Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/12/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/12/2011An explosion rocked a steel factory in central Iran last night, killing sixteen people, some of them foreigners. Also in Iran, a politician says that Iranian scientists will be able to “clone” the downed American drone.

In other news, Transparency International’s latest report says that Italy and Greece are the most corrupt countries in Europe.

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7 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/12/2011

  1. Out with Christmas in Norwegian schools

    Pupils in Drammen school are not allowed to wear the red “nisselue”, traditional red Christmas hats for Christmas leave which cannot be called so, but must be described as “winter leave”.

    Disappointed Norwegian pupils can do nothing but respect the school principal’s decision. The traditional festive spirit with yule is taken away.

    This is alarming, when you see how quickly this imported totalitarian ideology is turning the Norwegian society upside down. The excuse, again, is, of course, that “somebody is offended”.

    Again, Quisling…and the new Quislings.

    Last time you were not allowed to wear a red “nisselue”, was during 1940-45, when the much hated nazis banned this.

  2. “Hirvisaari convicted of hate speech

    published yesterday Dec 12 11:17 AM, updated today Dec 13 05:59 AM”

    – finnish lurker

  3. I don’t know how y’all are feeling about EDL, but if anyone is interested, I think they’re being unfairly slagged in a thread titled “How Britain Became great Again”, especially in a link to The Foreigner: Norwegian News in English. I comment there under another name, and I’ve put in my two cents, but I didn’t want to threadjack, so I’m leaving it alone.

  4. I believe the policy is that news threads are fair game for any sort of news relevant to the Counter Jihad. But I’m not sure I remember exactly where I read that.

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