Thoughts on the Upcoming Trial of Anders Behring Breivik


Fjordman’s latest essay has been published at Vlad Tepes. Some excerpts are below:

Those who follow the news probably know that the trial of the terrorist and mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik is fast approaching. It will begin on April 16 and last until late June. If he or his counsel appeals and there is a retrial, it has already been decided that the second trial in a higher court will begin in January 2013 and will last for some weeks.

The original psychiatric review of Breivik was made by the court-appointed psychiatrists Torgeir Husby and Synne Sørheim in the autumn of 2011. They concluded that ABB is criminally insane and suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. This triggered a massive outcry, especially from members of the left-wing press, who claim that Breivik is part of a vast and dangerous movement of violent right-wing extremists. They have been conducting a campaign of character assassination against Husby and Sørheim ever since. The court in Oslo finally gave in to media pressure and appointed a second team of psychiatrists, who are expected to publish their conclusions on April 10, just days before the trial begins.

The original report by Husby and Sørheim was confidential, yet almost all of it was later published online by the national Norwegian newspaper VG. At, one of Norway’s leading independent websites, writer Christian Skaug has translated this original forensic psychiatric statement into English for the benefit of non-Scandinavian readers.

Norway used to be a quiet place. The atrocities committed by Breivik constitute the biggest news story to appear in that country since the Second World War. Nearly 500 journalists are scheduled to follow the trial. Several hundred of these represent the international press, from the BBC and CNN to Russian, German and Japanese newspapers.

The list of witnesses is slowly becoming clear, although a few details are still uncertain. It seems likely that I will be called upon to give testimony, too. It general, according to Norwegian law you are legally obliged to do so if the court asks you to do so. I have told the press that I can testify if we can find some practical way of arranging this. The political establishment in my country of birth want to put as much pressure as possible on dissidents of any kind. They will shamelessly exploit this case for that end, and I am Public Enemy Number Two (after ABB). Several observers want to blame me personally for mass murder for allegedly being Breivik’s “mentor,” although I’ve never once met him.

The other witnesses include survivors from the terror attacks and members of the police, the Islamic terrorist supporter Mullah Krekar, the former leader of the Progress Party Carl I. Hagen, one well-known neo-Nazi as well as some self-appointed experts on “right-wing extremism.” The witness list keeps expanding and growing more bizarre. The trial unfortunately looks set to become a circus — Circus Breivik.

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9 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Upcoming Trial of Anders Behring Breivik

  1. Of course it was going to be a circus. The Left would not have it any other way. They have to stack witnesses with loons and tools that make their case for them.

    Here’s the thing, if the court proceeds just along the facts of the case, it doesn’t do help promote the Left’s agenda. Breivik must be made out to be a Nationalistic, anti-global, anti-immigrant mass murderer just like Timmothy McVeigh was made out to be a Christian fanatic by the Left.

    Or more recently the shooting of Rep. Griffords. The Left immediately went into assault mode to attack Conservatives and Palin and trying to put the blame on them.

    Bottom line: What is happening in the Breivik case is the standard Modus Operandi of the Left. Whether here in the U.S. or Europe.

  2. What could possible justify a one to two month long trial? There is no significant dispute over the external facts. The only dispositive legal issue is ABB’s state of mind, which will be determined almost exclusively on the basis of expert testimony which should require no more than a week at most. Unless the purpose is to conduct some kind of national exorcism, there is hardly any need for factual testimony at all. Or is the purpose to put the muslim immigration and multiculti sceptics on trial?


  3. Hello Fjordman,

    Tread carefully. I believe that you have been set up to take a fall here.

    It was INEVITABLE that you would be called to witness because, in your innocence that right makes might, you injected your actual identity into the investigation – and publicly admitted that you are far more comfortable writing than talking about the counter-jihad movement.

    It is hard to say how events would have transpired had you remained anonymous. Perhaps the police would have come to your home one night and dragged you out of bed and frightened you to death as they questioned you – and everyone that you know – and searched your home without your being prepared.

