Vona Gábor: “If Islam Fails, the Light Will Vanish”

As reported here a few days ago, Vona Gábor, the leader of the Hungarian extreme nationalist party Jobbik, holds some problematic views about Islam as “the last bastion of mankind’s traditional culture.” He’s not quite the Hungarian Geert Wilders…

Here’s another video about Vona Gábor and Jobbik. WARNING: This video contains some disturbing images. Sensitive readers may want to skip it, and read the full transcript, which is at the bottom of this post.

Many thanks to Hermes for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from internet articles about Jobbik politicians and their links with Islam and Fascism. Many thanks to Hermes for the translations of the Hungarian-language pieces.

From HVG.hu :

There’s nothing far right in the seriously-presented and -argued critique of Islam. So it is pointless to push Islam-critics to that side, in this way discrediting them. The far right hates only “foreigners”, colored people, and not the essence of Islam, which is fanaticism, submission, and irrationality. And what’s more, Vona Gábor affirms that the last bastion of culture is Islam.

This Hungarian representative of the far right, who has already become a member of the parliament […] It is already known that it is because of its virulent and pure hate towards America, and of course towards Israel that Jobbik feels a strong attraction towards Islam, has good relations with the Iranian and Arab embassies, and its cultural war always sounds with a loud shout: “we will not be Palestinians in our own land!!!” But now the ideology of the party has undergone a qualitative change.

If Vona Gábor is serious in what he writes in his new book that “The condition for the survival of the world is the preservation of traditional culture. And there’s only one culture which holds on to its own traditions. This is the Islamic world.”, then this means something more than the continuation of his political line. The head of the Hungarian radical right-wing movement writes that: “The last bastion of mankind’s traditional culture — that which successfully mixes transcendental and everyday-life features — is Islam.”

From Andras Simonyi on PJM:

The candidate for President of the Hungarian Republic, Krisztina Morvai, recently attended a Palestine conference with participation by Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists. She proudly announced: “I met with many Palestine people, with numerous superb militant fighters and their leaders. I received their encouragements.” The ensuing criticism provoked Barikad, the Jobbik’s internet publication to answer with a Question: “Why is it an issue that Morvai is encouraged by terrorists?”

Gabor Vona, the President of Jobbik and candidate for the Premiership of Hungary maintained a close relationship with Iranian President Ahmadinejad. He announced that he would invite him to send observers to the Hungarian elections. According to him, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and the Hungarian Guard jointly will assure orderly conduct of the Hungarian elections scheduled for April of 2010. Ahmadinejad and his Revolutionary Guard stayed at home. It is suspected that Iran provided for Jobbik not only political endorsement but financial support as well.

In spite of these facts Jobbik received 851,982 votes that translate to 16.69 % of the total votes cast in the April 11 election and gave the party 26 seats of the 386 seats in Parliament.

From vonagabor.hu[freely edited update by Hermes]:

“If Islam fails, then almost all light will vanish, and there will be nothing to counter the darkness of globalism, and then history will truly end.” This is what Vona Gábor affirms in his newly published book with the title: “Born on August 20”. The leader of Jobbik also mentions Hitler in his book, whom he calls “The final product of liberalism.”

Vona reminds his readers that both he and the Jobbik have always expressed their sympathy towards Islam. Already in 2002 he made a speech in a Palestinian event celebrated in Vác. Later he traveled to Yemen in order to take part in a youth conference, and he was present in countless pro-Palestinian demonstrations […]

The president of the Jobbik party is convinced that “The last bastion of mankind’s traditional culture — that which successfully mixes transcendental and everyday-life features —is Islam.” Vona, being (as he describes himself) Roman Catholic, affirms that “If Islam fails, then almost all light will vanish, and there will be nothing to counter the darkness of globalism, and then history will truly end.” This leads to the conclusion that the outcome of this struggle is important for the fate of mankind […]

Islam being the defending bastion, there must be an enemy in Vona’s mind. There is. The American-Israeli axis, and those who “were forced to join them.” In short, the anti-traditional forces. These have as purpose the creation of a global world government, in order to put mankind under their yoke, according to Vona’s book.


