Turning Frauleins into Muslimas

“The Koran tells us how to behave…”

The following clip is from a German version of the “Sesame Street” TV program for children. It is a blatant da’wa operation on behalf of Germany’s Islamic community.

Many thanks to Sheik Yermami for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

12 thoughts on “Turning Frauleins into Muslimas

  1. Amazing. What is even more amazing is that both my children attend a school that is free from enrichment. There are of course kids from immigrant families, but they are fully integrated and cause no problems whatsoever. Fact is that immigrant children from integrating families perform better on average. Perhaps they’re thankful for the opportunity? The teacher of my youngest explained to her class why WE celebrate christmas, what is the meaning of the advent of christmas and why WE are christians. Unbelievable! I know she’s near retirement, but she just did it. And no-one has filed a complaint against her. Everyone is happy. Take my advice; choose a good school for your children, while you still have a choice. Did I mention that the classroom is completely calm and that the children actually learn things? Read this once more: If you have the possibility to put your kids in a good school – Do it!

  2. ChristianInfidel says:

    Does anyone know if they run similar skits about other non-mainstream (in Germany) religious groups, e.g. Evangelical Protestants or Hindus?

  3. What network is this being played on? I’ve never seen anything this blatant on German networks whenever I visit. I may expect this from the UK or Netherlands but Germany? Absolutely disgusting how they use children to disarm the viewer and push their “peaceful religion” farce – the left will stop at nothing to indoctrinate the public.

  4. Boy, I can’t wait until future episodes of this little journey of islamic discovery when the little German girl reads the koranic verse about smiting the necks of the infidels. What’s that you say? Open Sesame Street isn’t planning these additional episodes because the girls would find them too disturbing? That’s a shame.

  5. Eroding away German culture one child at a time! Not just in Germany, but in other Western countries! We have to take a stand against all Islamization before it’s too late!

  6. Frankly, I have serious doubts about the origins of that video.Never in life girls of that age can read classic arab, which they pretend to.And the major part of muslims in Germany are turks.All the girls speak fluent and accent-free colloquial german, hardly to be found in those circles.But as we all know, taquijah is everywhere.
    Where should this scam have been broadcasted?I haven`t heard about Sesame Street for years and I have been living here for 65 years now.

  7. Well , o.k. I should have checked first.It was on TV, the kika-channel, a ARTE-TV channel, 8:00 in the morning when all kids are at school.In other words:nobody watched it. However, the only attempt…. !
    Last week, I sent a mail to the principal of a local highschool that established a prayerroom for muslim kids. He himself confessed in a newspaper that he is a practising catholic and that religions teach respect for the other.He responded that up to now, no harm had been done.If he only knew, the poor fool.Up to 2 years ago, he could have been my superior.Thank GOD I am retired.

  8. But please notice that the kufir-child is not allowed to touch the koran!
    If this was truly multi-cultural she would not be considered ‘dirty’.

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