Squalor, Corruption, and Racism on the Hudson Bay

Ezra Levant exposes the massive and shameless corruption pervading the administration of an Indian tribe in the far north of Ontario, which receives a handsome subsidy from the federal government. He points out the racism of the media and the chattering classes — “the soft bigotry of low expectations” — since white local officials could never engage in such blatant malfeasance with impunity.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

One thought on “Squalor, Corruption, and Racism on the Hudson Bay

  1. 20+ years ago I remember a news story (quickly buried) about a certain native location provided a housing development to improve their standard of living.

    This consisted primarily of modest 3bdrm ranch style homes. After a few years as the project was forgotten, someone when for a look to see how things had improved.

    What they found was that most of the homes had been gutted of appliances and copper piping/wiring, and discovered that it had bee sold as scrap. Majority of homes had holes cut in the main room for fire pits.

    Majority of purchases from the location at the time was for food, alcohol, and automobiles. And when a car wore out they just parked it out in the field and bought a new one… and have old rusing vehicles parked all over the place.

    As this story reflects, my story is the same in that the natives in this region where rather wealthy with govrnment subsidies and natural resource royalties.

    Piont is they choose to live the way they live, and they resented the housing development so much they virtually razed the housing development.

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