Fjordman: The Breivik Trial Begins


Fjordman’s latest essay has been published at Europe News. Some excerpts are below:

The trial against the confessed mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik has started in Oslo and will last until June 22, with a verdict expected at some point in July.

Professor Ole Gjems-Onstad is concerned that the mass murderer, who craves personal attention above else, has become a money machine and formed a symbiosis of sorts with newspapers, lawyers, publishing houses and others who make good money from his atrocities while turning him into the mega-celebrity he always wanted to be, instead of ridiculing him as the pathetic creature he is. He thinks the extensive list of ideological witnesses should have been cut, and that “The attempt to turn evil into politics is a diversion.”

Hans Rustad of was present in court as a journalist, along with his friend Christian Skaug. On the first day of the trial, he noted that Breivik seemed unmoved when his murders were mentioned. He clearly enjoys the spotlight, but otherwise seems strangely detached and cut off from reality, leaving “an impression of charade.” Rustad figured that his defense lawyers would have a hard time convincing the court that their client is perfectly sane, and did not quite seem convinced of this themselves. With his strange and enigmatic smile, like an evil version of Mona Lisa, Breivik left the impression of being a loose cannon on deck.

During the first day of the trial, the main person took to tears. The columnist Andreas Wiese and I don’t always see eye to eye, but in this case we do: Breivik’s world ends at the tip of his own surgically altered nose. He has so far shown no empathy whatsoever towards his victims, even when their parents or siblings sit a few meters from him and have to listen to how he killed their loved ones in cold blood.

When he cried as his propaganda video was shown in court, this was because he felt sorry for himself, not for others. That’s why it’s so ridiculous to hear the same mass media pretend that this has anything to do with ideology. It should be painfully obvious by now that Breivik does not care for anything greater than himself.

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12 thoughts on “Fjordman: The Breivik Trial Begins

  1. The list of witnesses is not “designed to get ABB publicity” – it is designed to demonize the witnesses and their ideas
    It would be far wiser if Fjordman did not report on the case, and keep silent instead. It has nothing to do with him, of with any of us.

  2. The weight of privileged guilt and remorse in the court room almost made Anders Behring Breivik look like a spectator.

    Fjordman evil was turned into politics in Europe long before Breivik’s exercise in self-indulgence. The risk is that the contempt for Breivik’s actions is manipulated as a political tool to absolve that evil and plunge Europe into silence and darkness.

    Cry for the nations.

    Jolie Rouge

  3. In the programme shown on BBC2 last night, his defence lawyer said that he was terribly concerned about a scratch on his finger, which he got while perpetrating his crimes. Narcissism bordering on solipsism – a sociopath.

  4. Hi,
    I read on a Russian site that “Sound from the courtroom is fed to the ‘live’ website only in part. Time and again, it is being cut off by censors – as was announced earlier (e.g. they read the witness list, but not the evidence). And Breivik’s own speech in which he narrates his motives will not be broadcast either.”
    Is this more or less the case?

  5. It’s very likely he will be sentenced for life. However, it’s very unlikely he will stay there for so long. In 1917. (after the October Revolution), many hardened murderers were promptly released from prisons to join NKVD and the newly founded Red Army, where their skills were very much sought for during the extremely bloody civil war which followed. Stalin himself, a well-known bank robber and murderer at that time, escaped from Tsarist prison in 1917. to join the Revolution. Other imprisoned comrades were not so lucky when the Whites reached them first. Who will come to Breivik first, one day in the future when the welfare state collapses?

  6. Sign
    “I am Norwegian”

    Norwegian beggar on a Norwegian street in competition with East Europeans and others in the country of oil and honey attracting all sorts of asylum seekers of all kinds

    Diversity site – in the same country – says this sign makes his begging more lucrative, indicating “racism”.

  7. @OT,
    The owners of GoV know about that article. Btw did you notice how a certain Ms. Geller was described as someone holding hands between Yanks & Brits? The guy obviously has put his story first & the facts second. Oh Roberta Moore, where are you now…? Nowhere to be seen. Funny that, eh…

  8. ““Sound from the courtroom is fed to the ‘live’ website only in part. Time and again, it is being cut off by censors – as was announced earlier (e.g. they read the witness list, but not the evidence). And Breivik’s own speech in which he narrates his motives will not be broadcast either.””

    Dov, you’re right in pointing this out!

    The broadcasting question had even been taken to the Supreme Court, Høyesterett which decided not to broadcast all of Breivik’s speech and explanations.

  9. ‘surgically altered nose’…

    do we know that for sure…

    interested to see what was there before the tranformation…

    kinda makes you think he was readying himself for a career in tv….albeit a short one

  10. The Daily Telegraph has closed comments on the trial because of the strong support of pro-Breivik comments. The Daily Mail comments that support Breivik are receiving enormous suppport at this hour.

    Fjordman’s nose remark was infantile and tacky.

  11. I have a big nose myself, like ABB…
    He probably had to take away som bone structure
    to get a better air passage…
    Nothing more nothing less…

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