Leaving Malmö

Over the last few years we’ve posted a number of times about the accelerating emigration of Jews from Sweden. The exodus is most noticeable in the southern city of Malmö, which has the largest concentration of Muslims in Sweden. Violence and threats against Jews have become so common that more and more of them are leaving, particularly the young people.

The situation in Malmö is part of a Europe-wide trend. The following French video talks about what is happening in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe, as Jews increasingly move to Israel and the USA.

Many thanks to Bear for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

A full transcript is below the jump:

0:00   In certain European countries, we see a new kind of antisemitism appearing.
0:04   With Muslim immigrants, that are extremely aggressive towards the Jews.
0:08   The city of Malmö in Sweden…
0:12   offers an example. While walking on the street…
0:16   the Orthodox Jews was called “A dirty Jews that we had forgotten…
0:20   to gas”. The hostility is such…
0:24   that they do not dare show their religious identity in public.
0:28   They trade the kippah for baseball caps. Others do not tolerate…
0:32   this situation and turn their backs on Europe.
0:36   Nina Troisner is spending her last few days in Malmö.
0:40   Her last days in Malo, her native town, in the South of Sweden. This 21 year old Jew…
0:44   abandoned her job as a teacher for preschoolers to go to…
0:48   live in Israel. It’s a place where all the Jews…
0:52   feel safe. It’s not the case…
0:56   in Malmö. Here Jews are not accepted.
1:00   She does not want to have us over to her family’s home
1:04   My family are afraid
1:08   to be noticed.
1:12   Everything you do here, you take a risk.
1:16   Nina and her family are afraid of the Muslims of Malmö, that they perceive as violent.
1:20   At first glance, this may appear as excessive in a country as tolerant as Sweden
1:24   2 years ago, during this event, related to the war in Gaza, the young girl…
1:28   was witness to a scene that profoundly marked her. Muslims attacked the Jews…
1:32   the police told us that we had to abort the demonstration …
1:36   “we cannot protect you. Disperse yourselves”
1:40   It should have been the others that should have been dispersed, not us.
1:44   That was the last straw.
1:48   It was the drop that made the water spill over. Here…
1:52   the situation is just getting worse.
1:56   Them, there are more and more, and we are less and less.
2:00   In Malmö
2:04   More and more Muslims come to Friday prayer. Amongst them…
2:08   Some from Somalia, Iraq, Iran and Palestine.
2:12   We do not find fundamentalists that hunt Jews
2:16   We are told that they pray in caves. They meet…
2:20   Alah aldin Al Qud. This refugee is seeking refuge from Palestine.
2:24   Is a member of a municipal forum that has a vocation dialogue and reconciliation…
2:28   between Jews and Muslims.
2:32   Some Jews condemn all Muslims as one.
2:36   We find the same behavior amongst Muslims that consider Jews…
2:40   all Israelis. We try to fight this prejudice.
2:44   And incorrect imagery. But every time …
2:48   the conflict in the middle-East inflames itself, in Rosengaard the spirits…
2:52   heats up against the Jews. Here the Muslims are a majority…
2:56   They represent 1/6th of the population of Malmö which is 50,000 people…
3:01   against a Jewish community that has 700 members.
3:05   Their president, Fred Kam, shows us a full security arsenal
3:09   The entry of the neighborhood that has a peaceful image is watched by …
3:13   camera. All these are financed by the Jewish community.
3:17   For a year now, the aggressive antisemitism is diminishing in Malmö.
3:21   Nina no longer wants to live in this climate.
3:25   “I understand it to a degree.”
3:29   “But we would like our youth to stay here in Malmö”
3:33   Our political people do not take risks
3:37   they are clearly on the Muslim side.
3:41   …on this matter.
3:45   There was antisemitism in my youth but when an incident…
3:49   happens, all society supported us.
3:53   and this is what Nina is displeased with. She does not accept that the Mayor of Malmö…
3:57   by saying, “the Jews should take distance from Israeli politics…”
4:01   …this would attenuate the anger of the antisemite aggressors.
4:09   Nina says goodbye to her friends.
4:13   “I will never come back to Malmö”
4:17   Easy to say when you are young.
4:21   The fact is, many Jews no longer feel safe in Europe.
4:25   They want to emigrate.
4:29   The detractor…
4:33   leaving means giving reason to the antisemitism. They do not have to put up…
4:37   with all that hostility. We estimate that 30 families have…
4:41   left Sweden. Most have gone to Israel…
4:45   or have gone to the USA. The 2 countries that have the most Jews in the world.
4:49   Which is a total of 10 million. It wasn’t always like this.
4:53   It’s mainly a consequence of the holocaust, but also the expulsion of Jews…
4:57   from Eastern Europe. To see more clearly, here are the numbers.
5:01   With close to 10 M Jews…
5:05   Europe was the religious and cultural center of Judaism untill 1939
5:09   The majority lived in Poland and Russia
5:13   The Holocaust killed 6M also …
5:17   many fled, where expelled and this continued even after WW2
5:21   Today Europe shelters only…
5:25   1.5M Jews.
5:29   The biggest community, half a million, is in France.
5:33   Only Israel and the U.S. …
5:37   have more 300,000 are in England
5:41   120,000 in Germany…
5:45   Everywhere in Europe …
5:49   the Jewish communities are shrinking.
5:53   In [Auverre] known as Jerusalem of the North…
5:57   20,000 Jews that are living near 300,000 Muslims
6:01   The diamond trade is no longer in Jewish hands
6:06   but in the hands of Indian families.

