“Sharia is the Only Solution to Topple Democracy”

The spokesman for Sharia4Holland in this video speaks very crude, barely understandable Dutch.

To him, the monument on the Dam — honoring the Canadian veterans who freed The Netherlands — is the axis of evil, a monument that all filth of The Netherlands gathers around.

After the Dutch section, the notorious Ilford firebrand Anjem Choudary steps up to hold forth for a while in English. A counter-protestor is arrested in this clip, and I’m told that one of the Sharia4Belgium people was also arrested.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for subtitling and uploading “Sharia on the Dam”:

A full transcript of the translated portion is below the jump:

0:00   Press conference by Sharia4Belgium on the Dam. (Town Centre) etc. by AT5 (local TV station)
0:07   Look around you, in what kind of a society do we live in?
0:10   What is this for a kind of society?
0:12   Behind us is prostitution, the red light district.
0:16   On the right are the gambling hall and the gambling junkies.
0:20   On the left we find the fashion industry and the cosmetics junkies.
0:26   This government and Europe is exploiting you
0:30   in the name of the European Union and in the name of democracy
0:32   in order to keep financing the war against Muslims.
0:38   That is the core and essence of the economic crisis.
0:42   and those Dutch who do not notice, as you see here around us,
0:47   who are drinking (alcohol) their heads full
0:51   and undress and prostitute themselves
0:55   just because of a few days of sunshine.
0:56   This is the axis of evil, where we stand right now.
0:58   This is the so called Monument for Freedom.
1:02   This is nothing other than a monument around which all perversity is collected.
1:08   This is the best example of democracy.
1:11   No norms, no values, no boundaries.
1:14   Whatever you want, its the majority who decides, then it also happens.
1:22   And those Dutch whose natural disposition is still pure and not corrupted
1:27   are sick and tired of this lifestyle,
1:30   this disbelief and emptiness, more than sick of it.
1:34   Why? No wonder that the majority of the converts,
1:38   the highest concentration of converts, is in Amsterdam itself.
1:44   Whatever happens, better times will come as promised
1:50   The Muslims will [confront] this cancer of manmade laws called democracy and eradicate it.
1:59   [From bystander:] Bastards!
2:00   Destroy it root and branch,
2:02   as far as Islam allows us,
2:04   or Islam orders us to.
2:05   Sharia is by far the only solution, it is the only rival left
2:10   to topple democracy.
2:13   The sharia shall deal with this economic exploitation, slavery, prostitution and the wars against Islam.
2:22   and a harmonious and divine society will replace it.
2:27   A divine society which also ruled Europe for 1300 years,
2:31   as we saw in Spain, the whole of Spain was ruled by sharia.
2:36   Parts of Switzerland, parts of Austria, all were under the sharia,
2:40   and Europe, eh, how you call it, Enlightenment,
2:44   it was only able to realise it through the coming of Muslims to Europe.
2:50   through establishing sharia.
2:54   Now, the Westerners and the Dutch around us and who do not know their history
3:02   they think that sharia is something foreign, the Khalifa is something foreign,
3:06   but the Dutch and Europe know reality very well.
3:10   The power of the Muslims and the divine law,
3:14   this Golden Period shall return as is promised by Allah’s Messenger in the Koran.
3:19   The Messenger of Allah says,
3:21   [Arabic]
3:29   has Mohammed sent with the true faith and the true message
3:33   to let it dominate over all other ways of life, all other systems.
3:37   Even if the disbelievers hate it, even if the pagans hate it.
3:42   Even if democrats or secularists hate it.
3:44   So, sharia for Holland is a given, it’s a given fact.
3:50   And for those who made it their job to insult Allah and Mohammed,
3:58   like the dog of the Romans, Geert Wilders.
4:00   As the Khalifa takes over the Netherlands, then we shall deal with you, as the Khalifas have dealt with those kinds of people in the past.
4:10   So learn from it, also from the case of Theo van Gogh.
4:14   Yes, then I adjust to it, I adjust to it.

The Arab Siege of Constantinople

This coming Tuesday, May 29, is the 559th anniversary of the fall of Constantinople. The following essay by Anestos Canelides provides an overview of previous Islamic attempts to conquer the capital of the Eastern Empire.

Greek Fire

The Arab Siege of Constantinople: A Summary
by Anestos Canelides

“Whilst we were around the Prophet (saw) writing he was asked, ‘Which of the two cities will be opened first, Constantinople or Rome?’ He (the Prophet Muhammad) answered, ‘The city of Heraclius will be opened first!’”

