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The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service (Norsk Arbeids- og Velferdsetaten, or NAV) is tasked with taking care of all the refugees and asylum seekers that the central government, in its magisterial wisdom, decides to allocate to various Norwegian communities.

In their solicitousness for the culture-enrichers, the authorities seem not to worry overmuch about the interests of “persons of Norwegian background”. As a result, according to the article below, the situation has deteriorated to the point that NAV is unable to discharge its duties effectively.

Read the whole thing, but take special note of this passage:

One of the men has 22 children under the age of 18, and he has applied for family reunification with his wife and 11 of his children. The children will eventually also be eligible to apply for family reunification with their siblings and mothers, so the number could increase even further…

And mark well the words of one Hossein Ahmed Mayamuud:

“The government has a big responsibility when it comes to us…”

As I have said many times in the past, nothing short of mass insanity can adequately account for what Western nations are doing to themselves. This is utter madness.

Many thanks to our Norwegian correspondent The Observer for his translation of an article from Document.no:

When 15 becomes 52
by Nina Hjerpset-Østlie

The village of Svelgen in Bremanger municipality (1,198 inhabitants), agreed to resettle 15 Somali and Eritrean refugees but this number could rise to 52 before summer on account of family reunifications. NAV is now pleading with the local council to reject new requests to house more refugees because the tiny community simply can’t cope, the local newspaper Firdaposten writes.

“Accepting refugees is a new experience for us. The numbers are higher than we had anticipated. We expect to receive a total of 52 persons before the end of summer in the village of Svelgen. The number may even be higher, as several of the refugees already living here have told us that they intend to apply for family reunifications. If this happens the numbers could be as high as 63. This creates serious challenges for NAV. We haven’t increased our workforce yet, but this is going to happen soon in order to cope with the situation,” says Anita Steinset, leader of NAV in Bremanger, in a memorandum to the council.

One of the men has 22 children under the age of 18, and he has applied for family reunification with his wife and 11 of his children. The children will eventually also be eligible to apply for family reunification with their siblings and mothers, so the number could increase even further, according to Steinset.

NAV is of the opinion that it is necessary to regain control of the situation, and wants a stop to the resettlement of refugees in Svelgen.

“We need to get the situation under control and ensure that those who are already here and who are waiting for their families receive the best possible assistance. We have to find houses for all of them, and when a person suddenly gets 6-7 family members it requires extra space and suitable houses.”

Bremanger municipality receives integration grants from the Norwegian government for a maximum of five years for each refugee who settles in the municipality, and three years for reunited family members. But the challenges facing the municipality are numerous. Several of the refugees have children that are unaccounted for, which are stressful for them, and which also affects the employees of NAV, Steinset says. Merely to arrange an appointment with a doctor is challenging because most of the refugees don’t have ID numbers. It is also very time-consuming to get the refugees registered with the national census bureau. It is additionally challenging to apply for passports and ID numbers, as this has to be done in person in Førde og Florø.

Acting manager of Svelgen Oppvekts [oppvekts is Norwegian for “childhood” — translator] Carina Solvåg Endresen says that the local school is in the middle of a restructuring process. It has 39 non-native-speaking pupils out of a total of 188 students. “Non-native-speaking pupils now account for over one-fifth of all students and before the summer we may receive an additional 37.”

“The day care centres will eventually run out of space, but we still have availability at the local school. We can fit 29 pupils in each class so we will manage,” she says. There are currently children from 14 different nations at the local school in Svelgen. These pupils come from Poland, Brazil, Peru, India, Bulgaria, Estonia, Belgium, Sri Lanka and Sweden just to mention a few.

Notice that the above list includes no Muslim countries. Yet the only two patres familias used as examples in the rest of the article have a Mohammed Coefficient of — surprise! — 100%:

To live without the family is the most difficult aspect of life in Norway, Hossein Ahmed Mayamuud says. His wife and 11 of his children are still in Addis Ababa, penniless and without residence permits. This makes it impossible to live a normal life, but Mayamuud has applied for family reunification and he hopes that his family will soon be allowed to come to Norway.

“The government has a big responsibility when it comes to us, they provide us with a personal economy that we can live on, housing, education so we can get jobs and Norwegian language classes. This means a lot to us. Now, we hope that the government will do the same for our children and families so that they can also enjoy a good life here in Norway. We need our families in order to have a meaningful life,” Hussein Mayow Obeyd says.

Saaid Makaraan Mohamed came to Norway in 2009, and was recently reunited with his family in Svelgen. Some of his children have already started school and three of them attend kindergarten. Mohamed is taking Norwegian language classes and eventually hopes to find a job. His wife will also ultimately find a job, he tells Firdaposten.

The article “Immigration creates a baby boom in Svelgen, agreed to accept 15 refugees, but ended up with 52” was published in Firdaposten on March 17, 2012, and is currently not available online. However, a copy of the article may be purchased and downloaded here.

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7 thoughts on “Enjoying the Good Life in Norway

  1. “…and when a person suddenly gets 6-7 family members….”

    This sentiment is more sentient than the speaker might realize.

    Norway should require that DNA tests prove that Muslim immigrants are truly related to each other.

    This might be muddied by the first cousin marriages and polygamous marriages, but DNA testing would stop total strangers from BUYING a free pass to immigration based on fake familial relations.

    Additionally, Islam absolutely rewards child molestation that provides DNA evidence when babies are born of father-daughter and brother-sister unions.

    If DNA tests verify child molestation, Norway should summarily deport the child molesters.


  2. “Utter madness” it’s not. It’s a agenda. Agendas are more important than reality or anything else in the minds of the Leftist promoting this ticking time bomb.

    And what is the agenda? The destruction of Western Civilization and Christianity. For decades the Left in the West has viewed Western civilization and Christianity as the chief ills of the world. Our colleges even teach this much as fact. They see the uncontrolled influx Muslims and other 3rd worlders as instruments to bring down both.

  3. I have to agree with anon of 3:08 pm,there simply HAS to be an agenda at work here and in at least most of the rest of Europe. Various conspiracies have been put forward, but it seems the most likely is the aim of defeating Christianity and the nation states of Europe so that they pose no threat to the advancement of a New World Order, something resembling Orwell’s
    1984 where an inner party of a very
    few monumentally rich families
    controls an outer party of police,
    army and civil servants who themselves control the great mass of humanity.The mixing of the races is part of this strategy, to distract and confuse anyone who susses what’s going on.

  4. It’s also quite interesting to take a look at the billionaire Støre friend who got taxpayer fund for his trust which is in a good position in the starting blocks in North Norway, for the new oil adventures.

    The news was out on Tuesday.

  5. “We have to find houses for all of them,”

    If they are truly seeking asylum from war-torn conditions, they will be happy will clean and warm barracks until they can work and provide for their families.

    Do not take away their chance at independence, autonomy and pride.
    Do not deny them emancipation.

    Any of them – this includes the women.

    No Norwegian owes these people anything, however, for the sake of the children: warmth, western education and nourishing food will turn the children into Europeans. For those parents unable to make the transition – the way home id open.

  6. The assumption is that these Somali immigrants want what Norwegians want. But what is REALLY going on is the building of a Civilizational Jihad enclave that will establish a cancerous blotch on the body politic that will metastasize into a vicious violent no-go nest of jihadis.

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