He writes at the end of the chapter dedicated to Islam that “Israel has nothing to do with Judaism, and neither has America with Christianity. From this point of view the traditional Muslim society, that which reveres Maria and sees Jesus as a prophet, stands much more close to Christianity than America and Israel with their continuous wars to maintain their hegemony and calm their thirst for booty.”

Vona writes in his book also about Adolf Hitler. He maintains that he was “the logical product of his time.” “Naked neo-liberalism.” That is, “its final product.” He was not born out of national socialism, but out of neo-liberalism at its final stage. This means that for Vona, the Fuehrer was not a mass murderer, he was not the responsible for a war that killed 70 million people, and not the one who sent tens of thousands of children to gas chambers, but just a final product of distorted liberalism. “His life is just a symbolic family drama, the rage of a little boy against his father’s will to corrupt him.” This is what Vona states in his book. He presented his book in the event celebrated on May 1 (2011). While speaking, he jokingly called himself the “Devil of Gyöngyöspata”

From Busralilmuhminin:

Vona sees in Islam the continuation of Guenon’s tradition, the holder of mankind’s common spiritual heritage.

“If Islam falls, then light will almost completely vanish” — This is what the politician of the opposition says. And with this (statement) he highlights that Islam is first and foremost a spiritual reality, and not a political project.

The political importance of Islam is for Vona that it gives men a spiritual armor to resist globalization.

[A comment made on this blog to Vona’s arguments by a Muslim living in Hungary]

“I’m a Muslim, I’ve lived in Hungary since last month, and my Hungarian wife translated Vona Gábor’s statement for me, which I had the luck to read here. We Muslims love everybody regardless of their religion or political view. The words of the president (of Jobbik) are clean, true, and very emotive to me. As a Turk, I salute him.”

From Gazdasági Rádió:

Morvai Krisztina, speaking about “Christian love”, said that he got much encouragement in a Palestinian conference. “I met lots of brave Palestinians, brave warriors and leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah. I received much encouragement from them”. She is now a member of the European Parliament for Jobbik.

From the blog Dob utca és környéke:

[…] Morvai Krisztina was talking to the crowd about a conference she attended not long ago. As she said, she admired and revered the people she met there, among others the leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah, which have the same problems as us Hungarians. Those who did not raise their eyebrows to this, became utterly astonished when she said that we should fight for our rights as they do.

No idea whether she was talking about suicide bombings or launching rockets towards cities, but one thinks immediately about this when hearing about this group, and not about political debates being carried out at the European Parliament.

Video transcript:

00:03   This one of the most important
00:08   videos every Hungarian should watch.
00:18   Jobbik, and what hides behind…
00:23   Jobbik is supported by Islamic fundamentalists
00:27   and terrorists with millions of euros.
00:35   Since nowadays everybody likes to
00:38   call foreign supervisors for the elections,
00:40   we will call supervisors too,
00:42   but not from the West,
00:44   not from America, not from the EU,
00:46   but I will write a letter this year
00:48   to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,
00:50   and they will come here from Iran!
00:57   And the Hungarian police will not control
01:00   the elections, but the Iranian revolutionary guard.
01:03   And no one will steal a single vote
01:05   from the Jobbik party.
01:07   They try to be seen as Christians; however, they
01:11   do business with the enemies of Christianity.
01:18   Tortured Christians in Iran.
01:25   Gabor Vona already sold Hungary
01:28   to Arab extremist businessmen.
01:36   December 11 2006 — Tehran.
01:38   At the extremist Hamas meeting
01:41   the Hungarian Lelkiismeret 88 group was there.
01:45   Why does the Freddie Mercury award winner
01:48   and gay/lesbian supporter Morvai Krisztina
01:51   not raise her voice against cruelties in Iran?
01:55   Women, wives, mothers are being
01:57   stoned nowadays in Iran
02:18   But Morvai Krisztina remains silent
02:21   because it was through Jobbik that she
02:24   got her job at the European Parliament
02:27   and receives six million forints per month
02:29   Jobbik accepts money from Islamic
02:31   terrorists who hate European and Hungarian
02:34   Christian culture, and spreads anti-Semitism
02:36   and xenophobia following their orders
02:40   Zionist assassins! Zionist assassins!
02:44   Every Jew, whether good or bad, is
02:47   an assassin!
02:49   Did we already forget how many of
02:52   our heroes died to make us free from
02:55   the 150-year-long occupation?

