5 thoughts on “Cultural Terrorism

  1. Good point about how Islam, the worst abuser of human rights and purveyor of terrorism on the planet is helped by the inane liberal West to pose as a tenderhearted maid on the fainting couch in need of smelling salts when a smidgen of justified criticism comes its way. As world class hypocrites themselves, leftists are content to let Muslims play the same game that mangles all common sense. Both Muslims and the Left dish it out but refuse to take it. And the Left’s most brilliant invention Political Correctness makes sure they never have to take it in proportion to how they dish it out. It’s the PC firewall that conservatives need to smash to get anywhere in the culture war.

  2. Throat cancer? Something’s up here. Pat’s been gone for a long time. I don’t care that you’re an atheist mate, you’re always in my prayers.

  3. This guy is right on Islam and wrong on everything else. I’m sorry that Islam gives a bad name to all religion and leads people to accept the most heinous nonsense about Europe’s Christian past.

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