Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/1/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/1/2011Former President George W. Bush is traveling in Africa, and Amnesty International has called for his arrest. The human rights group says that Mr. Bush is guilty of ordering torture during his presidency, and insists that international law requires his apprehension while he is in Ethiopia, Tanzania or Zambia.

In other news, a Somali community leader in the Australian state of Victoria has requested that the state government institute Koranic courts for his people on the model of “Koori” courts, which were established to hear certain cases within the Aboriginal community.

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  1. Commercial | 1 Comments
    Islamic Bank of Britain plc, the UK’s only wholly Sharia compliant retail bank, has entered the BTL mortgage market with the launch of its Sharia compliant BTL Purchase Plan.

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    Commenting on the launch Simon Walker, Head of Sales said:

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    “IBB’s Sharia compliant Buy to Let Purchase Plan will help fuel this growing sector by catering for landlords looking for Sharia compliant finance. IBB anticipates a strong demand for the newly launched product.”

    I suppose it’s only usuary when infidel banks charge interest. That’ll be OK then.

  2. “Former President George W. Bush is traveling in Africa, and Amnesty International has called for his arrest.”

    This is not surprising. The result of recognizing international law as administered by appointed bodies like the International Court of Justice will result in the criminalization of any measures a country takes to protect itself, including the execution of terrorists, the refusal to admit refugees, and the refusal to suppress free expression.

    Is there any doubt that if the US were not protecting Israel, it would be virtually impossible for Israeli leaders to travel anywhere in the world? They would be subject to arrest in the same manner that Pinochet was when he traveled to Spain. Pinochet was the Chilean dictator who undoubtedly engaged in unsavory actions, but who handed over power to a democratic government.

    I believe that President Bush and his administration did, in fact, engage in actions which were illegal and reprehensible by US standards. I would support the disbarment of the Justice Department attorneys who gave the sanction to waterboarding. But, this is a matter for the US to decide.

    I believe the United States should act immediately against any national or international body which attempt to usurp US sovereignty. This includes not only cutting off funding, but filing charges against anyone involved such attempts.

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