Breivik: Likes and Dislikes, Part One

Giuseppe Maria Crespi, ‘Bookshelf with Music Writings’, 1725-30 (detail)

Geir Lippestad, the defense lawyer for Anders Behring Breivik, intends to haul Fjordman and Hans Rustad (the editor of into court to testify on his client’s behalf. According to Mr. Lippestad, the two “right-wing extremists” influenced Mr. Breivik with their writings and websites, and are therefore partially responsible for the killer’s actions on July 22.

To most people outside of Scandinavia these assertions are the height of absurdity. But Norwegians take such matters very seriously. Breivik liked to read Fjordman, and he liked to hang out and comment at, so those two “influences” are complicit. Q.E.D., Norwegian-style.

But what about the other influences on Anders Behring Breivik? His 1,500-page manifesto contains plenty of references to other people, movies, books, sites, weapons, etc. What else did he like? What did he dislike?

Thanks to the tireless efforts of a group known as the Transatlantic Statistical Underground, the sources cited by Mr. Breivik in his manifesto have been collected in exhaustive detail and compiled into a spreadsheet with more than 900 entries. I’ve imported their data into a database and normalized it so that the results could be summarized for further analysis.

Below is the first of two tables derived from the Breivik data. This list shows the people (both living and dead) referenced by the killer, and how he regarded them — like, dislike, or neutral, or some combination of all three if he cited them more than once. The second table will be more difficult to compile, since it contains all his other citations — books, video games, movies, music, organizations, products, weapons, etc.

We don’t have a TV, so I probably included some entries that are titles of TV shows rather than names of actual people. But by and large this is a list of people, some of them grouped together as joint authors of books.

The number listed for each name or group does not refer to how often the source was mentioned, but to the number of individual citations in a section, paragraph, or group of sentences.

Fjordman, of course, gets top billing, with twenty-one citations. But Hans Rustad, who is almost as vilified as Fjordman in Norway nowadays, is only cited once.

In contrast, Robert Spencer is cited (and liked) four times by Mr. Breivik. Daniel Pipes gets three approvals. So why didn’t Mr. Lippestad subpoena the two American “Islamophobes” as well?

The answer is obvious: these other people are not Norwegian. Serving a subpoena on foreigners is not a particularly productive tactic. The defense is grabbing for the low-hanging fruit instead. Anders Behring Breivik didn’t cite very many Norwegians with approval, so Fjordman and Hans Rustad will have to bear the brunt of the scapegoating.

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The list below contains 459 entries (some containing more than one person). It’s in tabular format, so that readers may easily copy and import it into other applications for further analysis:

