Driving out the Infidel

Nigeria is an example of a country on the cusp of becoming Islamic: its population is now about 50% Muslim. As a result, it is subject to continuous low-level internecine warfare, punctuated by occasional flare-ups into massive violence, such as the Christmas Day bombings that killed dozens of people.

Yet Nigeria is not a true nation. It is not a homogeneous ethnic and cultural entity, but simply a patchwork relic of British colonialism. If it had formed naturally, it would consist of at least two states: a northern one (mostly Muslim) and a southern one (mostly non-Muslim).

The devout Muslims of northern Nigeria, as represented by the terrorist group Boko Haram (“Western education is a sin”), are now trying to create a de facto sharia state in their portion of the country. That’s what the Christmas Day bombings were about. And now the follow-up is an effort to drive the Christians out of the north and into the south.

Here’s the story from Asia News:

Boko Haram Gives Three Day Ultimatum to the Christians to Flee Northern Nigeria

The “Nigerian Taliban” also advise Muslims in the south to return to the north because they risk being killed by soldiers. Thousands of Christians fleeing. The bishops reject the sectarian drift of the conflict and ask for more security, but also no retaliation.

Lagos (AsiaNews / Agencies) – Christians in northern Nigeria have three days to leave the area before a series of attacks against them: This is the ultimatum set by the radical Islamic sect Boko Haram, which has claimed responsibility for the massacres that took place Christmas day in 12 sites across the states of Yobe and Borno (northeast), Niger (West), Plateau (central Nigeria). The killings have claimed the lives of over 40 people and already thousands of Christians are fleeing in terror.

The ultimatum comes a few days after the decision by President Goodluck Jonathan (a Christian) to declare a state of emergency for the areas attacked, with the deployment of armed soldiers.

It’s interesting that Boko Haram consider it necessary to advise Muslims to flee the south of Nigeria and move north:

The ultimatum also includes advice to the Muslims in the south to flee towards the north (which is Muslim majority) to avoid becoming a victim of attacks by soldiers.

A spokesman for Boko Haram, Abul Qaqa, told the media that “our Muslim brothers are advised to return to the north, because we have evidence that they will be attacked. We also issue a three-day ultimatum to the southerners living in the north of Nigeria, to leave. We have serious indications to suggest that the soldiers only kill the innocent Muslims in areas where government has declared a state of emergency. We will face them decisively to protect our brothers.”

The proposed Islamic hijra to the north is, of course, only temporary: Muslims will return to the south to continue their conquest when the prospects of victory are more propitious. But the cleansing of the infidel from the North will be permanent.

The bishops of Nigeria, like bishops almost everywhere, are living in a dream world in which Christians may coexist peaceably with large numbers of Muslims:

The bishops of Nigeria have always rejected the idea of a sectarian war in the country, a major producer of oil and coveted prey for both Middle Eastern and Western governments.

Regarding the ultimatum against the Christians in the North, the Bishop of Jos, Msgr. Ignatius Ayau Kaigama, interviewed by Vatican Radio, has asked the government to ensure the safety of the population, but also not to carry out “reprisals”. “We say no to retaliation – he said – and we continue to preach peace, hoping that all of us in Nigeria, Muslims and Christians, we will be able to work and live happily together. This is our position: no to violence, no to retaliation. We want to live in peace.”

Yes, we all do. At least all of us Christians.

But Islam does not permit peace, not until the unbeliever has been defeated, and pays the jizya with willing submission, and feels himself subdued.

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The article about Nigeria reminded me of several other news stories that came in today from much farther north, in Sweden. The first one is from Swedish state radio:

Another Fatal Shooting in Malmö

A man in his 50’s has been shot to death in the southern Swedish city of Malmö – the fifth such fatality in recent times. The police maintain that the victim is known to the police but has not been charged with any major crimes. Luciano Astudillo, a former Social Democrat Party member of parliament who lives and grew up in Malmö, has helped organise an anti-gang and gun crime demonstration to take place in the city on Friday.

