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Lars Hedegaard, the president of the International Free Press Society and chairman of the Danish Free Press Society, has just announced the opening of a chapter of his organization in Sweden. The following article chronicles the founding of the Swedish Free Press Society.

The Free Press Comes to Sweden

More than a hundred people turned up for the first meeting of the Swedish Free Press Society

By the editors of

(COPENHAGEN, 2 February) “Come and listen to what you will never see, hear or read in the Swedish media.”

This is a quote from the invitation to the Swedish Free Press Society’s first meeting, which took place on 31 January in the City of Malmö across the bridge from the Danish capital Copenhagen.

That same evening yet another murder and yet another bombing of a police station were added to the seemingly endless cycle of gangland violence in the Southern Swedish city. The number of unsolved murders in Malmö since last summer now stands at eight and the city has acquired a reputation as the Murder Capital of Northern Europe.

Free Press Society, Malmö

[The evening’s speakers in high spirits. From left to right: Hans Rustad (Norway), the Swedes Gunnar Sandelin and Ingrid Carlqvist, and the Danes Lars Hedegaard and Mikael Jalving.

(Photo © Snaphanen)]

But despite escalating violence and biting cold, 120 people turned up for the meeting, which was held under the watchful eye of about 20 uniformed and armed police in addition to a number of fierce-looking plainclothes agents that were there to protect the Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who has been the target of several assassination attempts.

The Swedish journalist Ingrid Carlqvist — the principal organiser of the event — had ample reason to be satisfied as she bid welcome to the audience and speakers:

“This is a historic meeting,” she said.

“We are here to break some taboos and let’s begin with the biggest one of all — Sweden’s immigration policies.”

Total blackout

As one of the evening’s speakers, the Swedish journalist Gunnar Sandelin, could testify, it is a risky business to write the truth about this national taboo.

In 2008 he wrote a critical piece for the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter under the headline “Journalists impose blackout on immigration”. Since then he has been unable to find a steady job.

The article documented that the vast majority of so-called refugees have no legitimate reason to ask for asylum.

What is really taking place is a hugely expensive, camouflaged immigration. “In addition,” said Sandelin in his Malmö speech, “we have no knowledge at all about who is entering the country. The great majority come without any identification papers and present the immigration authorities with cooked-up stories.

“Many anonymous members of the immigration service are well aware of what is going on. Yet nothing is done.

“This ought to be an obvious issue for Swedish journalists but nobody wants to touch it. They simply impose a blackout when it comes to the entire problem of unregulated mass immigration. Instead they spend their time stigmatizing people who dare speak up. This is not a healthy social climate.”

Sandelin quoted a poll indicating that 90% of the population agree that the Swedish media are not telling the truth about immigration and its consequences.

“Make them weep”

As a former journalist with the state-owned TV channel SVT Sandelin was able to reveal how the channel views its role when it comes to immigration.

At some point he asked his boss why the reporters kept labelling immigrants as refugees when it was evident that they were not.

“My boss informed me that immigrants are weak and that it is therefore the obligation of TV-journalists to be on their side. Immigrants had to be presented as so pitiful that viewers would weep.”

According to Gunnar Sandelin, this is a highly ideological issue.

“It used to be the workers who were weak by definition — today it is the immigrants. We are being ruled by a sort mental Stalinism that determines what roles various social groups must play. As a consequence, people are being misled and kept in the dark as to what is really going on.”

Inequality before the law

The other speakers were two Danes and one Norwegian.

President of the Danish Free Press Society Lars Hedegaard attributed most current threats against free speech to the fact the entire vision of an idyllic multicultural society has unravelled.

“As we can see in city after city and country after country, multiculturalism and cultural relativity have created problems so vast that politicians no longer know how to solve them. Angela Merkel has admitted that the multicultural utopia is off the table and so have David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy. But if they cannot solve the problems, they can at least try to prevent people from speaking about them.”

The result, said Lars Hedegaard, is the introduction of so-called “hate speech” and “racism” clauses in the penal codes and an ensuing string of convictions all over Europe. The problem is compounded by the fact that laws against insult are being applied selectively leading to inequality before the law.

