Today’s Rape News From Norway

The latest rape wave in Oslo has been prominently reported in the Norwegian media for the last week or so. The fact that the perpetrators are overwhelmingly non-white immigrants — and the victims overwhelmingly indigenous Norwegian girls and women — makes the topic hard for the politically correct press to digest.

The two pieces below are samples of what is being reported in Norway. The first contains excerpts from VG, as translated by Kitman:

New Light Bulbs to Stop Rape Wave

Police step up the fight against the rape wave

Up until now it was impossible for the police to stop the wave of rapes in Oslo. Now chief of police Anstein Gjengdahl has had enough, and wants to strengthen departments related to violence and vice.

There are many reserves ready to be used. The police reserve should gather soon for “Excercise Anti-Rape”, to make Oslo a safer city, says Andre Oktay Dahl…

Monday afternoon, after the complaints of assault-rapes over the weekend, leader of Gjengedahl Council Stian Berger Røisland convened a crisis meeting. Among the initiatives agreed upon was the installation of new light bulbs in the town, and traffic officers and guards to keep an eye out. The changing of light bulbs has already begun.

Light bulbs are the solution, but what are the causes of all these rapes? The Foreigner reports that a Swedish expert thinks Anders Behring Breivik may be one of the factors behind the increase in rapes:

Did Breivik Inspire the Rapes?

Meanwhile, Peter Gill, a Swedish violence researcher, believes Anders Behring Breivik’s attacks could have inspired the rapist(s).

“What is special about Breivik is that he brought an evil thought to life. There are many children who are bullied, aggressive, but they don’t turn thoughts into grounds because of that,” he tells Vårt Land.

He admits drawing a connection between a rise in Oslo’s assault rapes and Breivik’s actions could be “pure speculation” unless it “turns out not to be coincidental.”

The professor also warns that people could be committing a major mistake by thinking Breivik is a mad man.

“Everyone has parts of Breivik inside them. However, he put these together. There are also men in Norway who are quietly impressed by what Breivik managed to do. This could trigger others to cross the line too.”

15 thoughts on “Today’s Rape News From Norway

  1. Oh, the magical advancements of Norwegian police science — making things disappear simply by shining ordinary light on them. I wonder if Penn & Teller have heard of this.

  2. Wait a minute.
    I thought Breivik was charged with mass murder, not one single rape.
    I guess, when you’re trying to create the multicultural paradise, a little distortion of the truth, a little misapprehension of human nature, is necessary.
    For the multicultural crowd, equality is sameness; we’re all basically the same, so stop studying your distinctive culture, stop trying to defend it against the merciless wave from the monster of the Orient.

  3. Then we can expect that Fjordman will also be made responsible. “Because Fjordman’s writings are causing a lot of resentment among immigrant communities in Norway and unfortunately those young oppressed youths need to lash out somehow against the society which treats them so badly”.

    I was raised during the eighties, under the Communist propaganda, so I can emulate that nonsense fairly easy. That sort of stuff is always written by the same people, who are capable to completely ignore their own IQ (or any rational reason) in order to stay politically correct and to serve the regime and, ultimately, to receive their payment from such governments.

  4. Blogger is a pain. It LOSES my comments more times than it posts.
    I believe that ALL western countries should be recording the ethnic origin of criminals, including rapists, and victims, as a matter of course. In that I include benefit claimants (jizzya claimants).
    The UK does record most but FAILS to record ethnic origin if the person was born here.
    The UK is better than most but classifies those born here as “British” when they clearly are not. Hell I am ALWAYS asked to choose “white British”. I am never asked to say “indigenous British”.
    It is my belief that this is opaque rather than transparent. Some countries (I think France is one) fail to record at all because of “political correctness”. It is high time that ALL countries start recording with total transparency. THAT would make all citizens wake up to what is happening. Of course the politicians wouldn’t like that. Who the hell do THEY represent? Just themselves and the immigrants and Islam it seems.
    Am I racist? Well I wasn’t but now I am and say so unashamedly. If I had my way I would repatriate all Pakistanis and Africans (well most) forthwith. Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs? Well I have no problem with them – just seems to be ONE religion. Religion is not a race but one particular religion seems to be associated with certain races.
    Last night the much maligned BBC presented a programme examining the Pakistani support of the Taliban, and the Haqquanis, via the ISI and the Pakistani military. Worth a watch. It was BBC2 and can probably be found on BBC ( iplayer. I don’t have the knowledge to post a link

  5. so light bulbs are the answer? Give me strength.
    The west has lost it’s marbles and common sense is no longer a valued commodity.
    Breitvik. Totally inconsequential to the rapes. So far as I read he never committed rape or endorsed that. Whatever evil he committed.

    Clearly even in Sweden educational standards have bottomed if such nonsense is being propogated by supposed academics. Thank God I’m in my twilight years.

  6. Of course ! Lightbulbs ! How obvious !

    First, the Leftists ban lightbulbs, because, you know, they are going to destroy the Earth ; then, they have an Eureka moment : we need lightbulbs to fight rape !

    No luminaries, if you ask me.

  7. Uh… how does that idiocy explain all the rapes that happened *** B-E-F-O-R-E *** Breivik? Or do multi-cultural morons not let little things like causality get into the equation?

  8. Pretty soon it will be made a criminal offence to turn out the light..

    Within a few years a plot is going to be revealed that lightbulb manufacturers have been “in bed” all along with the young and culturally untouchable testosterone brigades (i.e. Muslim immigrants).

    True “illuminati”.

  9. Breivik and Fjordman are responsible for global warming. Their very existence produces so much rageful hot air on the Left that the ozone is disappearing.

    Maybe they’ll supply ethnic Norwegian girls with lightbulbs?

    Sagunto: “Illuminati” indeed. Very clever! I hope someone picks up that meme.

  10. MRiggs,

    In the US, the meme is:

    “Now [random bad things happening], it was caused by the Tea Party/the right-wing blogosphere”

    Worldwide, we also have:

    “Now [random bad things happening], it was caused by anthropogenic global warming”

  11. Good one, Sagunto! 🙂

    “Among the initiatives agreed upon was the installation of new light bulbs in the town, and traffic officers and guards to keep an eye out.”

    Right. Keep an eye out….

    BEFORE Breivik: Security guards WATCHED a recent rape during its occurrence near the Parliament building….

    (Dagbladet): “Right in front of Parliament, while the capital was bursting with life, a 20 year old Norwegian woman was raped by a 15-year north-african.”

    “The woman was raped in front of the main entrance to Parliament, right in the center of Oslo. Surveillance pictures show several partymembers that went right past, without intervention.”

    “Some stop and laugh. At least one filmed it all with a mobile camera. No one did anything to stop the assault.”

    “The article goes on to say that she appeared to be very drunk and the guards watching it happen on camera thought it was consensual.”

    Stortingsvakter fulgte voldtekt direkte på video

  12. @bewick I believe that ALL western countries should be recording the ethnic origin of criminals, including rapists, and victims,

    Nope, since this is a war on culture and religion, we should be recording the affiliation of criminals.
    But it is also important to include fascist ideology clothing in the ban on nazi uniforms.

  13. Assume for a second that the Swedish guy is right. The increase in rapes since July 22 is linked to Behring Breivik and his crusade.

    A terrorist jihadi response to a crusade could absolutely include rape as a weapon. This is a common tactic used by terrorist and in conflict zones.

    So assume the Swedish guy is right, it is connected. Obvious connection is obvious.

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