People cited by Anders Behring Breivik in his manifesto

Source: The Transatlantic Statistical Underground

Name # Reaction(s)
T.J. Abercrombie 1 Neutral
D.L. Adams 1 Neutral
Adonis 1 Like
Theodor Adorno 6 Dislike
Christina Aguilera 1 Dislike
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 1 Dislike
Abdullah Al-Araby 1 Neutral
Aldamont the Sceptic (Reformed atheist) 1 Neutral
Alexander the Great 1 Neutral
Alex Alexiev 1 Neutral
Alfred the Great (King of Wessex) 1 Like
Maurice Allias (Economist) 1 Like
Jose Padilla aka Abdullah al-Muhajir 1 Neutral
Anders 1 Neutral
Poul E. Andersen 1 Neutral
Kevin Anderson 1 Neutral
Pamela Anderson 1 Neutral
Dr. Ole Jørgen Anfindsen 2 Neutral
Kofi Annan 1 Dislike
Talal Anqawi (Head of Saudi border guard) 1 Neutral
Yasser Arafat 1 Dislike
Andrew Arato 1 Dislike
Arsalan (Pakistani Norwegian) 1 Dislike
Taro Aso 1 Like
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (First president of Turkey) 1 Like
Athelstan (First king of a unified England) 1 Like
Caesar Augustus 1 Neutral
Mike Averko 1 Neutral
Axel 1 Like
David Ayalon 1 Neutral
Peter Balakian 1 Neutral
Baligha (Pakistani childhood friend) 1 Neutral
Bar Hebraeus 2 Neutral
Joel Barker 1 Neutral
José Manuel Durão Barroso 2 Dislike
Bashir (Somalian friend) 1 Neutral
Lee Bass 1 Neutral
Peter Bauer (European conservative) 1 Like
Bruce Bawer 2 Like, Neutral
Mark Begich (Rep.) 1 Neutral
Wenche Behring (Mother) 1 Neutral
Paul Belien 1 Neutral
Walter Benjamin 1 Dislike
Count of Cavour (First Italian PM) Camillo Benso 1 Like
Bering 1 Like
Richard Bernstein 1 Dislike
Mark Beunderman 1 Neutral
A. Bhat 1 Neutral
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (Pakistani PM in 1977) 1 Neutral
Michael Biljetina 1 Neutral
Otto von Bismarck 2 Like, Neutral
Tony Blair 2 Dislike
Benjamin Bloom 1 Dislike
William Blum (Author) 1 Neutral
Baron Bodissey 2 Like
Marij Uijt den Bogaard 1 Dislike
Helene Boksle 2 Like
Napoleon Bonaparte 1 Neutral
Christopher Booker 1 Neutral
Sonthi Boonyaratglin (Thai usurper in 2006) 1 Neutral
Judge Robert Bork 1 Like
Andrew G. Bostom 2 Neutral
T.B. Bottmore 1 Dislike
Boudicca (Queen of the Iceni) 1 Like
George A. Bournoutian 1 Neutral
Mary Boyce 1 Neutral
J.A. Boyle 1 Neutral
M. Bozinovich 1 Neutral
Brangelina 1 Dislike
Jens Breivik (Father) 1 Neutral
Brevik’s mother 1 Neutral
Bobby Bright (Rep.) 1 Neutral
Gordon Brown 1 Dislike
Louise Brown (Test tube baby) 1 Neutral
Thomas Buergenthal (ICJ Judge) 1 Like
Dersca Bulgaru 1 Neutral
Edmund Burke 3 Like
George W. Bush 2 Neutral
Armin van Buuren 1 Like
P. Lazarovich-Hrebelianovich & Eleanor Calhoun 1 Neutral
Caractacus (King of Catuvellauni) 1 Like
Carlos the Jackal 1 Dislike
Thomas Carlyle (Reformed atheist) 1 Neutral
Cassivellaurus (Chieftan of united British tribes) 1 Like
George Castriota (Skanderbeg) 1 Like
Fidel Castro 2 Dislike, Like
Charles (Arrested friend) 1 Neutral
Chief Gall 1 Like
Christine 1 Neutral
Winston Churchill 2 Like, Neutral
Carl von Clausewitz 1 Like
Bill Clinton 1 Dislike
Christopher Columbus 1 Neutral
Pat Condell 1 Like
Patricia Cone 1 Neutral
Constantine I 1 Like
James Corbertt 1 Neutral
Peter Costello 1 Neutral
Bud Cramer (Rep.) 1 Neutral
Crazy Horse 1 Like
Suzanne Cross (Historian) 1 Neutral
Arrian Q Curtius 1 Neutral
General Custer 1 Dislike
Xun Dai 1 Neutral
Dante 1 Neutral
Ishaq Dar (Pakistani senator) 1 Neutral
Charles Darwin 1 Neutral
R.C. Majumdar, H.C. Raychadhuri, K Datta 1 Neutral
David (Biblical) 1 Neutral
