3 thoughts on “Mad Mullah vs. British Soldier

  1. Confirming what many of today’s European youth claim: “Why bother to get good notes at school, when, by being unemployable, you can get more money ‘from the state’ and don’t need to get up in the morning”.

    And the ‘Father-State’ likes to encourage the thought that it is some god-like politician paying it out of their own pocket, (and the goodness of their hearts) rather than admit they steal from the ethical to finance the parasites.

  2. This is the natural consequence of implementing the philosophy: “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.”

    This is also the natural consequence of instituting an unelected bureaucracy as the most powerful part of the British government. The welfare bureaucrats care far more about protecting their prerogatives than about any possible consequences of rewarding anti-social behavior.

    P.T. Bauer of the London School of Economics showed long ago that the government enforcers pick the easiest targets for enforcing draconian laws, i.e., businessmen and good citizens, than the criminals that the law was meant to impede. It is far safer to harass productive citizens than real criminals.

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