Phyllis Chesler on Honor Killings

In the video below Michael Coren and Phyllis Chesler discuss the Shafia case in Canada, and “honor killing” in general.

The media have pigeonholed the Shafia murders as “domestic violence”, but Mr. Coren and Ms. Chesler emphasize the great difference between Islamic honor killings and what we call domestic violence. The latter term does a disservice to Muslim women, as if they were simply the victims of an angry husband, rather than the targets of a carefully calculated and planned conspiracy by multiple members of the extended family.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

4 thoughts on “Phyllis Chesler on Honor Killings

  1. Those poor girls. Honor killings are becoming more and more of an epidemic in the west, and yet we cannot speak it out loud out due to the cultural sensitivities of those who don’t see anything morally wrong with murdering their children. Political correctness has made us enablers of evil.

  2. Coran: “It is young muslim women who suffer.”

    But, we must not look at this because our Multi-Culti experiment is going along swimmingly.

    I can’t tell you how much I grieve for the fallen. But, our western gov’t refuse to put a stop to it.

  3. There is apparently an epidemic of young Muslim women “falling” from balconies in Great Britain. Muslims have no honor in the Western sense of at the very least being honest about following their beliefs. Instead, they hide the executions they think justified to escape prosecution in the West or have their minor sons commit them to get the shortest possible “youth” sentence. You’ll note, their solution is never to leave their cushy western life to go back to some Muslim swamp where their fellow citizens nod approval for honor killings. The critical differentiating feature between so-called honor killings and domestic violence is this social approval and involvement of family, especially the victims’ mothers who often play and active role, luring escaped daughters back to their deaths or at the very least not lifting a finger to get help from western authorities to prevent premeditated filicide. And it’s at least as often from sharing their patriarch’s viewpoint i.e. the Muslim faith’s viewpoint as from fear for themselves. Otherwise you’d see tearful Muslim mothers testifying against their husbands to get them locked up for murdering their daughters.

  4. From RonaldB
    It’s impossible to offer a comment using my TypePad ID

    I think there’s more to honor killings than just tradition.

    I’m going to take a Darwinian perspective.

    We know that Muslim culture enforces the marriage of first cousins. This is functional in Islam for many reasons. First, it keeps the population genetically dumb. The dumber they are, they less likely to leave Islam.

    Second, it provides a genetic basis for the tribe, the basic unit of Islamic culture. Each tribe consists of individuals with a high degree of genetic similarity. It is not so horrific, from the standpoint of carrying on one’s genes, to murder one daughter if one has hundreds of other relatives who are genetically very close to you.

    The question is, why is honor killing so prevalent? Does it have a beneficial effect in primitive tribal society?

    Killing women is a means of controlling them. The tribe, to maintain its genetic nature, is willing to sacrifice a few individuals to keep the rest of its women locked into the tribal genetic pool. Further, the Muslim males are totally dysfunctional in a modern society. It is likely that a large proportion of Muslim women would leave their loser relatives in the dust, and mate with decent Western, non-Muslim males.

    So, again, the Muslim tribes are protecting their breeding pool, using violence, torture, and murder to keep their women in line and in their breeding stock.

    Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, and the rest of the largely Muslim countries are not going to change. The practice of tribal inbreeding makes them continually lose ground with relation to non-Muslim societies, but paradoxically, a tribe in a Muslim setting is likely to be at a disadvantage within that setting. A tribe that does not violently imprison its breeding women is likely to lose ground to a tribe that does.

    The very worst thing Western countries can do is to import these people, support their damaged families with public benefits, and allow them to maintain their own community enforcement structures. With public support, their highly dysfunctional practices allow them to have high birth rates and maintain their tribal fealty.

    The best solution would be to leave them in their own countries. Such countries generally fall apart at the first conflict with a non-Muslim country. For the ones here, they should not receive public aid at all, and alternative community enforcement mechanisms, sharia courts and the like, should be absolutely suppressed. Without the threat of violence, most Western Muslim women would leave Islam and dysfunctional Muslim males.

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