King David 1 Like
Angela Davis 1 Dislike
Arthur Davis (Rep.) 1 Neutral
Richard Dawkings (Atheist) 1 Dislike
Sheryl Dean 1 Like
Jacques Derrida 1 Neutral
India Doordarshan 1 Neutral
W.O. Douglas 1 Neutral
Jonathan Dowd-Gailey 1 Neutral
H.M. Elliot and John Dowson 1 Neutral
William Easterly (European conservative) 1 Neutral
Edgar of Wessex (King of Alba) 1 Like
Edward (Neo-Nazi childhood aquaintance) 1 Neutral
John Eibner 1 Neutral
Eilif (Turkish childhood friend) 1 Neutral
Leiv Eiriksson 1 Neutral
Kurt Eisner 1 Dislike
Elisabeth (Stepsister) 2 Like, Neutral
Koenraad Elst 2 Neutral
Friedrich Engels 1 Dislike
Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels 1 Neutral
Recep Tayyip Erdogan 1 Neutral
Erik (Stepbrother) 1 Neutral
Dick Erixon 1 Neutral
Odd Erling (Adopted Columbian friend) 1 Neutral
John Esposito 1 Dislike
Esther 1 Neutral
A. Evans 1 Neutral
Fabian (Friend) 1 Neutral
Douglas Farah 1 Neutral
Heather Field 1 Like
Carter Vaughn Findley 1 Neutral
Samuel Finer 1 Neutral
Alan Fisher 1 Neutral
Hugh Fitzgerald 1 Neutral
Fjordman 21 Like, Neutral
Nancy Folbre (Feminist Economist) 1 Neutral
Katie Ford (CEO of Ford Models) 1 Neutral
Megan Fox 1 Neutral
Sigmund Freud 2 Dislike
Betty Friedan 1 Dislike
Erich Fromm 2 Dislike
Alberto Fujimori (President of Peru) 1 Neutral
Audrey Gallagher 1 Like
Gandhi 1 Like
Giuseppe Garibaldi (Italian political figure) 1 Like
Pamela Geller 1 Neutral
David Lloyd George (British PM) 1 Neutral
Garth George 1 Neutral
Edward Gibbon 1 Neutral
Jamie Glazov 1 Neutral
Goliath 1 Dislike
Murray Gordon 1 Neutral
Salvador Allende Gossens (Chilean President in 1973) 1 Neutral
Michael Gove 1 Neutral
Antonio Gramsci 1 Dislike
Madison Grant (Author) 1 Like
Mark Grant (Epidemiologist at Loyola Univ, Chicago) 1 Neutral
Michelle Grattan 1 Neutral
Conrad Greenia (Translator) 1 Neutral
Kanchan Gupta 1 Neutral
King Gyanendra (King of Nepal) 1 Neutral
Atty. Elyakim Haetzni 1 Neutral
Thea Halo 1 Neutral
Meghdad Hamedinia 1 Dislike
Abdul Hamid II 1 Neutral
David Hamilton 1 Neutral
E. A. Hammel 1 Neutral
Elaib Harvey 1 Neutral
David Held 1 Dislike
Helena (Constantine’s mother) 1 Like
Benjamin Hermansen (Non-white killed by racist) 1 Neutral
Theodor Herzl (Founder of Zionism) 1 Like
Emma Hewitt 1 Like
Lauryn Hill (Singer) 1 Dislike
Hillel the Elder (Just a quote) 1 Neutral
Paris Hilton 1 Neutral
Christopher Hitchens 1 Neutral
Adolf Hitler 1 Dislike
Thomas Hobbes 3 Like, Neutral
Jan Hogendon 1 Neutral
Holger Danske (Ogier the Dane) 1 Like
Homer 2 Neutral
Hans-Hermann Hoppe 1 Neutral
Richard Hovannisian 1 Neutral
Sarah Howells 1 Like
Enver Hoxha 1 Neutral
Stefan Lazar Hrebeljanovic 1 Like
Clement Huart 1 Neutral
James Hughes (Bioethicist) 1 Neutral
Samuel P. Huntington 1 Neutral
Snouck Hurgronje 1 Dislike
Phillip D. Curtin, Roger Antsey, J.E.Inikori 1 Neutral
Lorenz Jager 1 Dislike
William James 2 Like
Jan (Stepbrother) 1 Neutral
Martin Jay 1 Neutral
Jay-Z (Rapper) 1 Dislike
Thomas Jefferson 1 Like
Jesus Christ 1 Like
Amelia Jimenez (Godmother) 1 Neutral
Scarlett Johansson 1 Neutral
Charles Johnson 1 Neutral
Tim Johnson (1-800-CONTACTS spokesman) 1 Neutral
Jonathan (Eritrean friend) 1 Neutral
High Priest Jonathan 1 Neutral
Jon-Niclas 1 Neutral
Joseph 1 Neutral
Josephus 1 Neutral
Ted Kacznyski 1 Like
Franz Kafka 1 Neutral
Paul Kagame (President of Rwanda) 1 Like
Kaia (Stepniece) 1 Neutral
Immanuel Kant 1 Neutral
Radovan Karadzic 1 Like
John Kerry 1 Neutral