9 thoughts on “Leaving Malmö

  1. “In [Auverre] known as Jerusalem of the North…20,000 Jews that are living near 300,000 Muslims. The diamond trade is no longer in Jewish hands but in the hands of Indian families.”

    Which begs the question: Indian Hindus OR Indian Muslims?!

    If Indian Hindus, that situation will only last until adherents of other religions are expelled – and then Islam will turn its laser beam focus of annihilation onto the last religion standing other than itself.

  2. It’s time for Jews to leave certain places in Europe. Time for those places to embrace the moslems that are coming..

    When I say “embrace”? I have no doubt within 20 years there will be a full scale war in parts of europe that will be between the native born and the moslems.

    With any luck not a single Jew will still be there to witness the carnage.

  3. oh europe you stupid dinosour, what do you think islam will do when it finishes driving out the last of the jews?

    do you think its going to be finished eating?

    your next on the menu fools

  4. Very last part of the transcript: The French commentator said “à Anvers …”, that translates into Antwerp (Belgium) in English, not Auverre.

    There is no future for Jews in Europe in general, although (at the moment) they are fairly safe in places like Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. But that is only relative.

    I myself emigrated from Switzerland to the USA over 20 years ago. I visit back regularly. Once you don’t live there day-to-day, and then come back, you notice the changes; the higher security measures taken, the change in vocabulary even in the official daily TV news … the EU in general feels like Germany 1932.

  5. “Some Jews condemn all Muslims as one. We find the same behavior amongst Muslims that consider Jews…
    all Israelis. We try to fight this prejudice. And incorrect imagery.”

    But while Jews condemn muslims verbally, muslims tend to be more physical, including but not restricted to rape and beatings. While I have no doubt that many muslims see no difference between insulting a muslim, insulting islam and half killing people, I do.
    Trying to fight this prejudice” is not enough, long prison sentences for the perps and loss of nationality and all benefits. Nothing less will make an impression.

  6. Thank you for this heartbreaking video.

    I am an extremely nonobservant Jew, but seeing something like this is enough to perhaps make me look up some kind of secular Jewish organization. However, there are entirely too many Jewish organizations preaching accomodation and interfaith with Muslims. I fully agree with their opposition to prejudice against individual Muslims, but interfaith “dialog” is a different matter entirely.

    In fact, there is a political Judaism, and it is Zionism. Realistically, in Israel, there are certain informal inpediments to non-Jews buying land. However, there is complete freedom of speech and commerce for Muslims in Israel, and access to universities. If there is to be a third Muslim winning the Nobel prize for science, it will likely be from Israel.

    So, Zionism fully recognizes the rights of non-Jews, while admittedly establishing a land which cultivates a Jewish identity.

    Muslims hate Zionism, not because it persecutes Muslims, but because Zionism was established on territory that Muslims see as rightfully Muslim. How many Muslims protest the exclusion of non-Muslims from Mecca and Medina, and the obvious impossibility of a non-Muslim gaining citizenship of, say, Saudi Arabia? The persecution of Christian worship in Saudi Arabia is virulent, effective, and vicious. How many resolutions has the UN made against the discrimination towards non-Muslims in Muslim countries.

  7. This news truly saddens me! However, that said, this is the principle reason why Israel is necessary. Perhaps the best destination for Jews feeling the need to flee is Israel. Strength in numbers!

    P.S. Why didn’t my previous comments post?

  8. The subtitle on the post’s image is distressing, poignant, and upsetting:

    “….. Disperse yourselves.”

    Once again, the diaspora?

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