Looking for Mr. Charisma

The following article and interview with the German scholar and author Udo Ulfkotte was translated by JLH. The translator’s introduction concerns the need for — and lack of — charisma among the leaders of the European Counterjihad:

Udo Ulfkotte is already familiar to Gates of Vienna readers. But this time he said something that really brought me up short. And not the business about the financial disaster on the horizon — what caught my attention was his comment about all the Counterjihad forces in Europe and why nothing was being accomplished, except in the Netherlands, where a charismatic leader has appeared.

When you think about it… First Pim Fortuyn was assassinated by a lame-brained Greenie — charter member of the Left half of the dual threat to Western civilization — for having the nerve to say what he thought about the immigrant invasion of his country. The assassin will be getting out in 2022, still in his fifties. Scratch one high-profile, homosexual, Islam-critical politician.

Then Theo Van Gogh — whose crimes were the documentary, Submission, made with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, followed by the fictional account of Fortuyn’s assassination — was killed by an angry Moroccan Muslim, the second half of the dual threat. Hirsi Ali, sadly, felt compelled to leave the country. Scratch one more high-profile politician and one documentary film maker.

And lo and behold! Another crazy Dutchman arises who makes a documentary, organizes an anti-Islam party and manages to find protection before some leftist or Islamist nut takes him out. So the Left tries to put him in prison or at least discredit him. But it backfires and he is invited to other countries where people are desperate for leadership in this battle. He has that damned charisma! We can only hope that his protection holds. He is getting the job done and giving no quarter politically.

But what about what Ulfkotte said? Sad but true. Most of Europe is still looking for that charmed leader. Wilders’ disciple, René Stadtkewitz, whom I first noticed when he was threatening to resign from the CDU because they would not let him have a forum to discuss Islam: a man elected from his district in Berlin because of his strong stand against a mosque there; a man whose house was fire-bombed while he was fortunately elsewhere with this family; a man who, when he could not stand it anymore, was separated from the CDU and formed Die Freiheit. I cannot say how much I admire his courage, his determination and his principles. But, alas, he does not have that magical quality, and I think he knows that, so he is doing the best he can with what he’s got. Which, let’s face it, is more than most of us.

In Scandinavia, there are two artists/journalists in Sweden and Denmark who live under death threat and in Norway there is a clear-eyed historian whose own government is doing what it can to destroy him. Where is the charismatic politician who will take up this gauntlet?

In Italy, a deeply flawed man was still able to attract support and had the cojones (note please that this term was made popular in political language by a Democratic Secretary of State, not some sex-mad reactionary) to take some action against immigration abuse and the Stalinist regulation by the EU, but it removed him from office. (Who needs elections?) In France, there is a congregation of midgets. In Belgium, home of unelected tyranny, the anti-jihad leader can only appeal to one-half of an ethnically schizophrenic population. In Spain, a Leftist government wobbles along and there is no opposition leader in sight. In the UK, we might think of Conservative Daniel Hannan or UKIP’s Nigel Farage, but they seem to garner more interest on the other side of the Atlantic than at home.

Is Ulfkotte right? I hate to think so, but it is true that the political, academic and journalistic establishment are of one mind, and no election except the showing of Wilders’ party has altered the power structure.

Where do I go to get a charisma shot?

The translated article and interview from Citizen Times:

“Most Muslims Suffer From Islamophobia”
by Felix Strüning
March 28, 2012

Islam critic Udo Ulfkotte in a Citizen Times interview on Islam, the economic crisis and why the latter is the solution.

Udo Ulfkotte and Günter Beckstein

He is to a certain extent the inventor of the Islam-critical fact book and probably the most provocative opponent of political Islam in Germany. Udo Ulfkotte explains in a Citizen Times interview why:

  • Islamophobia is prevalent above all among Muslims;
  • German Islam critics are changing nothing;
  • What Mohammed and Hitler had in common; and
  • What he would urgently advise Interior Minister Freidrich.

CT:   Mr. Ulfkotte, almost exactly nine years ago your first book on Islam, The War in our Cities, appeared. How has the debate about Islam in Germany developed since then?
UU:   We have given up more and more since then. Let us leave my books and look at Thilo Sarrazin. Then we just have to accept the fact: Even when an author sells far more than a million books on the subject, is quoted in all the media — absolutely nothing changes. We are today where we were before Sarrazin. No. We are getting worse and worse in the realm of political correctness. The debate on Islam is not developing. It is repeatedly choked off. Quite slowly we are choking ourselves by doing that.
CT:   A broad front of so-called bias researchers has arisen specifically in reference to that, who classify Islam criticism as Islamophobia. What is there to this charge?
UU:   It always makes me chuckle, when this idea is mentioned. Islamophobia comes from Islamic territory. Most Muslims suffer from it. The Sunni Muslims have an Islamophobia about the Shi’ite Muslims, the Shi’ite Muslims have an Islamophobia about the Muslims of the Ahmadiyya, and so on. In the 17 years when I lived largely among Muslims in Islamic countries, I was able to study this Islamophobia.

I know of no other group of people in he world who are so shaped by Islamophobia as are the Muslims. And I do not know of one single bias researcher who has ever dealt with that. That, too, is choked off. So it is not at all a question of Islamophobia, but of political correctness. Something is being hammered into the heads of the stupid Germans. And the really stupid ones actually believe it.