“Some people are being punished for saying what the specially favoured — those defined as ‘weak’ or righteous — can utter with impunity. In fact, the most favoured can say pretty much whatever they want.”

Hedegaard made a point of stressing that successful integration of immigrants cannot take place in a climate where people are afraid to speak their mind. “Who would integrate into a society that responds to any attack by limiting the rights of its own citizens?” he asked.

“Without free speech we cannot solve the problems of society. We cannot even identify them.”

Cracks in “The Realm of Silence”

The other Danish speaker, journalist and author Mikael Jalving, is quite an expert on Swedish debating culture. He spent most of a year travelling around the country in an attempt to get the Swedes to talk.

It proved difficult. He did, however, manage to collect enough material to write a book entitled “Absolute Sweden” in which he characterises the country as “The Realm of Silence”.

“There is a lot of discussion taking place in Sweden,” he told the audience in Malmö. “But people rarely debate matters of import. That’s why I’m positively surprised that today we have a Free Press Society here in Malmö. I wouldn’t have believed that two years ago.”

Sweden wants to be best

Hans Rustad, the editor of the popular Norwegian website, had also made the trip to Malmö. He delivered a brief characterisation of Swedish immigration policies as it looks from a Norwegian perspective:

“Viewed from the outside, Sweden seems to have a great need to be the best. You want to be number one in goodness and tolerance, which is why you compete with other countries in the discipline of having the most liberal immigration policy.”

“But in the process you have given up your own identity and that is dangerous. That is why I wish the Swedish Free Press Society success and good luck.”

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  1. Can someone please tell us what language those Scandinavians speak when they get together? Some sort to Scandinavian neutral inter-language? Or, each person speaks his own language, and all the others understand it, even if not a speaker of that language? Use English as necessary?

  2. The Swedish Free Press Society will no doubt be labeled Radical Right-Wing Fascists….who spew hate and are mentally deranged(classic Leftwing ploys).


  3. Anonymous 2/07/2012 10:51 PM —

    I can answer your question. Scandinavian representating the three major branches of Vikingdom, when conversing among themselves, speak a special dialect known as “Horn-Helmet”, which is mutually intelligible to all (especially when lots of ale has been consumed).

    Finns are different, however. They speak Suomi, which is also known as “Klingon”. Outside of Finland, nobody within the orbit of Pluto can understand this strange argot.

  4. “..the introduction of so-called “hate speech” and “racism” clauses in the penal codes and an ensuing string of convictions all over Europe.”

    Only non-koranic phrases on the way, step by step, to full sharia

    Just another way to punish and educate the natives to make them understand their lower place in society, their role in a muslim ruled society

    A matter of getting used to the “new role”

    Intimidation, is another word

    Another way of pointing out the infidel place in society, is shouting “F… off! F…ing whore!!” at native women and girls.

    Would the same “men” who keep shouting this at any opportunity, shout the same to muslimas? The answer is most likely ‘no’.

    A Norwegian woman who didn’t like two of foreign descent’s peeing up her exterior wall, took the liberty to let them know, only to be yelled at in a foreign language she doesn’t speak, or understand.

    The two “young men” in their twenties topped it off with “F…ing whore!”

    The woman in question understood at the two had grown up in Norway and went to school there, but their Norwegian was still poor.

    This was unheard of in Norway until quite recently. You would never use such four letter language at people you didn’t know.

    There used to be a certain level of civilization in the society, which is about to disappear as no one is speaking up against this uncivilized behaviour.

  5. “Or, each person speaks his own language, and all the others understand it, even if not a speaker of that language?”

    – Yes.

    Like Baron points out, the Soumi, is completely “greek” to Scandinavians, being the same linguistic family as the Hungarian language.

    Many Finns speak Swedish, though, but have been refusing to speak it, out of pride.

  6. The Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian are related languages, the same group as German and Dutch, the Germanic languages

    German and Dutch must however be learnt as foreign languages before a Scandinavian can understand and speak them.

    Icelandic is old Norwegian, but is not comprehensible to today’s Norwegians, other than certain phrases.

  7. are they intending to launch a new paper?
    i hope so, it should fly off the shelves.
    why dont the swedes change their voting habits?

