Macedonian Jihad

Our Croatian correspondent Vortac sends this photo, and includes an explanation:

Here’s an interesting photo: young Muslims proudly displaying Albanian flags, the black flag of Jihad, and the proverbial middle finger during the recent protests in the center of Skopje, Macedonia.

Macedonian Jihad

Muslims comprise about 25% of the Macedonian population. The country was already on the brink of civil war in 2001, and now it’s getting hot again.

The picture is on a Croatian website. I haven’t been able to find it anywhere else.

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  1. As person geographically close to Macedonia, can you rename the title to “Albanian Jihad”?

    It’s saddening that Albanians are feeling like land-lords in Macedonia (Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Montenegro)

  2. I concur with the above commenter. It’s an Albanian Jihad. After Friday prayers albanians went on a demonstration. The FYROM authorities did not release any photos. The ones below were provided by a Greek Hard-Right media source (Claiming Albanian original)
    It icludes the one you present from a different angle.

  3. Islam is again ” the problem ”. In fact it is always Islam which is the problem. The only answer is forced
    dismantling of Islam Worldwide. It is not a system for humanity.

  4. Hebes & 2 Anons —

    No, I won’t call it “Albanian Jihad”. Its name is given based on where it occurs. If it happens in Russia, it’s Russian Jihad, not “Chechen”. If in Norway, it’s Norwegian Jihad, not “Somali”.

    And what about the USA — what do you call the Jihad here? The “Saudi/Nigerian/Afghan/Iraqi/Somali/Turkish Jihad”?

    The title is based on the location of the struggle, and where a defense must be mounted. Not the ethnicity of the mujahideen.

  5. What’s really interesting about this is that the overwhelmingly Muslim identity of Albanians (a small number are Catholic, and there are even rumors of Orthodox Albanians) is alternately invoked and suppressed by their U.S. enablers. Any claims of Albanian jihadism are dismissed as “Serbian propaganda,” but then a leading pro-Albanian Congressman says that establishing Kosovo as “another” Islamic state in Europe would score points with “jihadists of all color and hue” in the world.

    Macedonia/FYROM agreed to take in displaced Albanians and host NATO and KLA troops during the 1999 war on Serbia, and was repaid within a year by its own Albanian “liberation war”. A NATO-brokered deal guarantees Albanians all sorts of special privilege, but apparently that’s no longer enough. Hence the jihad.

  6. Will the USA/NATO follow Kosovo and bomb Macedonia to bring it into Islamic Greater Albania, too?

  7. Listen to these Balkans trying to distance themselves from the Mohammedans in their own country by hiding behind ethnicity. THIS is why your region will never come into the modern age. You are too busy quarreling and blaming your own ethnicities rather than focusing on evangelizing and bringing your neighbors to the truth of Christianity. It is much easier for you to say, “Oh, it’s the Albanians…they’re all Mohammedan…so it’s THEY’RE Jihad, not ours”. If the Serbians in Kossova had simply turned over their Orthodox churches to be safeguarded by Orthodox Albanians, they would never have been touched! But no, they wanted them to be SERBIAN Orthodox.

    In Italy, we have had Albanians (Arbereshe) since the 15th century (Christians fleeing the Ottoman invasion), numbering around 250,000. And since the massive influx of Albanians after the fall of communism, the Italian govt resettled many former Mohammedans into the Arbereshe communities…and guess what: they are almost all now Christian! Imagine that. Why? Because they were taught that Christianity is the true religion of the Albanians (and Europe) before they were brutally colonized and forcibly converted by the Turks.

    Why can’t Macedonians and Serbs do the same with THEIR Albanians? Tribalism, pure and simple. You all deserve what is coming.

  8. Qualis Rex–

    The biggest problem of the Albanians is not even Islam. It’s their rampant ultranationalism.

  9. Liquid – you are absolutely wrong. If you bothered to read what I just wrote, I said very clearly that there are hundreds of thousands of Albanians living in Italy since the 15the 15th century; there has NEVER been an Albanian separatist party/group/surge in Italy. Supreme Court Justice Scalia is Italian of Albanian descent (note: he, like all ethnic Albanians in Italy, consider themselves Italian first).

    The problem is and has always been Balkan tribalism. It’s why there are separarate Albanian, Macedonian, Serbian and Montenegran Orthodox churches. The Balkans take ethnic pride to the extreme, rather than trying to bring all the separate ethnicities together under nationhood (i.e. as Italy does). The result is Mohammedan Albanians, which should have never existed. Remember; Albania was communist/atheist officially for around 50 years. Their Mohammedan identity is new-found, whereas for generations it was simply nominal.

  10. Hebes we are saying the same thing. With one exception I’d like to point out: Serbians did their fair share of raping and killing civilians (not just to Mohammedans, but to Croats as well). So, atheism, the force behind the Greater Serbian movement, has proven just as dangerous.

  11. Qualis Rex–

    In the first paragraph you say how “absolutely wrong” I am, but in the second paragraph you say roughly the same thing that I said when you talk about “Balkan tribalism” and taking “ethnic pride to the extreme”. How is this opposed to my take on their “rampant ultranationalism”?

    Anyways, your anecdote about the Albanians in Italy that arrived there centuries ago when things were very different in Europe is hardly instructive when analyzing the current situation of the Albanians on the Balkans.

