6 thoughts on “A Eurabian Christmas from Latma

  1. Well, in honor of a post Christian Christmas we are having a most haram of haramfests. Cider-braised shoulder of pork with sweet and sour kraut, mashed potatoes and cider gravy. And dessert will be bread pudding made from sticky buns topped with a Butter Rum sauce. Happy Christmas, everyone at Gates of Vienna!

  2. LOL!

    Especially like these ugly Santa hats, which might very well serve as a proper symbol of the demise of traditional Europe. Don’t know if they were thrown in for that reason though. I suspect not.

    Kind regs from Amsterdam, city of Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) and black Pete 😉

  3. That absolutely made my morning here in the P.D.R. of Vermont. Joy to the world, even the Ultralibs in Burlington (AKA”Little Berkeley”) have met the match…Somalis’! A big Christmas bowl of Hawg Cracklin’s to all. CitiznX

  4. Happy Christmas all.

    My kin shall be enjoying Turkey, Ham, Pork (yummy crackling I hope) followed by home made brandy infused Christmas pudding (and flamed with brandy for the table).

    We will have very haram drinkies too. Not too much mind you.

    I don’t expect to eat for the rest of the day as lunch will just about stop me engaging in any physical movement due to engorgement 🙂

  5. One huge ol’ ham will be on the table here at schloss Babsie along with all the trimmings.

    I wish all at GOV, especially D and the Baron, our intrepid translators, and Vlad a joyous Christmas or Chanauka as the case may be.

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