  8. The language we Scandinavians speak with eachother are our own languages. But we understand eachother pretty well. Scandinavia consists of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Each country have theire own language, but as I said, we have no problem understanding eachother.

  9. @anonymous 2/07/2012 10:51 PM Scandinavian languages: I am German,
    fluent in English and self-taught in Swedish in my leisure time for
    about 6 years. Now I can read also Danish and Norwegian (though I am
    reluctant to do so, for not messing up the languages). Which implies
    that a native speaker of any of the languages can communicate with the
    rest in his own language. Spelling may be quite different among them
    but pronounciation less so. Where Norwegian/Danish uses another word
    than Swedish, this is in many cases recognizable as English or German.

    Decades ago, with my knowledge of German and English only, I could grasp
    the contents of a Swedish-language researchpaper on the wolverine. I
    guess the Scandinavian languages are closer to German than to English.

    Icelandic and the language of the Faroers are descendants of the same
    germanic dialects but for Swedes/Norwegians/Danes hardly understandable.
    Those islands conserved the old dialect AFAIK to such a degree, that
    modern speakers can read the original Edda — songs on gods and heros
    written down 1000 years ago — except for spelling and script.

    In summary, what you see here is European history: germanic tribes
    settling more than 2000 years ago in the region from southern Sweden to
    northern Germany (using the modern terms) and spreading in all
    directions until about year 1000. At that time kind of northern empire
    emerged with center in modern Denmark. But germanic tribes were unruly
    and produced strong “centrifugal” forces. Late in the Middle Ages
    Denmark, Norway, and Sweden again formed a common “Rike” (Reich,
    State, Empire). In the 1520-ties Sweden became independent but fought
    for centuries against Denmark for the southern part of modern Sweden.
    Denmark was forced in 1814 to leave Norway to Sweden and Norway became
    independent in 1905.

    Finland has two languages: Finnish and Swedish which is spoken by about
    a tenth of the population (along the coasts). Finnish is no
    indogermanic language but close (or belonging) to the uralo-altaic
    family of languages which have their center in Siberia. Thus Finnish is
    probably closer to Japanese than to any other European language except
    Hungarian (but Finnish and Hungarian are mutually completely
    un-understandable AFAIK). Finland was a part of Sweden until 1809 when
    Sweden was forced to leave it to Russia.

    Finally, you might enjoy to listen to some records:
    Swedish Anthem
    Longing for light at time of Christmas
    Various patriotic songs

    How a raven keeps alive in winter

    Nursing song
    Song from patriotic academic youth
    (Though this song was used much by the SS in German NS times,
    it dates back to the early 19-th century, when German academic youth
    fought against french occupation (Napoleon) and for civil rights.)

    Song from German-trained Fins in Cvil War 1918
    Related to the finnish backwoods tradition

  10. Good grief. Swedes speak swedish, norwegians speak norwegian, and danes speak danish. It is possible for a swede to understand what a dane and norwegian says because the languages are related. I as a swede never heard of horn-helmet before. I guess I have to educate myslef about this dialect. You always learn something new I suppose. Lots of ale? What else is there I don’t knpw, dear american?

  11. lenasvn —

    Well, I thought I was just having my little joke, and that the “Klingon” reference would tip everybody off to the fact that I was kidding. I suppose I should have known better!

    Maybe I should have used the and tags to make sure my humorous intent was clear.

  12. I think Islam therefore, I get Islamonausea. The language of freedom. It is about time , the Islamic enablers can’t jail all of us for speaking the truth.

  13. What is interesting is that European Conservatives are the New, New Left. The Left has been so successful at creating the modern Zeitgeist and marching throw the institutions, denigrating and ridiculing Christianity so much that people have abandoned it. Western Conservatives are the counter-counter culture….outside the Establishment loooking in horror at the doings of the state and the culture. The indigenous Europeans are the demonized “Other” these days in the academies and media.

    Its a mixed up jumbled up shook up world.


  14. Nice lecture “anonymous 2/08/2012 8:36 AM”!

    What you tell us about the share (10%) of finns with swedish as first language is wrong though. The correct figure is 5,5%.