14 thoughts on “Vona Gábor: “If Islam Fails, the Light Will Vanish”

  1. This is another example of the pattern I was talking about regarding Ed West’s attitude.

    If you fill a room with Islamists, Chistians, Jews, atheists, progressives, conservatives, socialists, anarchists, classical liberals, millionaires, European nativists, feminists and gays, you will see many kinds of alliances, but they will most often involve someone siding with Islamists against someone else.

    The most promising point of agreement for the West seems to be classical liberalism, which naturally upholds the rights of Jews, women and gays, while respecting the conservatives’ freedom of speech and of conscience.

    In my opinion, the main problem with classical liberalism is the demise of its natural opponent. Classical liberalism was born as a rebellion against the absolutist state, collectivism, economic interventionism, uncritical traditionalism and Christian theocracy, which formed a whole at the time. But since the French revolution, and particularly since the Bolshevik revolution, the enemy of classical liberalism was torn apart, with the totalitarian state on one side, traditionalist values on the other side, and economic freedom looking for a place in the political spectrum.

    The counter-jihad movement seems to be an interesting mix of conservative and classical liberal views. In particular, its “counter-critical” aspect must have opened many eyes. Hopefully it will move beyond denouncing the real enemies of the West, towards a comprehensive worldview and a viable political project.

  2. “There’s nothing far right in the seriously-presented and -argued critique of Islam.”

    Quite. Just take a look at any of the UK Guardian’s comments sections to Islam-related articles…

    For example this today, this about the Toulouse shootings, or this about Islam being the “new Communism-style bogeyman”

    Would the “most-recommended” comments to any of these or countless other pieces in the Guardian be out of place on Jihad Watch or Gates of Vienna?

    And these recommends coming from readers of the UK’s most left-wing newspaper…

    Personally, I know several left-wingers concerned about Islam… here in Poland, in fact, my impression is that more left-wingers are concerned about Islam than “far-right” wingers – who mostly indulge in elaborate conspiracy theories involving Jews and Russians. There is NOTHING “far-right” about criticising Islam. But not criticising Islam due to a fear of being seen as “far-right” gives the Islamists and the hate-their-own-culture leftists the upper hand. Which brings up the second point:

    “So it is pointless to push Islam-critics to that side, in this way discrediting them.”

    Far from being pointless, this is a very useful and effective tactic for the Muslims and their far-left allies. However, the fact that they resort to such “reductio-ad-Hitlerum” type of argument surely means that they don’t have much else up their sleeve? Therefore, surely such types of arguments should be seen as a cause of satisfaction – as a confirmation of the correctness of the counter-Islam opinions they try to silence??

  3. Jews were a key figures an every communust dictatorship in Eastern Europe.Jews are now key figures in every liberal and hedonist movement.How can a conservative or traditionalist support Jewish politics of teh destruction of traditional societies?Only Islam is a natural friend for everu conservative and traditional force in Europe.
    Jobbik makes a good work.

  4. Anonymous,
    It would be nice if you had the courage of conviction to put a name or a real no de plum with your comments.
    That said, you have ignored the left-wing voting patterns of Muslims in Europe.
    As for your screed against the Jews, you are operating under a misconception that this is a Jewish thing. In fact, it is a problem with liberal members of all aggrieved minorities in the West. Furthermore Jews promoting liberalism at the expense of traditional society undermine Judaism as well. As for the communist, a Jew is no more communist than Chrisitian is. Communism is an atheist death cult founded by a man who hated Judaism and Jewishness and wanted to exterminate both through proletarianism.

  5. I’d like to make two points:
    1. The historical relationship between jews and communism is well known and clear to all the honest people, but that should not be an excuse for anti-semitism.
    2. Magyar extremism is also very well known to all the people in the neighbourhodd, so to speak.

  6. Vona is your classic useful idiot. All he sees is Islam’s supposedly intact culture which renders him blind to the ugly reality that is Islam.