In both the late 7th and early 8th centuries AD the Arabs attempted to fulfill a prophecy by their late prophet Muhammad and seize the Christian city of Constantinople, but failed miserably. They were thwarted by an ingenious new weapon that frustrated the Arab Muslims’ attempt to seize the Roman (Byzantine) capital.

The first Arab siege in 672

In 672 AD the Saracens (Muslims) advanced towards the city of Constantinople. They sailed up the Hellespont and into the Marmara Sea, capturing Roman territory only fifty miles across the water from the city. From there the Arab invaders began to fortify principal territory to use for a land bridge in their attempt to seize the city. In 674, two years after their arrival the siege began. The majority of previous attacks on the Roman capital had come from the land, but the Arab siege would arrive from the sea.[1]

The Arab ships carried heavy siege engines and huge catapults with which they could bombard the city’s fortifications and create breaches to gain access to the city. The fortifications on the Golden Horn (a small sea channel) and the Marmara Sea were prepared for the assault, but the defenders’ new weapon would further strengthen their defense. Through the genius of its inventor the defenders were able to thwart the Arab attempts to subdue the city. Created by an architect and chemist named Kallinikos from the Syrian city of Heliopolis, this new “weapon of mass destruction” would truly save the Romans from the Muslim threat to their faith and culture.[1]

Greek fire

This new innovation in warfare was called Greek fire. Its composition was such a well-guarded secret that to this day its formula is unknown, and can only be speculated about. Combustible material had long been used in warfare when Kallinikos introduced the secret of this new weapon he called “wet fire”. It is believed that quicklime was an ingredient, since water played such an important role in its combustion. Sulfur and naphtha were also probably key ingredients.[2]

This mixture was projected from copper tubes with the aid of siphons and pumps. It ignited on contact with the sea water or the moist sides of enemy ships.[2]

Medieval historian Geoffrey Hindley says, “The famous incendiary weapon known as Greek fire was usually deployed at sea. The secret recipe included petroleum and resinous extracts so the burning liquid would float on the surface”.[2]

The result of the attack by Greek fire on the Arab fleet was very destructive. According the author and historian John Julius Norwich, “The results almost invariably catastrophic — particularly since the flaming liquid, being oil based, would float up upon the surface of the sea, frequently igniting the wooden hulls of the ships and causing an additional hazard to those who tried to save themselves by jumping in the water.”[1]

After losing most of their fleet to Greek fire, the Arabs refused to accept defeat. They called up reinforcements from Syria and spent the next few months repairing ships. When spring came they began their second attack, and once again it failed miserably, due to Constantinople’s strong fortifications and the Greek fire. After the fifth year the Arabs gave up their attempts to fulfill the prophet’s call to seize that city. To the Romans, it seemed their capital was protected by God against the Muslim invaders.

In 679 the Syrian Caliph accepted the Romans’ terms for peace.[1]

The second Arab siege in 717

In retrospect it seems clear, but at that time the Romans did not realize that peace would last only long enough for the Arabs to gain the upper hand. In the Summer of 717 the Arab Prince Maslama marched across Asia Minor (present-day Turkey). His armies captured the Greek city of Pergamon and then marched on Abydos, where his force of 80,000 crossed the Hellespont and marched into Thrace. By August 31 he stood before the walls of Constantinople. On September 1 about 1,800 ships arrived to blockade the city.[1]

The newly-crowned Roman Emperor Leo III had prepared the city against the Arab incursion. “He had put to good account the five months that had elapsed since his coronation, pressing on with various defense measures initiated by Anastasie and ensuring his people had all they needed to defend themselves against the worst the Saracens could hurl against them.”[1]

The Arab siege resulted in the same failure their previous military venture had faced in the late 7th century. Most of the fighting was limited to the summer months but the siege continued on into the winter months. The cold and snow of Constantinople were too much for them in their flimsy tents, which were made more for desert winds than the icy cold of Thrace. Food began to run short for the invaders, so they begin to eat their horses and camels. After the food ran out so many men died from starvation that the bodies were thrown into the Marmara Sea.

Norwich says, “Soon, too, the food ran out; in conditions scavenging became impossible and, if Theopanes is to believed, the desperate Arabs were reduced to eating their horses and camels and, finally cakes of dead men’s flesh, mixed with their own excrement and baked in camp ovens.”[1]

On the sea their fleet faced Greek fire, which destroyed most of it, but by the following Spring the defenders were terrified to see a second Armada as big as the first, arriving from Egypt. Luckily for the city’s defenders most of the Christians galley slaves deserted the ships en masse at the first chance.

