Punching Down


In a comment on Fjordman’s open letter to the Norwegian prime minister, Whiskey had this to say:

The PM is scared. Very scared. Why else “punch downwards” at … a blogger?

Really? It would be like Obama complaining about… Ace of Spades or Steve Sailer.

I think Glenn Reynolds wrote about this … totalitarian states (Norway no exception) suppress real opinions and then, when weak, suffer “preference collapse” as true opinion becomes known. See Egypt, Libya, many places in China.

The PM is scared. When the EU collapses, and China bids up food prices even higher, no one will want to die for PC and multiculturalism. Neither will they want to be poor and starve for it (so Muslims coming as conquerors can have more). The easiest solution in hard times is to kick out the outsiders — Muslims.

This is elementary, and someone on the Left claiming a national mantle will obviously claim it. Hence the fear, and making an example of Fjordman. That’s extraordinary.

Punching down.

This is an excellent analysis of what is happening in Norway and the rest of the Multicultural West. Fear is in the air.

Fear of what Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff had to say about Islam prompted the Austrian authorities to prosecute her for “denigrating” the Religion of Peace.

Fear of Tommy Robinson’s grassroots appeal has driven the British government to suppress him and the English Defence League with all the force of the law, the state, and the media.

Fearing the truths told by Geert Wilders, the Dutch government prosecuted the PVV leader, and when that failed, prosecuted him again.

In Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, Australia, and Belgium, ordinary citizens and politicians alike have been harassed or prosecuted for speaking out against Islamization and mass immigration.

Fjordman drew more wrath than most, and not just because of Anders Behring Breivik, whose murderous spree made Fjordman a convenient scapegoat and placed him in the crosshairs of the Norwegian state. Fjordman does not just criticize immigration, Multiculturalism, and Islam: he also flenses the protective skin from the modern socialist welfare state, revealing its rotten totalitarian entrails.

His core message — that the traditional nations and cultures of Europe are being systematically and deliberately destroyed by the continent’s traitorous leaders — must be suppressed and discredited at all costs. Hence the fear. Hence the “disproportionate response”. Hence the no-holds-barred attacks on people like Fjordman.

The ad-hominoids sent by the state media to do battle with Fjordman were no match for his erudition and expert analysis, so Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg himself was dispatched to denounce the young upstart in a speech to the nation.

That’s the sorry pass to which Norway has come.

And not just Norway: the rest of Europe as well.

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In its attempt to destroy Fjordman and people like him, the European establishment is thwarting a last-ditch attempt to prevent its own destruction.

This is because Fjordman — like the rest of us in the Transatlantic Counterjihad — is a humane, decent, law-abiding person.

He has respect for civil society.

He believes in the rule of law.

This is not true of everyone whose overriding goal is to preserve the traditional nation-states of Europe and the European diaspora. Not everyone who loves his homeland is civil, non-violent, and law-abiding. As Whiskey points out, when the decent law-abiding people are thrust aside, crushed, driven into obscurity, and jailed, what sort of activists will remain?

The current system is nearing its endgame, and will not persist much longer. Who will take the reins of power when the dominant paradigm falls?

By suppressing Fjordman, and Elisabeth, and Geert, and Tommy — by denying decent, honorable, law-abiding people the right to preserve themselves, their families, and their way of life — the Powers That Be have cleared the deck for the emergence of forces that are much darker, much more ruthless, and far beyond their ability to control.

Something wicked this way comes.

I’ll have more to say on this topic tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Punching Down

  1. So whats happening then? Is the end nigh? Are we on the eve of the European war of Independace? More to the point if a revolution is coming how will it be fought and won, and what will the repercussions be? Can someone answer these for me?

  2. Dear Baron,
    The true traditions and culture of the European nations are not being addressed.
    Look up “Martin Luther and The JudenSau” Click on “NB10 Judensau”, move the cursor onto each picture , it will move away and you can read the uninhibited expressions of the traditions and culture.
    All the good decent people who are trying to stop the Muslim take over of Europe should join forces and bulldoze and pulverize all the Judensaus that are being preserved as great works of art: if they don’t the Muslims will do it as they can’t abide sculptures and pigs.
    If the Judensaus are destroyed , the Islamic invasion will stop.
    The Judensaus are an affront to God.

  3. I still cannot really understand why the so-called elite want to commit cultural suicide. It is beyound my understanding. I also fear the day sites like Gates of Vienna, Jihad watch, or barenaked Islam will be banned. When will conservative talk hosts like Michael Savage or Laurie Roth be silenced by the global elite.

    Unless people in America wake up I am afraid it will happen soon.

  4. Hi Sagunto: I googled Judensaus only because I had never heard of the term. I was already aware of Martin Luther’s antisemitism.

    Martin Luther and antisemitism


    “The Jewish prohibition of pork comes from Torah, in the book Leviticus, Chapter 11, verses 2 through 8. The arrangement of Jews surrounding, suckling, and having intercourse with the animal [pig] (sometimes regarded as the devil), is a mockery of Judaism and example of antisemitic propaganda.”

    It appears that stella barbut is seriously advocating for Europe to remove and destroy the Judensau figures which are grossly unfair to Jews.

