Zombie Mo and the Limits to Free Speech

Below is the latest installment of the “Zombie Mohammed” case in Pennsylvania. In an interview on CNN, the judge who dismissed the charge against the offended culture-enricher says quite clearly that there are limits to free speech under the First Amendment. Basically, anything that insults Muslims is off-limits.

In other words, as I said last week, sharia.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

10 thoughts on “Zombie Mo and the Limits to Free Speech

  1. Judge Martin says he didn’t see any proof that the defendant tried to rip the sign off the victim. Well, maybe it’s because the good judge REFUSED to watch a video tape of the incident that the victim trued to enter into evidence. Judge Martin, you are a hack and do not belong working in government in any capacity whatsoever.

  2. This clown should not be a judge.

    Let’s hope the outcry over this incident gets him thrown off the bench.

    Bob Smith

  3. “Just because you can dress up in a white sheet and a hood doesn’t mean that you should.”


    The case brought before this judge was one of assault. There were videos and eye witness testimonies to same. For this judge to say that the assault was “not proven to me” is rubbish. Heck, the defendant even confessed to a police officer that he assaulted the athiest…

    Anyone that reads this blog and resides in the state of PA should take action to have this vile man removed from the court. And BTW, I don’t care how many tours he did in the Af.

  4. This judge should just pack up his stuff and move his ass to Afghanistan where he would obviously be happier.

  5. This clearly shows that the training he received in the Army is falacious and unconstitutional. And tha the U.S. Army is now part of the Muslim offensive against the United States.

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