CT:   How do you see the various actors in the Islam-critical scene in Germany in its broadest sense — from the PRO movement to organizations like BPE?
UU:   They are moving nothing, except themselves. There is not one group in this area which, soberly regarded, could move or has moved anything. That is not a reproach, but a finding of fact. The actors are interchangeable and random. They have no charisma or they would be further along in this arena. The vacuum is there. But no one is in sight to fill it. That was exactly the case in the Netherlands — until Wilders. Then everything happened very quickly.
CT:   Let’s talk straight. What is Islam — religion, culture or political ideology?
UU:   You said it exactly. Islam is religion and political ideology and culture. But it is also an economic model, a judicial system, a political order and a social model. Islam is therefore not just a religion.

Regarded seriously, the founder of Islam, Mohammed, did what Adolf Hitler did in the past century to win power. What Mein Kampf is to Adolf Hitler, the Koran is to Muslims. A neutral reader will find there more than 200 passages with calls to battle against infidels. This devilish concoction, the Koran, should be on the Index, like Mein Kampf. Mohammed and Adolf Hitler are alike in many ways.

In the city of Yathrib, now called Medina, Mohammed beheaded more than 500 Jews. More wouldn’t have been possible. At that time, there were no longer any male Jews in Yathrib. The Nazi ideology and Islam are very similar. It was not for no reason that the leaders of Islam formed their own Islamic SS brigades to support Hitler in his genocidal campaign against the Jews. Allah’s green Nazis are being courted by today’s policies. An irony of world history.

CT:   Assuming that the office of Interior Minister Friedrich should call and ask for your advice…What three specific steps would you recommend for immediate implementation?
UU:   I would tell him the truth. Time is working against him with furious speed, and against all the political parties represented in the Bundestag. For now, forget Islam and the problems we have with Muslims. I personally am no longer afraid of that, and I am no longer going to try to change anything in the political arena. For the pendulum of history will soon be swinging back in the other direction. For a very simple reason. The government bankruptcies everywhere in the EU are rolling our way. And we have a financial shield for everyone, but none for ourselves. In the end, we will pay. And I look forward to that. Because the only thing to do will be to dial everything back severely — from pensions to social aid. And then, of course, there will be no more money for the millions of Muslims everywhere who want to be taken care and are living on Hartz-IV funds.

Then the battle over distribution of moneys will start. And that will be the very latest point at which citizens will forget all political correctness and wonder whether they can continue to play social service office to the world, and whether they want to share the fruits of their labor with people who have brought them nothing but expenses. That will circulate.

CT:   A theory which you expressed as early as 2010, borrowing from the US futurologist, Gerald Celente.
UU:   …correct. At any rate, that is the latest when there will be massive steams of Muslims from Europe to their home countries. That is all predictable. Against this background, these are my three suggestions for Interior Minister Friedrich:

First: Now, today — in accordance with our laws — deport all Muslims who are not employed and do not have German citizenship.

Second: Retroactively withdraw citizenship from all Muslims and deport those who have not proven worthy of having citizenship. The USA has been doing that slowly for a long time, for instance with Islamists and criminals.

And third: Institute comprehensive Islam instruction in German schools. And there, enlighten children on the Nazi-like ideology of Muslims, Anyone who wants to fight Nazis must also fight the ideology of the founder of Islam, Mohammed.

Now, Minister Friedrich will not do all that. So it is foreseeable that Muslims will sometime be driven from Europe. I certainly do not want that. But it is looming on the horizon. History means change. And we will soon see great changes. Simply because we have destroyed our financial basis. Soon the big bang is coming which will also solve our Muslim problem.

CT:   Political scientist Dr. Thomas Tartsch once called you the inventor of the Islam-critical book of facts. In point of fact, you are journalistically pretty busy. What book may we expect this summer?
UU:   I do not write only under my own name, but I also ghostwrite autobiographies for large publishing houses. And I am presently working on the autobiography of a well-known SPD politician. You understand, I cannot mention his name. In passing, I can say that he shares my opinion about Islam. On television and in public, he speaks quite differently. That gets him votes. In contrast to me, he is a true Muslim-hater. He will seem completely different in a book. He values the fact that he is mentioned in connection with visits to mosques and intercultural conferences as many times as possible in the book. That is the side of him that readers will get. That is how it is with political correctness.

Photo: Udo Ulfkotte with the Bavarian interior minister and panegyrist at that time, Günter Beckstein (right), concerning the award of the civic prize of the Annette Bartheit Foundation, 2003

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  1. “But this time he said something that really brought me up short. And not the business about the financial disaster on the horizon — what caught my attention was his comment about all the Counterjihad forces in Europe and why nothing was being accomplished, except in the Netherlands, where a charismatic leader has appeared.”

    Baron, the obvious lack of many charismatic counterjihad leaders is an arresting idea, but I am also extremely interested the assertion that Islamization in Europe will come to a (screeching?)halt when the economies of Europe hit the wall. From past comments that you have made, you perhaps agree with this? I’m not sure whether to feel relieved by this thought or whether to feel dread–in fact, I feel both.

    It’s true that watching the European economies is a little like watching a train wreck but in very slow motion.

    Not that our own economy isn’t too far behind.


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