Enlightened Discourse from an Arab Diplomat

The Jewish Division of the English Defence League posted Pat Condell’s latest video on its Facebook page today. In response, a certain Falih Husayni posted the following comment:

Zionist Scum!

Falih Husayni #1A look at Mr. Husayni’s Facebook profile reveals that he is a “Senior Aid” [sic] for the embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Washington D.C.

More details, including his former employment with Barclays Capital, may be found on his profile page:

Falih Husayni #2

Many thanks to the admin at the Jewish Division for passing along these screen caps. As he points out, this is what passes for reasoned debate in Islamic circles.

4 thoughts on “Enlightened Discourse from an Arab Diplomat

  1. Goodness! I do not care about what happens in Europe! If a mooslime moves in next door to me, I will simply bar-be-que more pork ribs! Enshallah! May the smoke of pork ribs envelope the spirit of eelslame und overcome his goat, muhammad! What is he doing? “I don’t know”. What are you doing? “I am helping him”! Enshallah!

  2. Even more enlightening – his list of friends. Not exactly fanatical beardies – but the type of friends that most of his ilk like to meet on their journeys to the West. The type of “friends” who would fill him with rage, and maybe more, if they were his own daughter or sister…

  3. Has anyone contacted the UAE embassy and lodged a complaint against this man?
    Or, shall we just take the comments from a member of a diplomatic assembly and dismiss them?

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