    Words can hardly express my exasperation.  You allow Egghead to go on what amounts to a conspiracy-mongering tear (#1 asserts fabrication, and #4 implies it), and use other fallacies like guilt-by-association (#5), but you censor rebuttals that call these things by their true names.

    Can’t you recognize taqiyya when it changes its clothes?  You’d allow its victims to be described as “hoodwinked”, wouldn’t you?  There’s nothing offensive about the word.  The list of forbidden words reminds me of the crazy rules of Political Correctness.  It’s getting more than a bit Kafkaesque.

    I can’t work under such extreme and arbitrary handicaps.  Suffice it to say that everything Egghead has claimed in #76 is either self-refuting (inconsistent, like attributing mercenary motives to people who would not be in their careers if they were motivated by money) or has adequate data to refute it, but anything written with proper emphasis on just how badly wrong this stuff is won’t make it past the gatekeepers here.

    I’m done.

  73. Mr. Rational —

    Yes, I’m aware of your exasperation. Unfortunately, you seem not to understand the issue.

    The issue isn’t whether Egghead may hold misplaced and totally contrafactual conspiracy theories. She’s entitled to do that if she wishes.

    The isssue is whether you may call her “insane” because you disagree with the theories she espouses. You can’t. Not in this forum, anyway.

    The rules of discourse do not depend on the accuracy of what anyone says here.

    They do not depend on whether a person’s ideas are misplaced, or unsourced, or wrong-headed, or demonstrably false.

    The rules of discourse simply insist that we treat one another civilly in all circumstances.

    Rules is rules, as they say.

  74. Hey Mr. Rational: I notice that you supply a lot of insults – but a lack of sources! That says way more about your level of discourse than mine.

    When I try to tax you to pay for the third world then you can ask me for my sources.

    Because the climate changers want and intend to change the entire world via Agenda 21 and taxation, it is incumbent on climate changers to provide the sources that necessitate that change.

    Do you even have any sources???

    It appears NOT.

    All of your other comments are a mere distraction from YOUR lack of substance.


  75. A propos climate changers, Egghead

    Snowflakes over Hillary Rodham Clinton upon her visit in South Africa these days.

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