AQ Khan 1 Neutral
Dr. George Khoury 1 Like
Salva Kiir (South Sudan) 1 Like
William C. King 2 Neutral
Heidi Klum 1 Dislike
Evan F. Kohlmann 1 Neutral
Agnes G. Korbani 1 Neutral
Carl Kosta 1 Neutral
Marko Kraljevic 1 Like
Martin Kramer 1 Like
Kristoffer (Friend) 1 Neutral
Osama bin Laden 1 Dislike
Lady Gaga 1 Dislike
K.S. Lal 1 Neutral
Stanley Lane-Poole 1 Neutral
Lao Tzu 2 Neutral
Larry and Denise 1 Neutral
John Laughland 1 Neutral
John Law (Just a quote) 1 Neutral
Richard Henry Lee 1 Neutral
Milorad Ulemek Legija (Second in command of Serb Volunteer Guard) 1 Like
Raphael Lemkin (Scholar who defined genocide) 1 Neutral
Lene (Adopted Indian friend) 1 Neutral
Vladimir Lenin 1 Dislike
Ronny Lesthaeghe (Demographer) 1 Neutral
Reuben Levy 1 Neutral
Bernard Lewis 1 Neutral
Alexander Litvinenko (former KGB spy) 1 Neutral
John Locke 3 Like
Phillip Longman 1 Like
Lottario dei Conti di Segni (Pope Innocent III) 1 Like
George Lukacs 1 Dislike
Martin Luther 1 Like
Edward Luttwak 2 Like, Neutral
Niccolo Machiavelli 2 Like, Neutral
Thomas Madden 2 Like, Neutral
Madonna 1 Dislike
Tina Magaard 1 Like
Rajiv Malhotra 1 Neutral
Thomas Malthus 1 Like
Nelson Mandela 1 Dislike
Clint Mansell (Composer) 2 Like, Neutral
Manuel II Palaiologos (Byzantine emperor) 1 Neutral
Herbert Marcuse 1 Dislike
Marius (Friend) 2 Like, Neutral
Georgi Markov (Bulgarian Journalist) 1 Neutral
Bob Marley (Rastafarian) 1 Dislike
Charles Martel 1 Like
Martin (Friend) 2 Like, Neutral
Andrew Marvel 1 Neutral
Karl Marx 2 Dislike
Mary 1 Neutral
Lucio Mascarenhas 1 Neutral
Abraham Maslow 1 Dislike
Mazarin (French cardinal) 1 Neutral
Joseph McCarthy 1 Like
Edna McNichols 1 Dislike
Timothy McVeigh 1 Neutral
Angela Merkel 1 Dislike
John Stuart Mill 3 Like
Michael Minnicino 1 Dislike
Mohammad 1 Neutral
Mohammad Mohammadi 1 Dislike
Marilyn Monroe 1 Neutral
Dambisa Moyo 1 Like
Mozart 1 Like
John Mueller 1 Dislike
B. Munnich 1 Neutral
Lisa Murkowski (Senator) 1 Neutral
Pervez Musharraf 1 Neutral
Lee Myung-bak 1 Like
Nas (Rapper) 1 Dislike
Natalie (Chilean friend) 1 Neutral
Binyamin Netanyahu 1 Neutral
Cardinal John Henry Newman 1 Like
Sir Francis Newport (Sceptic) 1 Neutral
Isaac Newton 1 Neutral
Friedrich Nietzsche 1 Dislike
Nils (Neo-Nazi childhood aquaintance) 1 Neutral
Nina (Stepsister) 1 Neutral
Richard Nixon 1 Neutral
Elin Nordgren 1 Dislike
Barack Obama 1 Neutral
John O’Callaghan 1 Like
Matthew O’Connell 1 Dislike
Clas Ohlson 1 Neutral
Onor (Turkish Friend, Eilif’s brother) 1 Neutral
George Orwell 2 Like
Tove Øvermo (Stepmother) 2 Like, Neutral
Pablo (Chilean friend) 1 Neutral
Thomas Paine 1 Dislike
Alan Palmer 1 Neutral
Gwyneth Paltrow 1 Neutral
K. Pant 1 Neutral
Vasiliki Papoulia 1 Neutral
Paul (Saul) (Biblical) 1 Neutral
Hugh de Payens (One founder of Knights Templar) 1 Neutral
Steven L. Pease 1 Neutral
Peter (Friend) 2 Like, Neutral
Petter 1 Neutral
Walid Phares 2 Like
Melanie Phillips 1 Like
Pia 1 Neutral
Daniel Pipes 3 Neutral
Plato 2 Dislike, Neutral
Plutarch (Ancient Greek Historian) 1 Neutral
Polybius (Ancient Greek Historian) 1 Neutral
Karl Popper (LSE Philosopher) 1 Like
Vladimir Putin 2 Neutral
King Pyrrhus 1 Dislike
Muhammad bin Qasim 1 Neutral
Sayyid Qutb 1 Like
Ayn Rand 3 Like
Dina Rashed 1 Like
Anders Fogh Rasmussen 1 Like
Zeljko Raznatovic (Commander of the Serbian Volunteer Guard) 1 Like
Wilhelm Reich 1 Dislike
Steve Reiquam 1 Neutral
David Rennie 1 Neutral
Condoleezza Rice 1 Neutral
Richard (Friend) 1 Neutral
