Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/8/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/8/2012According to the latest reports, Al Qaeda’s would-be suicide bomber from Yemen was actually a double agent working for American and Saudi intelligence. His bomb — an upgraded version of the notorious underwear bomb — is now being analyzed by intelligence experts.

In other news, an Islamic umbrella group in Italy claims that 70,000 Italians have converted to Islam, in part because of the severe financial crisis.

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6 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/8/2012

  1. A small addendum on the article about “Italian converts” to Mohammedanism; that number 70,000 is thrown around every year by Mohammedan websites…for so-called “French converts” to Mohammedanism. I don’t know how it can be that the same number matches the number of Italians magically. Nor is there any article in Italian to complement the one in English on the website (or any other corroborating source other than the UCOI…and I don’t trust any Mohammedan organization as far as I can spit). In sum, don’t believe what you read, especially if being quoted by a Mohammedan source.

    I can say that since 2008, there have been around 20,000 Mohammedans a year joining the Catholic church in Italy (most notably Magdi Alam who was received by the Pope himself). The difference here is the Catholic church keeps meticulous records of baptism (they are still considered legal documents), while Mohammedans do not (you can make “shahada” anywhere as long as there are 3 witnesses, so they can make up any number they like…and 70,000 seems to be their number of choice).

  2. It seems the number 70 pops up in a few places at least in Islam. Off the top of my head, I remember reading that Islam’s version of Armageddon has a Jew showing up with 70,000 troops, and describing how the troops are all attired. While reading yesterday, there was a mention of one of the original Muslims saying that the fires of Hell burn 69 times hotter (70 times as hot) as on Earth.

    As for all the information pouring out alerting the enemy that the U.S. has infiltrated their ranks and how they were infiltrated, we need congressional hearings compelling officials of the regime to testify, and find out who has just given the predatory enemy of all humanity aid, if not comfort. It’s yet one more reason added to an already-long list why getting rid of the Obama regime this November is essential.

  3. 70.000 mohammedians in Italy…
    So percentage of islam in Italy should be about 1%, and it was always the official percentage.
    In Italy islam is not recognized as religion, as opposite of christianity, judaism and hinduism.

  4. Nordlys – very true. Although I think even 1% of Mohammmedan ITALIANS (i.e. citizens) is high. The vast majority of people who attend Mosques in Italy (and they are pretty sparse; officially there are only 2, but there are many makeshift “Islamic centers” so they can bipass having a permit for a mosque) are transient (but legal) workers. The vast majority of Mohammedans residing in Italy are of course illegal, so they do not risk showing up at mosques in the open daylight.

    Once again, this is all annecdotal since we will never get accurate figures here (least of all from Mohammedan sources). But I would find it hard to believe there are 70,000 Mohammedan Italians, let alone converting each year.

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