Making War on the Tea Party

At a Labor Day event in Detroit, Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa called Tea Party Members a vulgar name, described his opposition to them as a war, and told President Obama “this is your army, we are ready to march.”

Although Mr. Hoffa uttered his remarks to warm up the crowd before the president spoke, the White House declined to comment on what the Teamsters president said, noting only that Mr. Hoffa’s words were his own, and that Mr. Obama was not on stage at the time.

Ezra Levant has some things to say about Jim Hoffa and other aspects of President Obama’s policies in this video from SUN TV. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this clip:

7 thoughts on “Making War on the Tea Party

  1. The leftists here have been very open about their agenda to assassinate the character of their conservative opposition, every chance they get.

    Because, you see, liberals can’t be racists nor commit violence.

    So any racism or violence that occurs must be, can only be, conservatives fault.

    Kind of like Islamic law blaming rape victims for their assault, rather than blaming the person who committed the assault.

    Just a different flavor of mental up-side-down-ed-ness. Crazy even. Some would even say, Insanity.

  2. It’s devilish ironic that this speech was given in Detroit, formerly known as “Motor City”, now by Russia Today called Capital of Scrap

    Baron, you might want to update this post to show how even the Russians are now viewing Motor City…

  3. The Tea Party is the designated fall guy for Democrat mismanagement of the economy this time around, just as Republicans were successfully blamed for the housing bubble created by Carter, nurtured by Clinton and hidden by Democrat Barney Frank that burst just before the 2008 elections. The mainstream media, an arm of the Democrat Party has switched from ignoring to demonizing the Tea Party for months now. These hard working backbone of America productive Tea Party people who left Washington streets cleaner than they found them after gathering in the hundreds of thousands are now the designated racists, terrorists, barbarians, rednecks, the whole leftist lexicon of smears. Is demonizing Mr. and Mrs. Middle America really going to work out for the Dems? Well, they have nothing else like actual workable policies so they’ll go with this strategy. Displacing blame worked for them for the 2008 elections so they’ll give it another roll…

  4. the part about Obama being inflammatory is a bit weak. he’s such a wuss: they probably dug through hours of tape trying to show him as an aggressor, and couldn’t find him saying anything worse then: “get in their faces”…

  5. “couldn’t find him (Obama) saying anything worse then: “get in their faces”…

    What about the “if they bring a knife, we bring a gun” speech or the speech in which he incited hatred in hispanics or the one in which he portrayed himself as the only thing standing between Wall Street types and a pitchfork bearing mob? Obama’s a Chicago thug in a Brooks Bros. suit, make no mistake.

  6. The Tea Party has been building political muscle for a while now. The Dems & the public-sector unions got their behinds kicked hard in their attempts to thug out the Wisconsin governor, the Supreme Court justice up for re-election, and the special elections they petittioned for in order to get rid of Republicans. They spent millions on those efferts adn they failed. Four out of the six were re-elected. The judge got back in despite the personal smear campaign. And the districts have seen their expenses plummet since the union leaders lost their “right” to collective bargaining. That was the sweetheart deal which permitted the union leadership to bleed the local govts with non-competitive health insurance. Now that they’ve lost that stranglehold, local taxes have gone down, rank-and-file union memebers have been re-hired, and everyone is happy. Except the thugs.

    Those victories were due to the Tea Party. When the votes were in contention, the consensus media flooded us with stories. When the Republicans won, the MSM went silent. Wisconsin? Where’s that??

    You had to go to Brent Bozell’s channel to get the real news.

    It will be the same this time. They are determined to beat the Tea Party cuz if it succeeds by telling the truth, then *their* decades-long party at our expense is over.

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