    In any case, Breivik might have requested Fjordman as a witness – and then you would have had to chose whether 1) to remain anonymous and violate the law that (you describe) compels a citizen to testify – thus giving the state a legal reason to find, arrest, and imprison you, or 2) to reveal your identity and start the media circus at a later date than it started due to your innocent self-revelation.

    Yet, now that you are called to testify, you may also give the state a legal reason to imprison you if the state decides that your previous writings or current legal testimony violate either ‘hate speech’ or incitement laws via your truthful but ‘hurtful’ descriptions and criticisms of Islam and the state policy of unchecked immigration.

    I suggest that you acquire the services of a GREAT lawyer to prep you for your testimony.

    Practice, practice, practice how YOU are going to answer the legal questions that will go on your permanent legal record to be used against you in future criminal and civil proceedings (civil should the victims or their families decide to sue you which would presumably happen after Breivik’s criminal trial).

    I recommend that you start reading transcripts of Geert Wilders and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff’s trials with attention to the questions that the state asked the defendants and witnesses and their method of answering.

    I also recommend that you quote the Koran, hadiths, and sura as much as possible at trial. Use Mohammed’s own words against the Muslims.

    If you can, try to use this trial to educate the world – or your part of the world – or Western reporters – about Islam.

    Decide the most important concepts to educate people about and repeat those concepts as much as possible.

    Perhaps the Baron would ask commenters to suggest the top 2-3 ideas you should highlight about Islam – giving reasons why and sources if possible.

    Breivik is giving you an immense opportunity here. He knows it.

    Take the opportunity to educate the public WITHOUT any conscious – or subconscious – guilt on your part. None of this would have happened if the state had disallowed Islam from gaining a foothold in oil-rich Norway.

    One country that CANNOT blame the need for oil for its treachery upon Western civilization is the country of Norway.


  4. The Nazi’s were masters of the show trial. Any perceived political enemies, or those who just simply opposed their totalitarian ideology, were publicly mocked and discredited before being found guilty in a Nazi court stacked with Nazi judges. What is now occurring with the upcoming show trial of Breivik is really no different to what went on in the political courts of Nazi Germany last century.

    The only difference between then and now of course, is the lack of Concentration Camps where the ‘guilty’ would be sent. Instead, public ridicule via a compliant media willing to denigrate publicly those who are deemed to be ‘right wing’ is proving to be far more effective than the ‘old hat’ concentration camp to descredit those who oppose the destruction of their own nations.

    This upcoming trial is not really about Breivik, we all know that he is guilty of his crimes, it is more about exposing Breivik’s perceived accomplices and publicly discrediting them via a political court.

    God help Norway that it has come to this!

  5. With all due respect for Fjordman and the important work he does. I believe he, too, should be aware in the meantime that the Swiss-Swedish company ABB has, in the friendliest possible manner and refraining from taking aggressive legal action contrary to common practice in the corporate world, publicly requested that the acronym not be used in texts regarding the murderer Breivik. I support that their appeal is justified in this case.

    All the best to Fjordman! Let’s hope this will work for, not against you and the just course.

  6. Fjordman should take note that the essays that Breivik copied were mstly from Defeating Eurabia, which has a preface that clearly rejects violence.

    Fjordman should quote from his own preface if accused of inciting violence in his essays.

  7. It should be noted that the Norwegian press has reported that Breivik has now admitted that his alleged “Knights Templar” organization has never existed.This is an important point that hasn’t been reported elsewhere.

  8. I fully agree with Egghead. This trial will not only be a strictly juridical one but to a large extent also political. Therefore a good legal adviser is recommended. Expert witness like Prof. Hans Jansen who took part in the prosecution of Geert Wilders, could possibly be used in case the court allows. It seems however that Fjordman himself has really a lot of knowledge about the history and about islam. The ridiculous teachings of islam should be exposed as much as possible, but without blaming the majority of the muslims. The followers of any religion can be anything from true and devoted believers of the absolute truth of the written word, those who believe some of it and the secularized ones which doesn’t follow the doctrines at all but use to call themselves followers. This also applies to muslims.

