The Watchers

As a follow-up on last night’s report about Irshad Manji and Tofik Dibi, our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends this essay about the fine line Tofik Dibi is walking between taqiyya and apostasy.

The author was moved to write his analysis after reading “Islam is Fear”.

The Watchers
by H. Numan

What Tofik experienced was a first pleasant handshake with some of The Watchers. I have no idea who Tofik is trying to fool — most likely himself. For he should know very well that some things are not done.

Tofik DibiThat applies to all of society, but more specifically to religion in general and Islam in particular.

Most of the readers are not really familiar with Islam. Good for them! Lots of people envy them. So let’s choose some examples closer to home.

Ever been to an adult bookstore? Of course you have. Most adults have, if only once to see what’s there. Very few will openly admit it. Because society as a whole does not approve of it. If you live in the Bible Belt, you will keep those visits as secret as possible. One may have to go to great lengths to avoid “The Watchers”.

You know The Watchers: Mrs. Sally Hypocrite, retired citizen and devout church member. She doesn’t go out much, but she doesn’t miss anything in her street. Or Mr. Barry Bigot. A leading member of the church, with many axes to grind.

If anyone is spotted by them, they are reported to the minister. They will not rest until the congregation corrects the behavior of those offenders. They are The Watchers in Western society. Every city and village has them.

Fortunately, they are essentially toothless tigers. All they can do is harass someone. They may slander or gossip, but they will not resort to violence. If you can afford to ignore them, you have no problem with them. That’s easier to do in a big city than a small village. That’s the reason why the Bible Belt is able to remain the Bible Belt.

Now, imagine exactly the same thing, but a million time worse. Those are The Watchers in Islam. The same people. But on steroids. You don’t need a lot of them. Just look at the Bible Belt. A few will do very nicely.

Only we aren’t in the Bible Belt anymore, but far, far worse. For practical purposes, you can consider the Bible Belt as the sin strip in New York, or Patpong in Bangkok. Compared with any Muslim community, anything goes in the Bible Belt.

Any Muslim community, mind you. Not Cave #666 in Afghanistan where Osama was residing, but also Los Angeles or New York. Any place where Muslims live.

The Watchers have to be more careful. That’s all. Usually they are. Making a few appearances is often enough.

Tofik Dibi should know this very well. He is a Muslim. He can say lots of things. As long as he lies to promote Islam, anything goes. But he shouldn’t start walking next to his shoes. There is only one form of Islam: it already is democratic. You can democratically decide to worship Allah or not.

What Tofik got was a light tap on the shoulder. He annoyed some of The Watchers. He is very useful to them, as a member of the politically most correct party. So it was just a light tap on the shoulder. “Be careful, my good friend. You don’t want anything nasty to happen, do you?”

If Tofik still thinks (what he says in public is an entirely different matter) he can ignore The Watchers he’ll find out he is dead wrong. Islam has 1400 years of experience in getting rid of heretics.

Either he tunes down, or he will need more protection than Geert Wilders has. Of course Tofik knows that. But he prefers to ignore it.

Many years ago (at least a decade or two) a friend of mine married a Muslim woman. He said very casually that there is a fully working shadow government already in every country with a substantial Muslim population.

The mosque is the town hall. With the imam as mayor and judge. Muslim information centers act as intelligence agencies and (internal) police force. Even if the community is small, as it was back then, everybody is being watched. All the time. When he was away, he got visits — or actually his wife did — from devout community members. To make sure that the infidel wasn’t trying to convert her. To check if she was religious enough. To see if their children were raised as Muslims.

Brussels riotsThat was over two decades ago, when the community was relatively small. Today it’s huge. They already have a deniable army: all those Muslim juvenile criminals don’t act against Muslims, but target almost exclusively non-Muslims.

The time is not too far in the future they will be able to flex their muscles for real. As Tofik will find out to his regret. Liberal Muslims exist; that is true enough. Only they are an insignificant minority. Always have been and always will be. That is the way Islam works.

11 thoughts on “The Watchers

  1. The more Muslim immigrants we allow in the worse this will get. I am sure the good liberals will call you a racist if you oppose Muslim immigration, useful fools that they are. But, liberalism is a mental disorder. (savage)

  2. Numan, Good job, you are right about “watchers”.

    Two small complaints:

    1. To imply the Bible Belt is based merely upon “watching” means you are unfamiliar with the more harmonious, magnanimous side of Bible Belt Christianity. Your example of this “watching” is, however, dead-on accurate criticism of some fake Christians. Easy with the broad brush. “Watching” is not doctrinal in real religions.

    2. I suggest that when you mention the few liberal Muslims, that you always refer to the fact that they have to function on a deceptive, steathy level around other Muslims. Kind of a reverse-taqiyya! They have to lie to other Muslims.

    Good to see you are still hanging around. Nice job!

  3. That’s the reason why the Bible Belt is able to remain the Bible Belt.

    I want to take offense at this comparison between Christian faith-motivations and Islamic fear-motivations.

    The Bible Belt is primarily a consequence of Faithful people voluntarily complying with the expectations of their Faith convictions. It actually has little to do with buisy-bodies and tattle-tales of society.

    Other areas of the country have the same manner of busy-bodies and tattle-tales, but as noted above, these paper tigers have little influence on what people actually do. They often have influence on how people achieve things, but very little influence on what people actaully achieve in the end.

    If the consequences of Bible Belt harrassment are truly comparable to Islamic compulsion then the entire premise of this forum and like-minded thinkers standing against Islamification lose credibility when contrasting our ideologies against theirs.