“The citizens of Malmö have had enough. We have had a war going on for the last year. Until now they have killed each other but sooner or later there will be a bullet killing a civilian and we are concerned about that, we have do to something about illegal weapons and organized crime,” he told Radio Sweden.

Malmö Chief Superintendent Henrik Stiernblad told Radio Sweden that they were doing everything they could to stop the killings. “It is worrying for the public and impact on their sense of security but we are taking additional measures now to make sure that we don’t see a trend developing, we will stop this.” Henrik Stiernblad said that the murder investigation of the 15-year-old was progressing well and the public were coming forward to help.

What the article does not mention, of course, is that the overwhelming majority of violent crimes in Malmö are committed by the culturally-enriched “youths” that live in the Muslim no-go zones in the Rosengård suburb. It would be more accurate to say that the Swedish authorities are doing everything they can to stop the violence — except calling a halt to mass Muslim immigration.

There has also been trouble in Stockholm:

Stockholm: Police Face Stones and Lasers After Car Pursuit

Twelve police units and one helicopter were called to Stockholm suburb Rinkeby last night as youths reportedly pelted police with stones. No injuries were reported. Swedish Radio News described the scene as one of “uproar” as about 50 people assembled after police had followed a car which they thought was stolen. As the police left the area near a school, the protesters set fire to the car they had been tracking.

The additional 12 units that were called in kept their distance from the scene. Police personnel in the helicopter reported that pocket lasers were aimed at them. There have been no arrests and police told Swedish Radio News they stood by their decision to not enter the area.

Once again, the article makes no mention of the ethnicity of the “youths”. But Rinkeby is a largely immigrant suburb notorious for its gang violence.

Finally, a report that tries to paper over the real causes of the violence in Sweden’s culturally enriched suburbs. When it’s not poverty or lack of education or racism, it’s… the availability of guns!

As if those blond-haired, blue-eyed young “persons of Swedish background” would be out there shooting up everything and everybody, if only they could get their hands on a Glock!

Once again, from Swedish state radio:

Sweden: Shootings Spate Tied to Availability of Weapons

The lethal shooting of a 15-year-old in Malmö on New Year’s Eve, the third fatal gun crime in the city in a short span of time, is being tied to the high number of illegal weapons in circulation in the southern border city. Henrik Stiernblad, at Malmö police’s crime prevention department, tells Swedish Radio News: “Apart from the usual socio-economic and other causes of crime the weapons play an incredibly important role”.

Many of Malmö’s murders are tied to criminal gang activity but police has not found evidence to link the killing of the 15-year-old to the gangs. Police believe many of the weapons are smuggled in from the continent, as Malmö lies 20 minutes away from the Danish capital Copenhagen.

Whether intentional or accidental, unremitting violent crime will have the same effect in Malmö and Rinkeby that it has in Abuja: non-Muslims will tend to depart for quieter, less culturally-enriched zones, and those who remain behind will feel themselves subdued.

Hat tips: C. Cantoni, Fjordman.

4 thoughts on “Driving out the Infidel

  1. In a visit to Chicago several years ago, I saw the headlines showed that one gang member had killed another gang member in a drive-by shooting.

    Predictably, the liberal Sun Times called for the imposition of stricter anti-handgun legislation. The assumption, I guess, was that by making it even more difficult for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves, you can dampen gang shootings.

    Such is the mindset of doctrinaire left: possession of guns by anyone leads to random violence.

    I think the leftists set aside a part of their brain to hold their peculiar concepts, a part which is completely insulated from the parts of the brain involved with critical thinking and logic.

  2. Nigeria will be split like North and South Korea, when the policy of containment (of Islaqm) is instituted.


  3. A spokesman for Boko Haram, Abul Qaqa, told the media that “our Muslim brothers are advised to return to the north, because we have evidence that they will be attacked.”

    I must say this sounds vaguely familiar. Perhaps 60 years from now the refugees in MuslimNorthNigeria will demand the Right of Return to ChristianSouthNigeria, and further insist on compensation for the Nakba that was inflicted on them.

  4. Indeed…or so one may hope. The Christians of Southern Nigeria have yet to demonstrate any serious intention (or even ability) of defending themselves, though.

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