  12. Liquid – once again, you failed to read what I (or Herbes) wrote: there has been a massive resettlement of Albanians FROM ALBANIA this last 20 years in Italy. The Arberash Albanians (the ones who came over centuries ago) numbered around 250,000. The newly arrived Albanians are around anywhere from 300 – 500,000, bringing Italy’s current “Albanian” population to around 800,000. And as I also said, these newer Albanians were purposely assimilated into the existing Christian Albanian populations in Southern Italy, and the process has been extremely successful. Our driver, the mechanic we use, and many of the laborers who work on the houses in our neighborhood were all formerly Mohammedan Albanians, but are now Christian (their “official” names are still Mohammedan, but they use Chiristian nick-names). And once again, Italy has never had a problem with “Albanian nationalism” or “Greater Albania”. I have NEVER met an Albanian in Italy who was anything but extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to live in Italy (and give them a coffee or a beer and they’ll talk your ear off about how horrible it was to live in Albania).

    So, I’ll explain it again to you since you missed it (twice); the problem is Balkan– not Albanian. All current nation-states of the balkans (with the possible exception of Slovenia) are extremly tribal and clannish. The formerly atheist Albanians turned to Mohammedanism simply because they were rejected by the ethnic majorities in the societies of the newly formed nation-states. This should never have happened.

  13. Herbes – English is obviously not your first language, as I said pretty clearly the Arbereshe (and any naturalized Albanian from the recent migration) call themselves Italian first, and I gave the example of Anton Scalia. If you are going to address me in a comment, try and pay attention to the conversation.

    Also, you are very misguided by referring to the “poor south” of Italy. That stereotype is now antequated. If you don’t believe me, look at the price of real estate in any northern vs southern city. The costs and standards of living are nearly identical.

  14. Hebes – You write English intelligibly enough, but your reading comprehension (PHD or not) is what is apparently lacking.

    Also, you are conversing with an Italian who grew up less than 20KM from the largest and oldest Albanian enclave in Western Europe (if you are as familiar with the subject matter at hand, then you know exactly where that is). I am extremely familiar with Albanians in Italy (Arbereshe and recent immigrants). And for someone who claims to have earned a PHD in Italy, you know surprisingly little about the country or population as per your comments.

    The only problem I can recall (and I do not have 1st hand experience with this) is with the Albanian “boat people” in the 90’s who came over to Italy JUST to get up to Germany and Northern Europe; they stole anything that wasn’t nailed down to pay for their way north. But I can say I honestly neither I nor anyone I know has ever had any problem with Albanian Italians (who, fora third time now, always consider themselves Italian first) or recent Albanians who are trying to make a life in Italy. And yes, if they were in Italy legally then they were settled among the Arbereshe communities and converted (you can find them in any church around here). The ones who came in “off the radar” of course did not get settled anywhere, which is what you may be referring to.

  15. Hebes —

    This is an English-language site. Please use English, or provide a translation.

    Google translation of his Italian:

    “Over and out. You may continue, I must return to work on my second doctorate. I’ve got a hurry, the colonization of Mars can not wait. You will arrangerai.”

  16. Ok Many of you people here are wrong! My father is an Arberesh Albanian in Italy. Arberesh Albanians never call themselves Italians but Albanians. Another user said Aberesh Albanians have converted in Christianity, You people should get a education first before commenting nonsense posts. Albania has Muslims and Christians also and Arberesh Albanians are Catholics have never converted into anything they migrated in Italy during the Ottoman invasion after Scanderbeg died. As for the Muslim Albanians in FYROM aka Macedonia those are not Albanians anymore we Albanians from Albania don’t support such idiots we call them Turks leftovers Albania is a great example of the world a country that has 3 different religions and have been living in harmony throw ages. Originally Albanians were Christians the Ottomans forced many Albanians to convert Religion in Albania only plays a role in 35% of the population included Christians and Muslims and our first most important thing for an Albanian is Albanisem religion is personal. The fanatic Muslims from Kosovo or Macedonia are not Albanians they are Arab brainwashed idiots.

  17. Hello first my name is Nini and i am from Albania my father is born in Palermo and its an Arberesh Albanian. I hope this is a free speech blog and will allow me to post my opinions am tired of some people that want to make propaganda against us Albanians.
    @Qualis Rex The Arbëreshë are a linguistic and ethnic Albanian minority community living in southern Italy, especially the regions of Basilicata, Molise, Apulia, Calabria and Sicily.They settled in Southern Italy in the 15th to 18th centuries AD in several waves of migrations, following the death of the Albanian national hero George Kastrioti Skanderbeg and the gradual conquest of Albania and throughout the Byzantine Empire by the Ottoman Turks. The Arbëreshë have their own distinct culture and have been able to preserve the original Albanian identity. So no my friend Arberesh call themselves Albanians not Italians 🙂 You should inform your self better next time. Anyone who needs to know anything about Albanians or Albania feel free to ask me anything. Btw those Muslims who call themselves Albanians in FYROM are not Albanians anymore those are Turk leftovers real Albanians never use religion to identify themselves Albanisem is on top. Religion never plays a big role in Albania is only 35% or 39% something between those 2 numbers In Kosovo and FYROM i agree many people are brainwashed hard by religion but even we don’t support them day by day they they are becoming like us.

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