    If it were my decision, I would remove and destroy the Judensau figures.

    And, I absolutely agree with stella’s the idea that Muslims would also remove and destroy the Judensau figures – because of Muslim hatred of pigs rather than love of Jews.

    BUT, as a Christian, I am far more interested in a related travesty which I would also remove:

    “The city of Wittenberg contains a Judensau from 1305, on the facade of the Stadtkirche, the church where Martin Luther preached….. In 1988, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Kristallnacht, debate sprung up about the monument, which resulted in the addition of a sculpture recognizing that during the Holocaust six million Jews were murdered ‘under the sign of the cross'[4].”

    The fact is that six million Jews and MANY MANY MANY MILLIONS MORE non-Jews were violently murdered under the sign of the swastika.

    The truth is that MILLIONS of Jews and MANY MANY MANY MILLIONS MORE non-Jews were SAVED from Hitler and the Nazis MAINLY by AMERICAN CHRISTIANS fighting in countries foreign to them under the banner of the cross – a truly effective Crusade against evil.

    Stella refers to the Judensau figures as an affront to God.

    Yet, Martin Luther’s former church profoundly denigrates the cross which is the premier symbol of God’s greatest gift to man which is the willing sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

    Worse than the shameful Judensau is the blame of Christianity for the Holocaust – and corresponding ingratitude that shows to American Christians – including Lutherans – who risked life and limb to save bellicose foreigners.

    Shame on all involved in the sad abasement of Christians and Jews by a Christian church!

    Both of my Christian grandfathers risked their lives – and suffered greatly – and their young families suffered greatly – for years – in order to SAVE foreign Jews and Europeans from foreign problems created by their own actions – and inactions – prior to their foreign problems getting beyond the capacity of those foreign people to solve and save themselves.

    The REAL outrage is that Jews and atheists assign blame for World War II atrocities to Christians and denigrate Christianity – the same Christianity which motivated Americans to fight in the name of God for the benefit of foreigners.

    The REAL tragedy is that Jews and Europeans appear to be REPEATING the same mistakes of appeasement of evil – now with practicing Muslims – EXCEPT – this time, anti-Christian-exceptionalism-indoctrinated American Christians may be too weak-minded or weak to save themselves – or anyone else – from Islam.

    I guess that means that the next Holocaust will be our fault, too, instead of the fault of the many non-Christian facilitators of the PC MC darling slaves of Allah….

  5. Every now and then when I think about it, I’m astonished again by the fantasy world in which the European elites must dwell.

    It must be a fantasy that they hold to with religious fervor. Otherwise, how could one account for the fact that they act as if they do not care what kind of world they leave for their children and grandchildren?

    Not that our American counterparts are much better.

  6. To Anonymous 5:54am. No one can answer your question in any detail. But having observed what has been occurring within the West and in particular, the Islamic nations over the past decade, there can be little doubt, and in my humble opinion, that tough times, encompassing economic, political and military aspects are in store for us all in the near future.

  7. Takuan Seiyo
    I don`t think that with Fjordman in particular his being decent, law abiding, caring etc. matters either as merit points in this context or as a fulcrum of interest to Norway`s ruling Body Snatchers.
    What matters is that people like Fjordman and Wilders are brilliant and committed to the truth. They see the truth with a laser vision and are able to articulate it so that it opens the eyes of others. It`s that that must be suppressed at all costs.
    This is a phenomenon both universal and particular. Universal as far back as Jeremiah whom the powers that be with the support of the people threw into a well when they got uncomfortable with the truth he was articulating and the warning he was imparting. And particular because Stoltenberg is an ex-KGB stool pigeon, ex head of World Socialist Youth which is essenially the Comintern. He is an enemy of his people and his civilization. He cannot but fight one who would expose him and his party for what they are and their actions for what they are.

  8. Decency is not irrelevant, nor is insight. There are plenty of people who see clearly the nature of the current Jihad but have committed themselves to one of the sides involved without respect to human decency…and not all of those are on the side of opposing it while Western Civilization can still be saved. But there are also plenty of decent people whose lack of clarity about what is occurring leads them to do nothing to stop it.

    I imagine that the elites of the modern world face the same problem that the French Aristocracy had before the Revolution…they cannot imagine what it means to lose their positions of privilege. They have other people to worry about protecting them from the consequences of their own actions, and it never occurs to them that whether or not those people continue to do their jobs is in question once their society begins to break down as a result of poor decisions on the part of the leaders.

    Of course, a few of them have made actual accommodations with the future they work to bring about…without understanding that they have erred fatally in choosing a winning side. Every paragraph of three thousand years of military science (and a thousand years of history) tells me that Islam cannot actually win once they encounter serious resistance…the only question is whether Mecca will still exist at the end of this current bout of idiocy, whether the rest of the world will see fit to put an end to Islam once and for all.

    There is, of course, a group that has made their accommodations with an entirely different enemy of the West. We may see how they fare once they are no longer useful.

    Chiu Chun-Ling.

  9. I agree with Chiu Chun-Ling, I cannot hardly believe, for the life of me, how the European elites are being so stupid. By their actions, they are almost literally signing their own death warrants.

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