Libya’s Future is Sharia

The following video is a report from an Iranian TV news channel about the end of the Qaddafi regime and the new transitional government in Libya. The important thing to notice is the proclamation that Libyan law will be based on Islam, and any law that violates Islamic doctrine will be considered void.

Many thanks to Shab for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. Warning: there are brief images of violence in some of the news footage in this clip:

5 thoughts on “Libya’s Future is Sharia

  1. Is anyone really surprised by this? Anyone? Bueller?

    Same thing is happening in Egypt. Same thing is happening in Libya. I don’t even have the will to be angry anymore. A tired resignation and a growing impatience just to see the inevitable conflagration that is going to erupt because of this.

  2. They want Sha’aria Law – Fine, give them a bellyful of it for the next 30 years and they will tire of it as have the Persians. Just secure the Oilfields while Libya acts out this folly.

    Dr. Shalit

  3. This is developing exactly as I postulated at the beginning of the civil war. Now it will be plain for all to see what muslims really want.

  4. What a surprise-no Arab ‘Spring’ after all,anywhere.

    There have been many surveys in the Islamic world that demonstrate that the majority of Moslems reject liberal democracy. Few people noticed, apparently.


    Agreed. The most annoying aspect of the entire farce has been those naive and ignorant optimists in the West who thought that the downfall of dictators would lead to liberal democracy.

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