    Btw: Takuan Seiyo has published some great new essais on the site New English Rewiew mainly dealing with estonian history. (The language of the estonian people is very closely related to finnish or “klingon”.) Why did Takuan drop off from GoV?

  15. Well, I thought I was just having my little joke, and that the “Klingon” reference would tip everybody off to the fact that I was kidding.

    I did not realize it was a joke and thought the K-word is used occasionally by the ever considerate Swedes when there are no Finns at present. As a Finn I regarded the alleged usage of K-word as a complimentary and somehow oddly friendly remark.


  16. @Benge,

    Thank you for your interest. I’ve not dropped off from GoV. But I am first and foremost a writer. I used to write screenplays and have several fiction and nonfiction books simmering. I abandoned it all six years ago when I realized how fast and how deep we were sinking and came across the writings of Fjordman, who was doing something about it with his mighty pen. So I started writing about the Great Dissolution too, except from a different perspective than that of the great Nordic exile [Haram, as it’s called in modern Scandinavian].

    As a multicultural writer (in the non-devalued sense of either term), my range of topics is wide and approach is literary rather than just reportorial, which means that my essays tend to be long too. There is not a single webzine suitable for this kind of work, and my pieces are too long for such DTO publications on the Right as do exist, plus those are either muzzled the Neocon way or unhinged the crypto-Nazi way. I won’t deal with either kind.

    I am an equal opportunity offender. So I hop from one web platform to another, depending on my topic and length of the piece. But whatever web platforms I do find are brave on Issues A and B but cowardly on C and D. What do I do if cover A to F? GoV alone took risks with me, even though it could hide behind the statement that it covers Islam-related issues only. But GoV is really not the right place to publish a 25,000-word essay that ranges in topics from the history of Estonia and the city of Dresden to the lifestyle of 1st century Judeans and the Nicene Creed, to IQ distribution related issues and Charles Murray’s ideas on education, to a proposal for regenerating the Stoic philosophy within Christianity.

    NER published the first three installments of that. Chapter 4 dealt in a small part with race-related IQ issues and the enormous damage caused by Affirmative Action and other race-related fakery. And that was that. The taboo proved too powerful for NER. That’s why you can read only the first three parts there of a five-parts essay. I’ll have to issue it as a slim book, or else a rather large effort will have gone down the drain.

    I remain very much a GoV fan, reader and contributor when I have something to say that these uniquely courageous keepers of the gate consider relevant.


  17. “Icelandic is old Norwegian, but is not comprehensible to today’s Norwegians, other than certain phrases.”

    Icelandic is of the west Norse branch.

    The tree looks like this. Germanic, then old Norse, then West Norse and East Norse. The West Norse branch was spoken in Norway, Shetland, Faroes, Iceland and the now disappeared Greenlandic Viking colonies up to the 14th century.

    Danish and Swedish belong to the East Norse branch.

  18. My father today told this (WW2) wartime memory, whilst in Egypt serving with the British army driving, children would accidentally and unfortunately be run over by the military convoys.

    When the incident involved a male child the military convoys faced days of rioting and being stoned, what shocked my father was not the convoys being attacked per se but the differential – on the occasions that a female child was run over the mohammedans response was indifference to the loss of a female child.

  19. @Jolie Rouge —

    It is that way the world over. India and China with their cohorts of single males who will never be able to marry (wives can be rented from their husbands, though) make great cannon fodder. Look for India and China to square off.

    India has attempted to outlaw gendercide but it’s been going on forever. As the fall of Rome shows. Huge numbers of infants left to die…children were an impediment.

    Christianity tried to make a difference there. Doesn’t matter if it was done in modern feminist style or not, it gave women dignity for the first time.

  20. @Takuan Seiyo

    I was baffled and glad to see your work side by side with the great Theodore Dalrymples (your new essay was even in many ways superior of TD:s recent NER-articles!). Such an alliance was of course too good to be true.. Hope you’ll find a good place to for publishing part IV och V – why not here om GoV? The first parts of “The Bee and the lamb” are truly great stuff! I’ve even took the option of leaving the mess here in Stockholm and becoming an estonianswede (couple of hundred of those left now) in consideration after readning them!

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