2 thoughts on “What’s Really Going on With Those Wall Street Protests?

  1. I’d like to see this boy at 1:50 mark found and interviewed, along with his mother. I want to see who they are and what makes them think they will escape the unrest and eventual pogroms this boy is fomenting. Where are his parents? Where are his grandparents? Where are his cousins? Where is his family? What do they have to say for this? Are they not ashamed? Should they not want to apologize? This is a disgrace of Biblical proportions.

  2. @Vintage Seltzer…I agree. That boy is a stunning example of what I identify(for want of better terms) “the self-annihilating Jew.” Like you, I am baffled by the denial of history, and the hysterical clinging to leftist cant among this group. I am increasingly fearful that no one can coax them away from their own lemming-like race for the cliff. I pray that there is a way.

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