Selective Discrimination in Ontario

If you’re a prospective landlord in Ontario, and want to advertise your property as “perfect for retired people” — watch out! This constitutes “discrimination”, and the Human Rights Commission will come after you.

However, if you’re a Muslim property owner, and place an ad that says, “Non-Muslims need not apply” — no problem! The HRCs see nothing wrong with that.

What? You’re not surprised? Me neither.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

2 thoughts on “Selective Discrimination in Ontario

  1. He’s right. Too bad his opinion won’t affect anyone on the ‘human rights council’. People in power don’t give a damn about what anybody else thinks or says. Unless, of course, these people in power are worried about getting killed..

  2. Evidently, in Canada, Muslims are a “protected class”, against whom nothing must be said or done that might just possibly give offence.

    Since the taking of offence is unknowable, the best strategy is complete silence.

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