Soon an ally from the north would come to assist against the Arabs. The Bulgar army arrived, and while they had no love for the Romans, they preferred to have them as neighbors rather than the Muslim conquerors. They believed if Constantinople were to fall, it should fall into their hands and not those of the Arab infidels.

As spring turned into summer the Bulgars fell on the weakened and dying Arab soldiers and killed about 22,000 of them. Maslama realized his army had enough, and in August withdrew his troops. His ground forces dragged their way back to Syria without further mishap. The fleet, unseaworthy, was less lucky and it was annihilated by a series of freak summer storms. It is reported that only five ships made it back to port.[1] It was apparent from both Arab expeditions against the city that it was not the will of Allah for them to take Constantinople at that time.

No serious attack was made again on Constantinople by the Muslims until the arrival of the Ottoman Turks. The prophecy about conquest of the city failed — or was at least postponed till the fall of Constantinople in 1453. The Byzantine (Roman) Empire had acted as a bulwark against the Muslims invasion into Europe, but once most of the former Roman Empire had been conquered by the Turks, the floodgates of Islamic conquest would be opened into Europe, beginning in the 14th century.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

According to Islamic prophecy Rome, the center of the Roman Catholic faith, would be the next Christian city to be conquered and dominated by Islam. So far Rome is still the religious center for Roman Catholics, but with the Islamization of Italy it could finally be conquered for Islam, without a shot being fired.

If this were to happen then the Islamists will see it as a fulfillment of prophecy. If Italians fail to wake up, the Vatican and other Catholic holy sites could be turned into Islam-dominated centers. For the nay-sayers, Turkey and the Ottoman Empire form a perfect example of the likely consequences.

No one should think that history does not repeat itself. The once great Christian Orthodox Basilica, the Aya Sophia or Church of the Holy Wisdom, became the Mosque of the Holy Wisdom. Could the Basilica of St. Paul in Rome also become a mosque someday? Would this unite Catholics worldwide against any attempt, by Islam, to seize the Vatican and other important Catholic holy sites?

What can the Italians do today to prevent the Islamization of Italy and Europe? Will they continue to allow Multiculturalism to flourish in their country?

The Muslims will conquer Rome if they are allowed to. This is a fact!


1.   Norwich, John Julius, Byzantium — The Early Centuries, Alfred Knopf, New York, 1989, pages 323, 324, 351, 353
2.   Hindley, Geoffrey, Medieval Sieges & Siegecraft, Skyhorse Publishing, New York, 2009, 52-53

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/26/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/26/2012Cultural enrichment season has arrived in full force in the Mediterranean. A boat carrying 54 Somali migrants, including women and children, was rescued off the island of Lampedusa. The refugees have been shipped to a holding camp in Porto Empedocle.

In other news Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti has volunteered to mediate between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande, to help them iron out their policy differences on the Eurozone crisis.

To see the headlines and the articles, open the full news post.

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The Abdo Verdict

As mentioned in last night’s news feed, on Thursday a federal jury in Texas convicted Private First Class Naser Jason Abdo of plotting a terrorist attack against a restaurant near Fort Hood.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this news report from a local TV station in Austin:

Below is an article about the Abdo conviction filed yesterday by Reuters:

U.S. soldier convicted of bomb plot near Texas Army post

SAN ANTONIO (Reuters) – A jury on Thursday convicted a U.S. soldier of attempting to build a bomb and use it to blow up a restaurant near the Fort Hood Army post in Texas to get revenge for the suffering of fellow Muslims in the Middle East at the hands of the military.

Private First Class Naser Jason Abdo, 22, was arrested last July after a tip from a gun store owner who became alarmed by Abdo’s befuddled attempts to purchase smokeless gunpowder and weapons.

Abdo was also convicted of attempted murder of U.S. officers or employees, and four counts of possessing a weapon to commit a violent crime. He faces up to life in prison when he is sentenced on July 20.

Abdo travelled from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, to the army post in Fort Hood, where Major Nidal Hasan is charged with killing 13 people in a 2009 shooting spree.

Abdo had been granted conscientious objector status for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars because of his Muslim faith.

Witnesses testified that Abdo set out to build a bomb that he planned to detonate near the main gate of Fort Hood at a Chinese restaurant, which is known to be frequented by soldiers and their families.

