Glenn Beck on the Muslim Brotherhood

Glenn Beck has his own news channel now. Prospero, one of our contributors and a GB fan, kindly agreed to review a show whose theme is the dangers we face from the sharia-dedicated Muslim Brotherhood folks around the world.

Here is Prospero’s account, in which you’ll meet some old friends dedicated to push back against the Muslim Brotherhood wherever it intrudes into the West.

Controversial broadcaster Glenn Beck has taken to the airwaves — rather, the ether waves — with a new internet network, GBTV. Beck’s decision to leave FOX NEWS was greeted with much joy and speculation from the Left — a sure sign that he was too “out there”, even for FOX. The truth is, Beck left FOX of his own volition; whether he sought to avoid alarming the less bold sponsors or executives at FNC, or whether he is capitalizing on the internet marketing of news is debatable.

Off any master’s leash at long last, Beck is as brash, as bold, and as determined as ever to “wake up” America to the realities of the spiritual, geo-political and economic forces applying pressure to Western Civilization, and most particularly to the representational Republic of the United States.

This new channel started in mid-September. It is the September 29th show which will interest Gates of Vienna readers. In that show, Beck produced two hours of broadcasting dedicated to exposing Islamic Brotherhood in all its vainglory.

This particular GBTV presentation was a two-hour extravaganza spent turning over rocks… revealing that which the mainstream (lamestream) media refuses to report about Islam.

Beck used the model in the comparison between the coverage and blowback efforts toward the 73-member Westboro Baptist Church in the media, and the virtual, cricket-chirping enhanced silence toward radical Islam.

Beck’s program on Shariah was a cautionary exposition for those unfamiliar with the encroaching Khilafah.

He began by providing useful definitions of apostasy, khilafah, takfir and ummah and Hizb ut-Tahrir. Then he spent a brief time defining and focusing on what those words and entities mean for America.

The coverage of Hizb ut-Tahrir’s conference in Chicago this past June was bulwarked by significant film and audio revealing the truth of the ummah spoken at the conference: that the ummah must fight the inhumanity of nationalism and capitalism and instead embrace globalism. He also
provided footage from Sydney’s July 3rd conference.

Here’s a snip:

Beck noted the International Crisis Group’s tacit endorsement of Hizb ut-Tahrir’s claim to be a non-Jihadi group, as if they eschew the violence of the jihad and are not hand in glove with the Muslim Brotherhood. Beck scoffed at the notion that HuT were non-violent and also pointed to Soros as a funder of the International Crisis Group.

Erick Stakelbeck of CBN was called on for his analysis of the red/green alliance of the Arab “spring”. Later Nonie Darwish was added to the discussion to explain more fully the similarities between the agendas of the red/green alliance.

Stakelbeck’s most salient point regarding the outcome of this alliance was to refer to Khomeini’s crushing of the radicals/liberals/communists/and socialists who helped propel him into power.

Stakelbeck also provided insight into Salah Sultan of the Egyptian Nazi Party and the “we’re not gonna kill all the Jews” comments.

ISNA’s Muslim blueprint for America was discussed vis-à-vis the government’s possession of a damning document, the Muslim Brotherhood blueprint, and their refusal to acknowledge its importance. The conclusion: Obama and his administration apparently believe that the Muslim Brotherhood is useful leverage against Al Qaeda and is not an arm of radical Islam.

Darwish was most illuminating regarding the pervasive anti-Semitism of Egyptian culture, which she observed as a child and young woman.

Her contributions were principal in the discussion of the similarities of goals among leftists and Islamists. In addition, she revealed that she had sent a letter from her organization to many American Muslim groups, asking them to decry the death penalty for people who convert, as she has. Only one person of all those she asked has signed the pledge of non-violence against apostates — Zuhdi Jasser. She also lent her endorsement to the story about the St. Louis Iraqi immigrant attacked for his sympathetic poem about the Holocaust. She avers that she has been in phone contact with the man, who is attempting to flee the St. Louis area as he feels he is targeted for Shariah vengeance.[Note: this is the man who was stopped in daylight and stripped, and had the Star of David carved in his back.]

Beck also introduced the Center for American Progress’ publication of Fear, Inc. listing all those the Center feels are responsible for “Islamophobia” in the general discourse. Its membership includes Beck himself, Fox News, Sean Hannity, CBN, Franklin Graham and a host of others. Apparently, you Islamophobes get your marching orders from the Koch brothers and are all in league. This same Fear, Inc. report was duplicated in toto, on Iranian government printing stock and subsequently reported on Iranian State sponsored TV. Nonie Darwish was included in this group, and given her “apostasy,” Stakelbeck said the report amounts to a fatwah against her.

One other point: Soros’ Open Society crowd was thanked for helping to fund the publication. [Note: our one-term, former Congressman, Tom Perriello is a Soros employee. The Dems are now saying they may sponsor him to run for the soon-to-be-vacant Virginia senatorial seat — D]

Beck also spent time re-enforcing points he made in January regarding the so-called Arab Spring….that the chaos would spread, that the events would begin to cascade…not just through the Middle East, but in Madison, WI and in London, UK.

Those in the forefront of Counterjihad would view this program of Beck’s as a primer, yet for the majority of Americans kept in the dark by mass media it will be illuminating and informative. I will say he was far more detailed than I’d expected. It is obvious that ownership of his own Web “network” allows him to say precisely what he thinks. His mantra, well-known to Beck fans, “The Truth has No Agenda”, is on full display in this episode. The two-hour broadcast is not a waste of time, even for those of you who already know a great deal about the Muslim Brotherhood threat.

GBTV is a subscription channel, but Beck is providing free access for the first two weeks of operation. You have to sign up for viewing, but can cancel afterwards if you want. As he said, he doesn’t care if people cancel as long as they see this particular program.

Beck wants to get out the word as widely as possible on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Good on him.

— Prospero

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”(Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

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  1. I should point out that in the spring of this year Beck covered and warned about the planned protests against Wall Street: he covered Steve[?] Lerner’s planning for this series of protests.

  2. @njartist-

    Prospero has told me a lot about Beck’s shows. I am told the series in Israel was quite good.

    I keep meaning to go look at his blog since he often has stuff not found anywhere else, things that the MSM studiously avoids.

  3. @1389 & Hebes Chasma–

    Bill Clinton has one big karma payment coming up one day. I hope Hillary is there to enjoy it with him. He gave us the spectacle of Kosovo and she’s giving us the OIC. The evil twins who looted the White House on their way out. Evil and tacky.

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