“What a Waste of Money!”

As I reported last night, more than 170 English Defence League supporters were arrested during Remembrance Day activities in London yesterday.

The video below was recorded outside the Red Lion pub in Whitehall about two hours after the ceremony at the Cenotaph. It shows the very beginning of the police action. Some of the EDL people are still gathered inside the pub, with others milling around outside. Then the sirens can be heard, and the police arrive. You can see them forcibly remove a number of men from the pub, roughing them up a bit in the process.

One EDL sympathizer had this to say about the incident:

Everyone coming out of that pub was rubbing their head after being bashed with a truncheon or was shoved to the pavement as they came out of the door. Absolutely disgraceful behaviour from the police.

WARNING: Foul language can be heard in this video:

The second video is one man’s opinion on what happened at the Red Lion. This fellow says he is not a member of the EDL, but finds the police action against the group an outrage:

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10 thoughts on ““What a Waste of Money!”

  1. is this the same event which is being reported as the EDL rushing the OWS London? Fox News is reporting the 180 members of the EDL being arrested for disrupting the OWS London…

  2. I wonder what happened here. Maybe the pub owner actually called the police because he felt his establishment was becoming too crowded with rowdy people.

    I’m as firmly against Islam as the next right thinking person, and I think Tommy Robinson has been handling himself admirably in the media recently. However one cannot avoid but notice than many of the people who associate themselves with the EDL appears to be loutish. I have been caught up among them in London before and the group striding past me, followed by police, seemed decidedly menacing and thug-like.

    These weren’t “decent, ordinary working class people” – no problem with them – I’m talking about quite an aggressive underclass who populate the UK in large numbers now. Maybe there are a lot of decent ordinary folk supporting the EDL too now – hopefully so – but it’s a shame these sorts of often get caught on camera, giving easy goals to the media.


  3. A deliberate effort of the police to target the EDL. Why not let those boys have their day showing their respect their lost patriots? The British police are the new Gestapo.

  4. Anonymous said

    Oh, poor anonymous….the “right” kind of Whites aren’t showing up for your taste, huh?

    THank God for these “louts”. Because without them, who will fight for Whites anymore at all? (not that the EDL are fighting for the true England, a WHITE England….but I can dream and the point remains: when we find ourselves down to a mere single percentage of the global population, finding ANY White men willing to pull their gaze away from the TV screen and fight is a bloody miracle).

  5. First the Irish and now they doing their own.
    Gonna send in the paratroopers as well, are ya?

    God bless the English people.
    Hope they survive their awfull politicians and sissy police force.

    Shame on you all, coppers!!!’

    Join in from Sweden, I am.

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