Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/8/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/8/2011In the wake of Fukushima, Germany is giving up nuclear power, and will be in need of electricity to make up the difference. Greece is in desperate need of cash, and has an excess of sunshine. The solution? Greece will utilize its sunny hillsides to good effect, and sell solar-generated electricity to Germany.

In other news, the Salafist parties in Egypt say that it is time to implement Islamic law and satisfy the demands of the Egyptian people. The secular parties, which were crucial in the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak, have voiced their opposition to this idea.

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  1. Greece would need millions of solar panels just to cover a fraction of its debts (in some reasonable time). That’s even without considering the high initial cost of solar panels, the needed time to install them and huge losses that would be generated while transporting electric energy over such a great distance.
    It’s far more likely that energy shortages in Germany will be alleviated by increased output of nuclear reactors in neighboring countries (Czech Republic, France etc). That’s what you get when multiculti politicians try to implement their PC ideas into purely technical fields, like energy production.

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