Abdo planned to open fire on the victims fleeing the bombing and the first responders rushing to the scene. One investigator said he referred to civilians who would be killed as “collateral damage.”

When he was arrested at a motel room in Killeen, Texas, Abdo had bomb making items in his backpack, and he also had an article allegedly taken from an al-Qaeda publication, entitled, “How to Build a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom.”

Abdo appeared in court for his trial with a surgical mask covering his nose and mouth, and U.S. Marshals who escorted him in wore goggles.

Abdo had said that he injected himself with the HIV virus in order to “continue the jihad” and at one point he had bitten his lip and attempted to spit blood on jail guards. Officials said there is no evidence that Abdo is HIV positive.

During one court hearing, Abdo yelled “Nidal Hasan Fort Hood 2009!” as he was being led out of court, a reference to the 2009 shooting spree.

Defence lawyers argued that Abdo never built the bomb and had no ability to build the bomb. Abdo did not testify during the trial.

“It is important to note that this plot was interrupted and a potential tragedy averted because an alert citizen notified law enforcement of suspicious activity, triggering prompt intervention and investigation,” U.S. Attorney Robert Pitman said after the jury verdict was read.

Jeffrey Addicott, a former Green Beret and judge advocate and the head of the Center for Terrorism Law at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, said Abdo is an example of a “new breed” of American-born militant.

“They are not hard core al Qaeda members. They have been radicalized as Americans here in this country. These are people whose plots are not as sophisticated. A lot of them are very sophomoric in their approaches, and many, like this man, are not as willing to die for their cause,” Addicott said.

Hat tip for the article: JP.

Cross-Burning in Slovenia

The following report about anti-Christian vandalism and “street theater” was sent to us by a correspondent in Slovenia.

Christophobia: The second cross-burning in Strunjan, Slovenia

by Andrej Turjaški

Burning cross in Strunjan, SloveniaIn the MSM we were able to read the information that on Thursday, 10th May 2012, the cross on the hill overlooking Strunjan was burned for the second time. Dean Verzel and the photographer Goran Bertok carried out the same act ten years ago, but were acquitted in court.

This time Dean Verzel teamed up with Andrej Medved, a philosopher and poet, who recited his poetry at the burning cross. “The cross does not symbolize spontaneity and freedom but hierarchy, subordination, dullness. Therefore it is a sign that has to fall. And with it every god, which is like petrifaction of fire” says Medved’s song. It continues: “The burning of the cross and the fire are active anarchy, like realized active poetry. And the one who awakens dangerous anarchy is always its first victim.”

Dean Verzel stated: “This was not an attack on the Christian religion. This was only an apparition. Every religion could understand my actions.”

Act of Christophobia

The time of this cross burning hints it was deliberately planned action to raise religious intolerance and degradation of religious symbols. This year Strunjan will celebrate the 500th anniversary of Marian apparitions, and the church dedicated to them. In advance of this anniversary, religious people restored the cross last year. It was raised by seamen and fishermen in 1600 to safeguard them at sea.

Is it necessary to oppress Christian symbols?

The burning of the cross as the votive image can be understood as a direct act of Christophobia, which sows religious intolerance. It is interesting that the Slovene legal system allows such acts, as well as discrimination, and thus encourages hatred against Christians. The reason is obvious: symbolic oppression of Christianity with the aim that the Christians in Slovenia would continue to be socially oppressed.

One can ask the question why such artists never burn a flag in front of Parliament or one of the many communist memorials or even Islamic symbols. The reason is obvious — the courts would immediately sanction such an action.

This was not the case with the first burning of the cross ten years ago, nor with the “artistic” painting of Mary with a rat in her lap, the desecration of Holy Mary of Ptuj, the hate speech of the poet Svetlana Makarovič in January, etc., when the district attorney and courts did not want to find reasons for prosecution. With that they only increase the incidence of hate speech toward Christians. It is obvious that so-called “artists” are only another name for ideological activists against Christians whose aim, is to generate ideological excess (e.g. symbolic second-class citizenship of Christians) and to support unquestioned superiority of some of the militant secularists who pay no attention to human rights and basic principles of democracy.

For more on this story, see these links (in Slovenian):

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/25/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/25/2012A federal jury in Texas convicted Private First Class Naser Jason Abdo of plotting a terrorist attack against a restaurant near Fort Hood, in revenge for the actions of the American military in Afghanistan and Iraq. Some accounts suggest that Islamic beliefs may have played a part in Pvt. Abdo’s intended attack.

