One thought on “Robert Spencer on Michael Coren

  1. My tag SapaTapa: Amazing how here in the UK this story was only mentioned in a brief context with no mention of Muslims in the report.

    Yet,I am not sure if GOV readers have heard about the “tram lady” here in the UK. Basically she was on a tram, and got upset by being surrounded by non english speaking ethnics and let rip in frustration about how she was fed up with her country being ruined by mass immigration.

    This lady committed no physical assault yet has been imprisoned, had her child taken away from her, went to court, pleaded not guilty, and was remanded in prison until 3 January 2012, for her own safety as the courts have received threats against her. And her next appearance in court will be by video link from prison.

    She is not a terrorist. She is a mother fed up with what the last government, and this government are continuing to do, let immigration run rampant.

    In the UK, it now seems if you need protection, rather than the police doing their job, you may end up in a prison cell.

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