The Islamization of Moscow

In the last few years, Muslims in the West have become more and more bold with their public prayers, taking over our public spaces in a declaration of Islamic ownership.

The following scenes from Moscow are startling, showing the huge Muslim presence in the city. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

9 thoughts on “The Islamization of Moscow

  1. Quite the show there. In my mind Russia will face this a little differently. First, the Orthodox church has a different relationship with the state than Western states do with Catholicism or Protestantism, despite the little Red experiment. Second, Russia has “neo-nazis” who aren’t afraid to use violence. So far all I’ve seen is rhetoric in the West, or groups hindered in their actions due state controls, etc.

  2. Aggressive Assertion of Muslim Supremacy by Domination of Public Space

    As soon as they move into Dar al-Harb (the lands of the infidel) in any numbers, Islamists think they have a God-given right to dominate public space and intimidate the infidels into submission.

    Mosques are of course notorious examples of this (see Mosque blight) but their swaggering, aggressive arrogance and sense of preferential entitlement make them obnoxious to the indigenous inhabitants in many other ways… More

  3. Islam is an aggressive form of exibitionisme.
    “Look, how we good are, and obviously not afraid.”

    These are not “believers”. This is a conquering army.

  4. On Tuesday morning, 30th of August, took place, for the first time in Romania, the first muslim public prayer in Romania, in Bucharest on the Dinamo stadium. The prayer was reported in the press in slightly admirative terms, one left-ish paper talking about the joyfulness of the kids present there (no women, of corse).The prayer was organised by the Taiba Fundation, which represents the new wave of muslims that have been coming in tot the contry in the last decades. Romania has a long muslim minority, about 70.000 in the South East of Romania, that have remained there since the Otoman Empire. They have been living here for almost 9 centuries, and practically there has never been problems between Christians and Muslims since the fall of the Otoman Empire.The mufti (leader) of the muslims in Romania, Yusuf Muraat, is an example of moderation that has been warning for the last few years about the infiltration of radicalmuslims in his comunity, represented by the Taiba Foundation, which is financed by the Saudis. In April this year there the security service in Romania searched their centers arround the country and the homes of a few of the Taiba member on suspectation of terrorist ties.They havent found anything, officially at least. THere were arround 2000 people present at the prayer. here is an article about Taiba and islamic extremis in Romania (eng).

  5. these prayers are all about intimidation. They mean to show us how many are there and that they are a growing presence. No talking, no blogging, no interfaith dialog, they mean to conquer us. I would rather die then let this happen. What is scary is if they are able to organize these types of meetings then what the hell else can they do. No women there i notice, just men, this is all about spreading fear. we will one day have no choice but to fight, they along with our politicians will give us no choice. with the exception of armed conflict like the civil war, i know no other way to stop this.This religion has doomed us all.

  6. if they want to gather then we should too, let them know that we exist and know what they are planning. we should match them number for number

  7. Perplexing..Not the timid type, these gangster lords. So why would the russian authorities tolerate such a provocation? What do they hope to win by allowing the muslims room to throw their weight around? Anyone?

  8. Read these three articles and you will understand the stark raving terror that Muslims are willing and able to inflict on Russia:

    Moscow theater hostage crisis (2002)

    Beslan school hostage crisis (2004)

    Predicting a Majority-Muslim Russia (Daniel Pipes from 2005-2009)

    “In 2015, less than ten years from now, Muslims could make up a majority of the Russian military. Military service is compulsory for young Russian men, though only 10% actually serve due to college deferments, bribes to escape duty, and the like. Given the famously brutal Russian military, perhaps avoiding military service is forgivable. But will the generals be able to avoid having a Muslim military if most young men who haven’t fled Russia are Muslim?”

    “[Daniel Pipes predicts about Russia]…a majority of military recruits being Muslim in 2015, 20 percent of the population being Muslim in 2020, and the possibility of majority of it being Muslim in 2050…”

  9. If the majority of Russia’s army will be Muslim in just a few years, they won’t have to wait for demographics to give them victory, they can outright conquer Russia in a military coup. If Russia’s weapons laws are like Europe’s, the civilian population won’t be able to resist. Instant victory (less than 30 years anyway) for Islam.

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