In other news, early returns in the Egyptian presidential election indicate that the Muslim Brotherhood candidate received the largest percentage of votes. He and another Salafist combined reportedly accounted for 47%, not an absolute majority, but still an impressive showing.

To see the headlines and the articles, open the full news post.

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A Reverse “Camp of the Saints”?

From the website of the Austrian newspaper Der Standard comes this unusual article about young Spaniards migrating to Algeria in search of a better life.

Many thanks to Hermes for the translation:

Fleeing across the Mediterranean Sea: An upside-down world

There are no jobs to be offered by the Spanish employment offices, that’s why four young Spaniards tried to look for chances in Algeria.

During my daily reading of the Algerian press, I stumbled upon the following story. It deals with the “harragas”, the name given in Algeria to those young people who have no documentation and look for chances far from their home. But read it for yourself:

Spanish Harragas caught in Oran

Who would have thought?

This information has its importance and does not remain unnoticed, because it’s about harragas… Spanish harragas which were recently caught by the Algerian coast guard along the western coast.

The global economic crisis which has struck Spain and other European countries drove a group of four young Spaniards to look for a job in Africa. There’s nothing more common than trying to cross the sea in the opposite direction, as these young people have received no Algerian visas.

The Spanish harragas were intercepted in a boat as they tried to reach the coast of Algeria. The young people hoped to find jobs in Oran, where there are many Spanish firms. Our source says that these young Spaniards, who had previously lost their jobs after the firms for which they worked closed down, made an unsuccessful application for a visa in Algeria […] The detainees were sent back to their country of origin.

Chile on the Fjords

Cultural Enrichment News

The news story below is a reminder that “cultural enrichment” is not restricted solely to the glorious infusion of Islamic culture into the West. It includes any and all immigration to our nations from far-flung countries with their rich, diverse tapestry of unique cultural practices.

This particular case involves a Chilean immigrant to Norway who became a bit rowdy on a tram using a sharp-edged instrument. His request reminds me of the classic definition of chutzpah: “Someone who kills his parents and then throws himself on the mercy of the court as an orphan.”

This guy stabbed three ticket inspectors on a tram in Oslo earlier this year, and now wants to be released from jail so that he can apply for political asylum — because he’s likely to face “persecution” if he is deported to Chile after doing time in Norway.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Many thanks to our Norwegian correspondent The Observer for translating this article from Aftenposten:

Stabbed three ticket inspectors, demands to be released so he can apply for political asylum

The 38-year-old stabbed three ticket inspectors on a tram in Oslo. Now he wants to be released so that he can apply for political asylum.

He attacked the inspectors with a knife when he was caught without a valid ticket on January 5 this year at Solli Plass in Oslo. The man now believes that an asylum center is a more appropriate location than a prison cell.

The Chilean national claims that he faces potential persecution by the authorities in his native country if he is deported after serving his sentence.

The three ticket inspectors sustained minor stab injuries to their thighs.

“Escape risk”

Oslo City Court believes that a voluntary stay at an asylum center would increase the chances of the 38-year-old fleeing the country.

The case is scheduled to be heard on June 20. Justice Torbjørn Breistrand writes in a memo that the Chilean has to be mentally prepared for a lengthy prison sentence.

The man has acknowledged that he was the one who used the knife on the inspectors.

He was eventually wrestled to the ground by other inspectors in the area and members of the public. The man’s friend managed to escape, but turned himself in to the police that same evening.

For a complete listing of previous enrichment news, see The Cultural Enrichment Archives.

Cultural Enrichment: Money is no Object!

Regular readers will remember Eskild Pedersen, the Coward of Utøya and the leader of the AUF (youth division of the Norwegian Labour Party), who escaped the massacre last July by allegedly ordering the ferry to carry himself and a few selected others away from the island while all those teenagers were being slaughtered by Anders Behring Breivik.

Mr. Pedersen is back in the news, countering the latest report from the SSB (Statistisk sentralbyrå, Norwegian Bureau of Statistics) about the net negative costs of immigration. His reaction: “Cost doesn’t matter! Immigration must take place!”

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated part of an article from E24 about Eskild Pedersen’s views on immigration. The translator notes:

There is something very Stalinistic and nauseating about Pedersen. His arrogance and his super-inflated self image are mind-boggling, to say the least.

The translated excerpts:

Pedersen: “Completely irrelevant”

Leader of the AUF, Eskil Pedersen has not yet seen the report, but he has read about it in the newspapers.

He considers the question of whether immigration results in a profit or a loss as irrelevant and uninteresting.