Richard (Mentor) 1 Like
Richard I of England 1 Like
Thomas Ricks 1 Neutral
Robert the Bruce (King of Scots) 1 Like
Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar (El Cid Campeador) 1 Like
Rome 1 Like
Transl. By Franz Rosenthal 1 Neutral
Mikhail Roshchin 1 Neutral
Salman Rushdie 1 Neutral
Hans Rustad 1 Like
Anwar el Sadat (Egyptian president in 1981) 1 Neutral
Edward Said 1 Neutral
Saint Bernard of Clairvaux 1 Neutral
Saint George 1 Like
Saint George of Lydda 1 Neutral
Saint James the Moorslayer 1 Like
Saint Peter 1 Neutral
Sam Browne (1800s British officer) 1 Neutral
V. Sarianidi 1 Neutral
Nicolas Sarkozy 1 Dislike
V. Sazawal 1 Neutral
Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff/Bruno Schirra 1 Neutral
Sir Thomas Scott (Chancellor of England) 1 Neutral
Roger Scruton 1 Neutral
Severus (Roman emperor) 1 Neutral
William Shakespeare 2 Like, Neutral
Nawaz Sharif (Former Pakistani PM) 1 Neutral
Moshe Sharon 1 Neutral
George Bernard Shaw 2 Neutral
Charlie Sheen 1 Like
Walid Shoebat 1 Neutral
Marcus Shossow 1 Like
Sigurd the Crusader 1 Like
Lee M. Silver (Princeton professor, author) 1 Neutral
Aeneas Silvius (Crusader) 1 Neutral
Fred Singleton 1 Neutral
Sitting Bull 1 Like
Sigurd Skirbekk 1 Neutral
Adam Smith 2 Like
Craig S. Smith 1 Like
John III Sobieski 2 Like, Neutral
Socrates 1 Dislike
Dr. Javier Solana 1 Neutral
Solomon (Biblical) 1 Neutral
Robert Spencer 4 Like
Oswald Spengler (German Historian) 1 Neutral
Gayatri Spivak 1 Neutral
Stain (Arrested friend) 1 Neutral
Joseph Stalin 1 Dislike
Richard Steenfeldt-Berg 1 Like
Edmund Stillman (Editors of Life, Time Inc.) 1 Like
Sturla (Friend) 1 Neutral
Nebojsa Djordjevic Suca (Second in command of Serb Volunteer Guard) 1 Like
Sulla of Rome 1 Neutral
Shaukat Sultan (Pakistani military spokesman) 1 Dislike
Lawrence Summers 1 Like
Hema Sundaram (Author) 1 Neutral
Johan Surkyn (Demographer) 1 Neutral
Taylor Swift 1 Neutral
Synne 1 Dislike
Prince Talal 1 Dislike
Alfred, Lord Tennyson 1 Neutral
Henry David Thoreau 1 Like
Ken Timmerman 1 Neutral
Jonathan Tisdall 1 Neutral
Ehud Toladano 2 Neutral
Leo Tolstoy 1 Neutral
Tonje 1 Neutral
Tore (Stepfather) 1 Neutral
Arnold Joseph Toynbee 1 Neutral
Serge Trifkovic 1 Neutral
Trond 1 Neutral
Leon Trotsky 1 Dislike
Harry Truman 1 Dislike
Tupac (Rapper) 1 Dislike
Mark Twain 2 Like, Neutral
Tyler (Stepnephew) 1 Neutral
Jon Tyrgve (Friend) 1 Neutral
Muhammad Zia Ul-Haq (Pakistani Chief of Army Staff in 1977) 1 Neutral
Eleftherios Venizelos (Greek revolutionary) 1 Like
Verdi 1 Like
Victor Emmanuel II (King of Italy) 1 Like
Nirmal Chand Vij (Indian army chief-of-staff) 1 Neutral
Vlad Tepes/Vlad III the Impaler 1 Like
Francois Voltaire 1 Dislike
Speros Vryonis 1 Neutral
Shrinandan Vyas 1 Like
Abdoulaye Wade (President of Senegal) 1 Like
Wagner 1 Like
Ibn Warraq 1 Neutral
George Washington 1 Like
Wazim (Pakistani friend) 1 Neutral
Felix Weil 1 Dislike
Joel Euel Werda 1 Neutral
Tom Whitehead 1 Like
Geert Wilders 1 Like
Kaiser Wilhelm 1 Dislike
John Ralph Willis 2 Neutral
Graeme Wilson 1 Like
Keith Windschuttle 2 Like, Neutral
Philip Johnston/Robert Winnett 1 Dislike
Nino Witoszek 1 Neutral
Thomas E. Woods Jr 1 Neutral
John Wright 1 Neutral
P. Yeghyaian 1 Neutral
Boris Yeltsin 1 Neutral
Bat Ye’or 3 Like, Neutral
Abraham Yohannan 1 Neutral
Fareed Zakaria 1 Neutral
Amira El Ahl, Daniel Steinvorth, Volkhard Windfuhr, Bernhard Zand 1 Neutral
Mao Zedong 1 Dislike
Abu Zubaydah 1 Neutral
Erik J. Zurcher 1 Neutral