  4. Ironically, although Tofik Dibi condems “extremist Muslims” (I call them devout Muslims, who follow the bad example of Muhammad), he never critizises Islam itself. He is a notorious Islam-apologist of the multiculturalist party “GroenLinks” (literally: “GreenLeft”).

    Mohamed Rabbae, a former party leader of GroenLinks, wanted a ban on Salman Rushdie’s “Satanic Verses” and said Muslims never will accept homosexuality. Rabbae also wanted Geert Wilders to be convicted for critizising Islam. If Dibi was a real reformer of Islam, he would not want to be in the same party as Rabbae. The Janus Head of Dibi doesn’t fool me.

  5. Sir Galahad the Pure said… He is a notorious Islam-apologist of the multiculturalist party “GroenLinks”

    So, effectively, Dibi is very much in favor of Isalmifying the Globe. He simply prefers to do it in a politically friendly way, as opposed to a forced-at-gunpoint way?

    In the end, the results for us non-Islamists is the same.

    Dibi is no more our friend than Bin Laden was.

  6. The general consensus today seems to be that the Muslim who remains unobserved and unheard from is ‘moderate’ and therefore of no concern to us who know that Islam is the problem. Instead of ‘moderate’ I choose to label all Muslims that remain in the shadows as ‘passive’ until proven otherwise!

    Numan’s article while choosing to lump Christianity in with Islam as a religion which can only function with the ‘watchers’ in place, and I believe this has been done solely as an analogy, still gets the message across concerning Islam and the Muslim ‘fence sitter’.

    And there can be no comparison between the two ideologies whenever the ‘fence sitter’ of either faith becomes subject to the keepers of the orthodoxy, because Islam has the field all to itself when it comes to correcting the wayward Muslim and those infidels who dare to criticize Islam.

    I enjoyed the article.

  7. Tofik is indeed fooling himself. He and Mrs. Manji believe that they can reform Islam. How’s that do be done? If you cut out all the hateful passages, well what’s going to be left? Most likely passages that were plagiarized from the Torah and the New Testament.
    It has been rumored countless that Tofik is gay. How is that compatible with Islam? Just look at the horrible treatment of homosexuals in Islamic countries.
    I think they are making themselves accomplices of the Islamization of Europe by misleadingly portraying Islam as a reformable religion and advancing the social acceptance of Islam. Consequently, they get a lot of coverage by the mainstream press.

  8. A moderate Muslim is one willing to admit that the written Quran in its entirety is an offense against Islam…when speaking in private to an infidel. A reformist Muslim is one willing to tell the same thing to other Muslims. There is nothing ‘moderate’ about being reformist, these people are putting their lives on the line.

    The ‘watchers’ in Christianity and Islam are different in the same way that the killers and casserole makers (delightful people who may randomly cook for you when you are ill, depressed, or busy) of Muslim and Christian communities are different. The “watchers” in Christianity are not quite paper tigers…they can influence your chances of getting a random casserole. The difference is that Christians bake casseroles to reward the faithful (and sometimes to encourage the promising but lapsed) and Muslims kill the insufficiently faithful.

    Thus there is a definite moral difference, not of simple degree, but of essential quality between the ‘watchers’ in Islam and Christianity. Neither is wholly ignorant of the outcomes of their activities. If a ‘watcher’ in a Christian community disapproves of your actions, you are somewhat less likely to get a casserole. If a ‘watcher’ in a Muslim community disapproves of your actions, you are somewhat more likely to meet a violent death.

    It is a fact that the ‘system’ of casseroles relies on ‘watchers’ quite as much as the system of killings in Islam. Without the ‘watchers’ in a Christian community, you get fewer casseroles randomly given to someone who is rumored to need one (or to put it more clearly, there will be fewer rumors about people needing casseroles). So fundamentally ‘watchers’ in Christian communities facilitate acts of kindness.

    This is an important point that can be missed by those who have never managed to both ‘deserve’ and ‘need’ a casserole. There are not news stories about them to let those who’ve never gotten one know what they’re missing. And honestly the casseroles are mostly good because they represent acts of kindness mixed with community approval (though sometimes they are also exceptionally tasty and nourishing).

    I think that some people who are inclined to be contemptuous of Christian ‘watchers’ are out of the loop (rather than merely ingrates who think having other people do nice things for them is a ‘right’ the ‘watchers’ are denying them).

    Still the essential point about ‘watchers’ in Islam is valid. Even more so, when you understand how basically different their actions are from the ‘watchers’ in Christianity.

    Chiu Chun-Ling.

  9. Lawrence –

    “I want to take offense at this comparison between Christian faith-motivations and Islamic fear-motivations.”

    Second that. The suspended hatred of Christianity seeps through, and I’m not especially fond of it.

    This is not simple carelessness on the part of this author, who can’t help but to implicitly implicate – though to a lesser extent – Christianity almost every time Islam needs critical evaluation.

    Opposing Islam as a subset of the more encompassing battle against religion is not my cup of tea. Islam is a cult and a law. Period.

    Nor do I give a hoot about whether Mr Dibi is fooling himself and why. I’m worried that con-artists like him and Ms Manji are still able to fool other and more important “watchers”, i.e. the gullible native PC/MC tv-audience.

    Take care,

  10. Chiu, that was an excellent comparison using the terms “watchers”, “killers” and “casserole makers”. I understand exactly what you mean.

  11. A friend of mine who works as a sole trader in a light industrial park contantly has muslim ‘watchers’ approach him.

    They know he is a single man and pretty much offer him their women and promise an obedient wife.

    Of course, to get on this gravy train you’d need to convert. Would you like to learn more about how you can be introduced to these women?

    It’s shameful. Offering women like that, in a Western nation. Savages.

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