“There are many ways to pit different groups against each other. I have read several studies that claim that gays are more productive than heterosexuals. The gays are highly educated, creative and have well-paid jobs. Nevertheless, it is meaningless to try an estimate how much heterosexuals are costing society,” Pedersen says.

He hopes that this comparison can be somewhat of an eye-opener for those who call for a detailed cost analysis of immigration.

“Yes; I do believe that if a heterosexual is confronted with such a comparison he or she will see how unfair such an analogy is. Similarly it is meaningless to estimate how much immigration is costing Norway,” Pedersen says.

“Norway is going to comply with its obligations to people who are on the run regardless of the cost.”

Wants to double the intake of UN processed refugees

Pedersen and the AUF is of the opinion that Norway should accept far more UN processed refugees than we do today.

“Today we receive about a thousand processed refugees each year. This number should initially be increased to 1,500, or even better doubled. These refugees are the most disadvantaged people in the world living in refugee camps in developing nations, and whom the UN has specifically asked its member states to resettle,” Pedersen says

“What do you think of Siv Jensen’s claim that we don’t need skilled immigrants because we have numerous Norwegians on disability benefits who want to rejoin the workforce?”

“Siv Jensen has a very naïve way of looking at our country’s labor demands. Those who come as skilled immigrants are highly educated people with skills that are in demand. Does Mrs. Jensen even know how many construction workers on disability benefits there are in Norway?” Pedersen asks rhetorically.

He continues:

“Mrs. Jensen’s rhetoric is meaningless. She wants to stop the skilled immigration and she believes that we can just march in the disabled construction workers and take over building projects. This isn’t how it works in reality,” Pedersen says.

Esposito Visits Utopia

I just received this email from a reader in the southern Swedish city of Lund:

John L. Esposito is visiting our city right now, and I just listened to a ten-minute interview with him. He did not mention you, but talked about Robert Spencer and his latest hostile book about fictitious Mo. And The American Thinker — the USA’s most racist blog — he also talked about.

His task is, as usual, to pour rose-scented oil over Islamophobia.

He quoted Breivik’s Manifesto several times, and acknowledged that he was proud, as a Breivik-enemy, to have had a whole page of the manifesto dedicated to him.

After the University of Lund, he travels southwards to Rome in order to enlighten politicians there.

He is 72 and still well-kicking.

The Euro as Atonement

The Melting Euro

Thilo Sarrazin is causing controversy again in Germany, this time with a new book about the euro. As a former banker he knows his topic thoroughly, and is shaking up the establishment with his contrarian viewpoint.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this article from Junge Freiheit:

Sarrazin: There is a Nexus of Euro and Holocaust

Thilo Sarrazin has defended his theory of a connection between German save-the-Euro policy and German guilt for WWII. An obligation to Europe was derived from German guilt, said Sarrazin in an interview with Zeit. “There is a nexus of Euro and Holocaust.”

As an example of this, Sarrazin quoted the Italian writer Eugenio Scalfari who wrote some weeks ago in Zeit: “If Germany should pursue a financial policy that allows the Euro to crash, then the Germans would be responsible for the collapse of Europe. After two World Wars and the Holocaust, that would be the fourth sin. Germany must now assume its responsibility for Europe.”

Former chancellor Helmut Schmidt made a similar argument at the SPD party convention last September, says Sarrazin. He said quite clearly: “It cannot be that — only 70 years after the last World War, and according to this reasoning — we are expected to pay for the debts of other countries; and that is exactly what the Eurobond, for instance, amounts to.”

“Germany cannot solve the Greeks’ internal problems”.

Under the rubric of European solidarity, it must not be understood that developed, sovereign states would take over the debts of other sovereign states to compensate for their poor decisions, warned the former head of the federal bank. Germany cannot solve the problems of the Greeks, the Spaniards or the Italians.

On Tuesday, in Berlin, Sarrazin presented his new book, Europe Does Not Need The Euro. In it he had made sure that there would be outrage, with his comment that policy on the issue of salvaging the Euro was being driven by “that very German reflex, according to which the penance for the Holocaust and the World War will not be done until all our property, even our money, is in European hands.”

The Psychopathology of Islam

Michael Coren and the Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels discuss the inherent psychological differences between Muslim immigrants and their European hosts. These differences contribute to the immigrants’ criminal behavior and their lack of integration into their adopted countries.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Nicolai Sennels is a psychologist and the author of “Among Criminal Muslims: A Psychologist’s experiences with the Copenhagen Municipality”.

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