11 thoughts on “Breivik: Likes and Dislikes, Part One

  1. He quoted Margaret Atwood, the authour of “The Handmaid’s Tale” too. Something she seems pretty horrified about.

    One could ask if they intend on issuing a request for her radicalizing influence to be tried in court.

    If you know anything about Atwood, the mental image of her being hauled in to stand with Fjordman for radicalizing someone is fantastic.

  2. Charlie Sheen – Like: 1

    I searched the manifesto, and it is merely Breivik describing a scene from the movie Platoon. Hardly indicating of a favorable attitude towards Charlie Sheen. This is the first thing I searched for, so it doesn’t instill me with much confidence about the accuracy of the rest.

    As for blaming Fjordman for having “influenced” the actions of Breivik, I have pointed out previously that Breivik’s compendium indicates that he was already planning on carrying out his attack before he had even heard of Fjordman.


  3. I’m afraid, like you probably already suspect, that Fjordman is being setup for prison time in proxy of Breivik, whom will be going to a mental instruction forever, and the powers that be are setting Fjordman up to take the blame.
    Is there anyway he can tell them that he refuses to testify.

    I can understand why the Fjordman would like to have his say, but I can easily see how his testimony would be twisted and then used against him, with the end result of him being assigned blame for the actions of a madman. I do not see anywhere in Europe as necessarily “free”. Maybe I am wrong, but I think there is something else is afoot here.

  4. With all due respect, looking at the reading list and analyzing the writings of a sociopathic, paranoid schizophrenic is not my idea of productive. I came to admire Norway tremendously when I read the biography of Roald Amundsen. I have tremendous respect for the Norwegians I deal with for business reasons. It seems like creatures from another planet who would make such an absurd connection.

    It is also self-contradictory. The Norwegian so-called authorities are denying a mass-murderer has personal responsibility, but a non-violent writer has complete control over not only his own actions, but over the actions of others. It’s more than absurd.

  5. Sitting Bull! I always knew there was something “intolerant” about him. After all he never did embrace multiculturalism now, did he?

