Tommy Robinson on the BBC

English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson appeared this morning on the BBC program “The Big Question”. The two-part video below shows the half-hour debate.

You’ll notice that the deck was largely stacked against Tommy, as is typical of the Beeb. The moderator made no attempt to conceal his anti-EDL bias, and he steered the discussion mostly in the direction of Tommy’s opponents.

Part 1:

Part 2 is below the jump:

17 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson on the BBC

  1. Tommy is a half-intelligent chap, but he is in DIRE need of a speech therapist to rid himself of the cockny accent if he is ever to be taken seriously. And good on him to immediately see past the other Mohammedan’s pat speech on “no compulsion in Islam” etc.

  2. Until the real Islam is publicly paraded the ignorance of some will blissfully remain. And the political ignorance of those who choose to shout ‘far right’ at the EDL and others who are trying to make the public aware about Islamic expansion, is a prime example of the ignorance that has now gripped most ‘thinkers’.

  3. If you asked Tommy (Steven) how he felt about a myriad of issues, he’d come out on the libertarian side – marijuana legalization, alcohol prohibition, gay rights, women having the right to dress as they please at the beach.

    Similarly, on economic issues, I’d be willing to bet he’s pro-free enterprise and anti-socialism.

    The definition of “far Right” has changed dramatically in recent years. It means Ayn Rand. It means Libertarian Party.

    Nazi is leftist. Tommy is an extreme advocate for liberty, the exact polar opposite of Nazi. Which has these liberal media turds all in a tither.

  4. Apart from the usual ABBC set-up of
    interruptions, interviewer bias and
    audience pre-training against Tommy,
    he still came across well. They have
    discovered firing questions quickly and interrupting the answers tend to
    confuse a discussion and may be bad
    publicity, but I think the British public are a bit smarter than that.
    [ABBC = Anti British Broadcasting

  5. Mr Robinson, you have my admiration… One question, when fanatics like the one facing you on the pc BBC show spout about the wonders of Islam, why not simply (and forcefully) ask why they choose to live in a (nominally) Christian country when there are so many Islamic alternatives available to them. Surely that one question rips the carpet out from under their feet.

  6. In the UK, the presenter, Nicky Campbell, is a well known supporter of muslim immigration and retarded imams.

    And it’s on the BBC. How else would you expect it to turn out?

  7. “Tommy is a half-intelligent chap, but he is in DIRE need of a speech therapist to rid himself of the cockny accent if he is ever to be taken seriously. And good on him to immediately see past the other Mohammedan’s pat speech on “no compulsion in Islam” etc.”

    I taught university courses in Britain for years, and Tommy is one of the most intelligent people I’ve met. In a room discussing the intricacies and shenanigans of the British political scene with a group of middle class professionals, Tommy could grasp fine differences that many of those proposing the British Freedom Party could not grasp.

    Pray tell, where are your TV interviews showing that you are more than half-intelligent, Qualis Rex. Until you have done 1% of what he has done, it behooves you to at least have a veneer of politeness.

    The people of Britain can relate to Tommy. The traitors in all of this are the middle class, who for the best part of 30 years have remained resolutely silent, despite their knowledge, their contacts and their access to information.


  8. That was Hilarious!
    Even woman who claim to be anti-fascist and question the whole future of free speech in this country are not allowed to fully say their point without ridicule.We have got to a point where society is self censoring itself not only within social networking but also in open debate.Even Tommy is beginning to curtail his opinion to fit in.
    The truth as far as I am concerned is this:- thirty years ago there was not a problem within europe or the U.S.A with muslims or Islam.Today there is…..Why? because there was not many muslims in europe or the U.S.A. Reasons for this are many but the basic one is that Islamic countries suck. Simple really! Why is there not emmigration to Islamic countries? SAME REASON!
    THe tide is turning but I believe instead of trying to turn it ,what is going to happen is that the muslims will turn it on themselves.Ordinary left wing liberals are beginning to question what is happening especially as their children and the area’s they are living in are begining to make contact and friction with Islam.
    More and more I smile to myself as what I have been saying to my friends and family is coming true.I wish though that i was wrong and not smug.
    By the way wasnt it funny how Breivik comes out the woodwork and MO Mehra doesnt even get a mention.
    It’s Hilarious.

  9. A few things:
    I concur with QR that “Tommy” should take speech lessons. He will never get his message out to the greater UK if he continues to talk like a football hooigan.

    From ED”s comment: I would agree with him. Unfortunately, the UK is so mired in public handouts that they can’t envision a country where an honest days work is worth an honest’s day pay.
    Anon 7:29 “I think the British public are a bit smarter than that.” Actually, I don’t think they are. I think they are dozing off in front of their telle. Unless a huge army of voters take to the street and convince the 50% that DO NOT VOTE to vote we are lost.
    That is what the American Tea Party has ben all about. People that go to work every day and come home to a bit of dinner finally said “enough is enough.” They got up off their sofas and went into their kitchens to make signs telling the gov’t that they couldn’t stand it anymore… In their polyester suits and funny hats they took to the streets. The rest of the political class was amazed that the voting block which usually remained silent had the audacity to speak up. “Your’e not supposed to say anything, you are expected to go to work, come home and pay your taxes.”
    Anon 8:47 Well, that is it exactly. If Islam is the future of the world, why not live in an Islamic country? This is something that people of Islamic society cannot possibly answer because they already know the answer to it…
    I invite every and all Islamic persons that feel they have been alienated, disenfranchised and poorly treated to move to an Islamic country where they will be better treated and more cared for…
    Don’t hold your breath for a rush toward the exits.

  10. What an absolute disgrace, everyone apart from Tommy has their volume set to 10, his is on about 6. Everyone else gets to finish what they are saying.

    Next time Tommy should refuse to answer any more questions until they let him finish.

  11. @Babs – exactly my point. It’s alright to talk the way he does at a night out with the mates, but quite another when debating on national television. We’re totally on the same page here.

    @Joe – you took offense where there was none given. “half-intelligent chap” is like saying “half-way decent” or “fair enough”. It’s giving a compliment between the lines. But I repeat, he needs voice coaching; if he’s going to speak about terms such as Wahabbism, Shari’a etc, he needs to know how to pronounce them. As for my credentials, due to the sensitive nature of this board, they will remain anonymous. But if you read my comments, you’ll understand my qualifications well enough.

  12. Indeed it is fascinating how the left has managed to somehow slip nazism over on the right side of the political spectrum. The whole idea of right-wing extremism is invented. Nazism as well as fasciscm is a social ideology. Jew hatred is a trait mainly found in leftist Europe. As always, mmkay.

  13. Good work Tommy -great comebacks! I really learn a lot by watching videos like this one.

  14. You can’t go calling someone a “half-intelligent chap”, and then say it’s a compliment. That’s putting yourself way up there. If you’re intelligent enough to call Tommy half-intelligent, then surely you’d be able to grasp that.

  15. Well well. What a biased performance
    against Tommy and the EDL.
    This was so obvious of such an unfair event,that it will gain a lot more support for the right and will be counter productive to Tommy’s opponents.

  16. One thing that should always be challenged, is when people claim something. For instance, “the majority of this group of people do not support.. blah blah”.

    They must be challenged and required to present the evidence for their claim.

    FACTS = Truth.

    The truth will win and you win the debate with truth on your side.

  17. Mr Lennon is one of a very small number of people in England brave enough to put his head above the parapet, but he won’t get the support of the majority of the English public because he doesn’t have the right accent.

    We’re screwed.

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