Sharia for Lakemba?

Our old friend Ibrahim Siddiq Conlon is at it again.

The Australian convert to Islam is calling for sharia in the commercial district of Lakemba, a culturally-enriched suburb of Sydney. He’s featured in this news report from Australian TV, along with the ubiquitous Keysar Trad, who plays the “moderate Muslim” in this brief melodrama.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

4 thoughts on “Sharia for Lakemba?

  1. In May 2009 the “moderate” Keysar Trad sued a Sydney radio station for defamation. The claim was heard in the New South Wales Supreme Court and was dismissed with costs. Here is an extract from Justice McClellan’s judgement:

    “112 I am satisfied that the plaintiff (Keysar Trad) holds and expresses views which would not be acceptable to right thinking members of the Australian community. I have previously discussed them. Some of his views and the manner in which they are expressed are entirely repugnant to accepted values within the Australian community.
    113 The question which the pleaded imputation raises is not whether any of the views of the plaintiff are disgraceful but rather whether by his words and actions he can be described as a disgraceful individual. The plaintiff’s attitude to women and homosexuality, apparent support of the use of children in the pursuit of terrorist actions against Israel and his failure to condemn the events of September 11 are views which may be shared by some people. However, those views are not acceptable to the general Australian community and I am satisfied that a person who holds them and, more particularly who encourages others to share those views, may be described as a disgraceful individual.
    114 A person who is convicted of a crime of any significance will be described as being disgraced. A person who encourages others to support attitudes repugnant to the Australian community or encourages violence against women, homosexuals or various ethnic groups and supports child suicide bombers and acts of terror or when given the opportunity fails to condemn these views would be similarly described. The plaintiff is such a person.”

    The judgement is worth reading to get an idea of Islam in action in Australia.

  2. “Islamic friendship Society” … now that’s an oxymoron. The Koran tells the muslim that he is not allow to make friends with any non-muslim, in 12 different verses.

  3. Not an oxymoron…it just means that they intend to force your conversion to Islam as part of becoming friends.

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