Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/18/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/18/2012President Obama has rejected plans for the Keystone Pipeline that would have brought oil from Canadian oil sands to refineries on the Gulf of Mexico. Environmental concerns seem to have won out over job-creation and the lowering of fuel prices.

In economic news, Greece is negotiating with its creditors for another “writedown” on its outstanding loans, in hopes of getting rid of some of its crushing debt load. Meanwhile, the IMF says it is going scare up more funds to prop up the euro, but it is not clear where the money will come from.

In other news, the captain of the Costa Concordia says that the only reason why he was in the lifeboat before all his passengers had evacuated the stricken ship was because he tripped and fell into it.

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  1. Quote:
    Norway is committed to protecting those who may be subjected to discrimination, hostility, and violence due to their religion.

    If you favor Islam, you destroy diversity.
    Norway is not committed to religious freedom.
    They have alienated the religious impulse so much. Now that they are confronted with its power, they have forgotten their own history and their best defenses against it.
    Indifference will not protect you from religion.
    Indifference is not tolerance.
    And favor is not tolerance either.
    How could the leadership of a country be so historically vacuous?

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