Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/6/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/6/2012Christians who gathered in a town hall in northern Nigeria to mourn fellow Christians killed in an earlier attack were themselves attacked by a group of Muslim gunmen. At least twenty Christians were killed, and another fifteen injured.

In other news, the European Commission says that Belgium’s budget for 2012 is too “optimistic”, and must be cut further to avoid penalties for exceeding the deficit ceiling, as provided for by new EU rules adopted last month.

Meanwhile, Dubai is having trouble with its own budget deficit, but is optimistic that its current austerity plan will correct the problem.

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  1. @Baron

    Absolutely excellent essay on The Ideology Behind The Multicultural Society

    The Asylum Ideology

    One typical characteristic of totalitarian ideologies is denial, the author points out, referring to The Norwegian King’s, and the prime minister’s New Year Speeches for 2012, closing their eyes for the huge financial and social costs of this socalled multicultural, which ultimately is monocultural, asylum immigration politics.

    Requires translation

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