Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/4/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/4/2011Vladimir Putin won election as President of Russia, but his party, United Russia, lost support at the polls. Opposition to Mr. Putin was expressed by the millions of Russians who voted for the Communists.

In other news, the assistant Chinese foreign minister has reiterated China’s insistence that it cannot bail out the Eurozone. She said that management of China’s foreign currency reserves should be in accord with the principles of “safety, liquidity and proper profitability.”

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One thought on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/4/2011

  1. Re: Reuters story on Russian Communist party
    The memories of repression in the old communist Soviet Union, the labor camps and the “Red Terror” are still too fresh for many.
    Who wrote this tosh? Only a small proportion of the destitute remains of Soviet intelligentsia still think that way. Most yearn for the times of cheap sausage, assured employment, low stress and low anxiety to come back. If the CPRF were not perceived (rightly) as a set of loudmouth bribe-takers and embezzlers, they’d win in a landslide.

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