    He’s stupid enough to be buffaloed by it’s slick talking emissaries into thinking these are good people.

    They’re not by any Western measure. The first thing they’d do if they achieved power in Hungary would be to stomp out Hungarian culture and any non-Islamic religious beliefs.

    OTOH Vona may be a Billy Carter of sorts and merely using the Muslims for money while making promises he can’t keep.

  7. This man forgets that Hungary was under the the boot of the Ottoman Turks for centuries. How can he ignore this brutal fact of the history of the Magyar people?

  8. M.O.B.–

    “The counter-jihad movement seems to be an interesting mix of conservative and classical liberal views. In particular, its “counter-critical” aspect must have opened many eyes. Hopefully it will move beyond denouncing the real enemies of the West, towards a comprehensive worldview and a viable political project.”

    I’d very much like to hear your suggestions on this.


  9. Vona Gabor is just another ignoramus about Islam who sees what he wants to see instead of doing his homework, like reading even a single book written by a credible Western analyst of Islam’s history, its true beliefs and intent. How does someone who claims to be concerned about magyar/Hungarian cultural heritage name a totalitarian cult as praiseworthy that has steamrollered every culture it has ever conquered and homogenized it into the cult of Islam? And how does a totalitarian Islam loving Gabor qualify as extreme right wing except under the Left’s shell game that successfully sold communism’s ugly twin nazism/national SOCIALISM as right wing when the twins had a falling out and the German socialists attacked the Russian communists? That entire smelly band of thieves i.e. leftists, their Molotov-Ribbentrop allies the nazis and their Islamic allies in turn whose only commonality appears to be hatred of Jews and now America as well as world supremacism does not belong on the right and never did. Until all the totalitarian state lovers are lumped on the left side where they belong vs the right or conservatives who believe in individual rights (Jews’ best protection btw though the majority throw their hopes in with the Left belying either their reputation for intelligence or revealing their own hopes for control?) there will be this logical incoherence separating fellow statist thieves into “left” and “right” when they are all extremist statists. It’s every totalitarian state that commits evil. It’s the totalitarianism, stupid!

  10. Sol/ You New

    Thanks for your interest. Alas, I have more hopes than proposals, but I don’t like the way socialists try to monopolize the concept of progress, social change and critical thought, and the way most conservatives agree to that. My own natural inclinations are closer to libertarian transhumanism, but conservatives made me aware of left-wing ideologues and their tireless destructive activities.

    The West has been undergoing deep social change for decades. Much of it is the result of socialist hippy baby boomers pushing their agenda either overtly or covertly, but let’s be honest, technological change also played a major role. For instance, taking care of the house became much easier, and most paid work became less physically demanding, more intellectual. All of which leads to the incorporation of women to the workforce, which makes divorce a more attractive option, which leads to the relativization of marriage and the normalization of gay and lesbian lifestyles.

    Unless the Unabomber gets his way, this kind of change seems quite permanent, so it would be preferable for pro-Western thinkers to accept and embrace it as a fact of life, a natural result of technical progress and individual freedom, rather than a concession to “progressives”.

    Actuallly many left-liberals are rather disappointed in how all this social change, which was supposed to bring down Capitalism, was so easily assimilated by it.

    Also, this hedonistic and laid-back attitude of modern Wrestern society may well be one of its strengths, rather than a weakness. I suspect this is what Islamic theocracies fear the most. Why bother with all the Islamic laws, rituals and deprivations when the infidels do whatever they want with their lives and they still can kick Islamic behinds both economically and militarily?

    To sum up, we should uphold essential Western values such as freedom of speech, individual freedom in general and yes, also progress, science and critical thought (including self-criticism!). Expose the socialist lies and their agenda, shame them off the playground, but dont let them take their toys with them.

  11. To use ancient Chinese terms, The West has embraced ‘yin’, yielding, soft femininity and the Muslims are the most ‘Yang’ are masculine aggressive and naturally appeal to the hate filled aggressive male of all kinds.

  12. Again with this yin/yang junk. It’s a bad metaphor unless you think very little of Western men.

    Where’s Chiu when I need him?


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