    The devoted believers of islam are convinced that the writings in the Quran, Hadith and Sira and what the muslim scholars teach, is the word of Allah and revealed trough the angel Gabriel to his prophet Mohammed. People outside islam, who have read and understood what islam is about, knows very well that there doesn’t exist different interpretations of the islamic scriptures but that the writings shall be taken literally. Moreover that there is nothing like moderate islam, islamism, radical islam, fundamental islam or political islam but that there is only ONE islam, such as described in the mentioned books and teachings. Furthermore, that democracy can absolutely not coexist with islam because islam is both a political system and a “religion” under sharia law and sharia is absolutely incompatible with democracy. Calling it a religion is a shame to other religions because of all its calls for violence and the licenses to murder.

    Unlike the New Testament in the Bible, the teachings in the islamic scriptures include a countless number of commandments which MUST be obeyed and followed, together with descriptions of the penalties for the non-followers. The principle of abrogation is important and also the two different ways of deceiving and lying in islam; taqiyya and kitman. The islamic scriptures are filled with a vast amounts of calls for mistreatment of, violence towards and death to non-believers and a lot more of antisemitism than what can be found in Mein Kampf. The later has extensively been reported trough articles published on Gates of Vienna by Andrew G. Bostom.

  9. continued..

    I have just briefly browsed the 1500+ page of AB-Bs manifesto and have therefore no detailed knowledge about all the rationales for his atrocities. Norway has like Denmark and Sweden and many other countries in the west, had and still have a mass asylum immigration which mostly originate from muslim countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia and other. The Ruling Class in these Scandinavian countries, have during many decades mostly consisted of socialist parties. They have without consulting the people, decided about the replacement of their own people and about the need for ”cultural enrichment”. During the last two decades, new parties have been established all over Europe, which criticize the mass immigration. These and bloggers like Fjordman discuss and warn about the consequences of the politically correct doctrine of multiculturalism. They criticize the mass-immigration in a fully legitimate way and by using facts as arguments. This is apparently disliked by The Political Class and mainstream media and the critics are labelled nazis, racists, hate-mongers, islamophobes, xenophobes etc.

    AB-B also dislikes this development in the society but has taken it a step further, e g the illegal step of using violence. He seems to have written a lot of nonsense but one thing seems to be very clear. His opinion is that the method of changing the Norwegian politics by democratic methods has come to roads end and that violence is the only remaining alternative. He therefore turn his frustration and anger towards the political party in Norway which has been ruling since almost forever and still is ruling – the social democratic Arbeiderpartiet and particularly towards it’s youth league, where the future Ap politicians likely are to be found. This party must more than any other in Norway, be held responsible for the mass immigration. The knowledge within Ap that there is criticism towards their political agenda and that it has now proceeded far enough, that a native Norwegian has decided to use mass murdering to protest, must be a very unpleasant, unwanted and fearful effect. This is the reason why the prime minister Stoltenberg has been quite careful of not blaming anyone else than the perpetrator, but declared that all Norwegian citizens need to be united against the hate.

    The leftists, cultural marxists and many of MSM are absolutely reluctant to facts about islam, it’s effects on western societies and independent of if islamization will come by violence or by immigration/demographic process, where the later trough the use of the democratic system, might result in that western societies in the future will be under the islamic law of sharia. They don’t seem to have informed themselves about former ethnic conflicts in the history of mankind and instead they continue with a process which might end in a loss of democracy or in a disaster like a civil war. In order to blame persons and parties which have legitimate and democratic criticism of the immigration politics, they claim that there exists long reaching chains of guilt-by-association between AB-B and the critics.

    All readers of Gates of Vienna should encourage and support Fjordman as much as we can.

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