  6. To dislike Nelson Mandela is indicative of Breivik’s lost sense of reality.

    Islamism is contrary to Nelson Mandela’s philosophy, a philosophy closer to secular humanism than anything else.

    In 30 years of warfare the ANC caused fewer civilian deaths than a month’s worth of Taliban caused deaths.

    That is a noble liberation movement, unlike the terrorist warfare unleashed by Islamists.

    Mandela and Gandhi jointly liberated more than a billion people with almost no militancy.

    In contrast, Palestinians have learnt nothing from the example set by these Giants of Humanity.

    All they might achieve is blood and gore forever, primal darkness in comparison to the shining lights of Gandhi and Mandela.

    Breivik simply smacks of stupid racism.

    If it were not that he is insane, we should consider him a fool, the Ogre of Oslo.

    But he is insane.

    Racism, along with the stupid squabbling between US, Russia & China, all plays into the hands of Islamists.

    Rather the four million Christian Pakistanis, eight million Copts and the scores of millions of Black Christians suffering at the hands of Islamists in Africa evacuated to Europe than a single White Islamist being allowed for some impossibly stupid PC motive to live and breathe in Europe!

  7. Instead of Fjordman, he should subpoena the editors of the mainstream Norwegian press and those responsible for the content of the broadcast media. Breivik stated quite clearly in his manifesto that he decided on violent action in order to penetrate the wall of silence which has been built by the media and political establishment around any criticism of Islam.

    What does that have to do with Fjordman, who is about the only Norwegian who is talking openly and honestly about Islam?

  8. Let’s think about what happens in a normal case of a member of a “resistance” movement getting caught, following an attack. What does he do? Does he “grass” on all his friends and shift on them the blame? Or does he keep his lips sealed, sacrificing himself in order to protect his co-conspirators?

    For someone so convinced of the importance of his “resistance movement”, Breivik sure is very quick to blame Fjordman, supposedly one of his main sources of inspiration…

  9. Looking at this long, unconnected list of people I ask again, is either the defence or the prosecution going to subject the parts of his manifesto that are claimed to have been written by ABB to a forensic linguistic analysis?

    Justice demands at least that much effort to understand whether or not he was working on his own or had help from native English speakers.


    @ Anon who defines countries defending what they perceive to be their interests as “stupid squabbling”: I hate to break it to you, but Nelson Mandela is Che, complete with T-shirts, but no beret.

    Look at the evidence you won’t see in the MSM:

    We Have Pledged to Kill the Them- The Bhulu

    Bhulu are white people. Nice tune, though.

    Oh,well. Another Marxist icon, like Che, bites the dust while people who can’t speak the language are gulled by the MSM into admiration…

    Here’s a website that discusses the ongoing and open genocide of white farmers in South Africa. Many of them are leaving for places like Georgia, which needs their farming skills.

    The uneducated blacks who simply take their farms without recompense (no need to pay anyone if they’re all dead) cannot farm beyond a subsistence level.

    Genocide on Whites in South Africa

    60% of those killed is S.A. are white. Whites make up 10% of the population. The killings are brutal.

    Yes, one can be black and a racist, despite what our PC/MC kumbiyah singers would have you believe.


    Meanwhile, back in Norway, the govt is fortunate that the majority of westerners don’t understand Norwegian. If we did the nicety-nice facade would crumble in no time. I learned that one first hand, just Google translating emails from Norway written by the deluded who believe what they read in the newspapers.

    A three-legged stool — the press/academia/socialist government has carefully arranged the crucifixion of a gentle scholar. The Soviet dream isn’t dead: it is alive and well in Norway.

    If they manage to grab Fjordman it will be a show trial from the Soviet era.

    Hard to believe such thinking still exists.


    That is, the change is this: from suppression into coercion. Smiling ignorance in exchange for subsidies. The poor Russians never lived this well.

  10. So, he didn’t mention Qaradawi, did he?

    “In order to desensitize and brutalize a population to the point where they consent to public stoning of adulterous women, floggings and beheadings, you gotta apply ‘gradualism’, the “laws of nature that Allah Almighty has created”, explains Yusuf al Qaradawi, chief lunatic of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

    And by the way, what is Aftenposten’s idea of this drawing of a female priest, and a muslim dressed the same way as Qaradawi with a white and red hat? Did they withdraw it? Cannot find it now.

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