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The following article from a Norwegian newspaper describes an attempted murder that occurred this afternoon in the notoriously culturally enriched Rosengård neighborhood in the southern Swedish city of Malmö.

Given that the account has been filtered through both the Swedish and Norwegian MSM, there remains not a hint of the ethnicity of the alleged perpetrator. However, if it turns out there’s no cultural enrichment involved, I’ll eat my pickelhaube.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer, who translated the piece, includes this introduction:

Here’s an article about yet another incident of cultural enrichment (the article doesn’t say so, but it’s pretty obvious that it is) from the multicultural enclave of Rosengård. Apparently the woman in this article had done something ‘unacceptable’ and was punished by being set alight by a male relative.

The translated article from Dagbladet:

Man sets woman on fire in front of two children

A man has been arrested in Malmö on suspicion of attempted murder after setting a woman on fire inside an apartment. The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon in the presence of two children, according to Expressen.se.

The woman was taken to hospital with serious burn injuries. A man has been arrested suspected of attempted murder, or alternatively grievous body harm.

The police received a report about a domestic incident in an apartment in the suburb of Rosengård at 12.03. Moments afterwards the rescue services received a report about a fire.

Serious injuries

“When we arrived at the scene we were met by a woman with serious burn injuries. She was immediately taken to hospital. Her injuries are described as serious, but not as life-threatening,” says Cindy Schonstrom-Larsson, spokesperson for the police in Skåne.

There were also two children present in the apartment at the time, but they had not been subjected to any physical violence.

“A man was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder or alternatively grievous body harm. Another man was also apprehended, and this person has been given the status of a witness.”

Clothes were on fire

According to Mats Streer, who works for Rescue Service South, they believe that the man poured petrol inside the apartment and over the woman before he started the fire, Swedish news agency TT writes.

“We received a report about a fire inside the building, but when we arrived we only saw tiny amounts of smoke coming from the apartment. A woman had already left the scene of the crime with her clothes on fire,” Streer tells Expressen.se.

Fled to a neighbor

The rescue services were informed that a man, a woman and two children had been in the apartment when the fire started.

“The children were being looked after by a neighbor when we showed up,” Streer says.


The police have as yet not released any information about the status of the relationship between the man and the woman.

“All I can say is that they are related,” Cindy Schonstrom-Larsson says.

The apartment has been cordoned off for forensic examination.

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4 thoughts on “A Rosengård Barbecue

  1. To paraphrase a commenter on a previous post “Please pass the vomit bowl.”
    When will this stop?
    I can only imagine this will stop when the CHRISTIANS of the country say it will stop.

  2. However, if it turns out there’s no cultural enrichment involved, I’ll eat my pickelhaube.

    Since the media has referred to the monster as a “man”, and not as Bjorn Christianssen, Fredrik Nilsson or any other such names, there can be no doubt that it’s got to have been a culturally-enriched import.

  3. This will help you understand Swedish press’ hidden code;
    Ethnic swede = White Swede
    Swede = immigrant.

    This goes for Denmark and Norway too. Once you crack the code it is easy 😉

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