Let’s Not Do Nothing

Dymphna and I have discussed the Obama Glossocracy in two of our recent posts. Control of the language is one of the most powerful weapons being used in the information war against us by the ruling class, both here and in Europe.

Acts17Apologetics tackles the same topic from a slightly different angle, talking about the crackdown on “Islamophobic” materials used in military and intelligence briefings.

And there’s also Jihad Awareness Month:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Not Do Nothing

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  2. Absolutely correct. This is a key issue, no question about it. The powers that be are trying to construct a linguistic system whereby there is no Islamic terrorism, and anyone who says otherwise is “intolerant” and even “racist” – code words.

    The very means employed by human beings to communicate with one another about the reality we experience is being corrupted. One of the most important things we can be doing is fighting against this.

    John Loeffler has made some excellent points about this sort of thing.

  3. One of the things I remember Loeffler talking about is how these people will define reality for you in terms of relationships, rather than letting you take a position.

    The meaning of what you say will be defined according to your relationship with others, and the powers that be want us all to be perfectly aligned with the multiculti ideals – we’re all holding hands and singing around the campfire etc. So the meaning of what you say is determined by your willingness to forego your own principles & hold hands with Tony Blair and others of his ilk.

    They won’t allow you to take a position – to say that something is true, and that is my stance.

    On the one hand we have conformity – on the other rational thinking, morality and truth.

    There is a linguistic war going on – and we need to start fighting back.

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